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9 Interior Design Tips for New Home Buyers

buying a new home is an exciting time inanyone's life especially if you're afirst-time homebuyer or moving to a newpart of town you've got a new livingarea to decorate and you might bewondering where to begin imagine yourhome surrounded with all the comfort andstyle you've always dreamed of in thisvideo we'll share 9 interior design tipsthat will help you style the home ofyour dreams[Music]hi I'm Angela margul interior designerat lazyboy southeast here in ourLexington South Carolina gallery we'vehelped thousands of new home buyers atour locations in North Carolina SouthCarolina and Georgia here's a quickoverview of the tips will be discussingthis videoclean out your old home measure your newrooms sketch your room layout visualizeyour new furniture get free interiordesign advice invest in primary pieceschoose your fabrics before you paintmix-and-match and set up landing placescleaning out your old home is a greatway to take stock in your currentbelongings make a list and itemizethings that you want to keep and thingsthat you're willing to let go of you canget a fresh start by getting rid ofitems that you no longer use items thatare in good condition can be donated orsold online with apps such as CraigslisteBay or let go and the best thing is youcan use this money towards the purchaseof your new furniture plus cleaning atyour old home will make the movingprocess much easier you'll have less topack and more room in your new home getout your tape measure so you can measureyour new rooms I recommend putting thedimensions into your phone that way youalways have them with you when you needthem and while you're at it takepictures of the spaces you're updatingyou can use these pictures later asreference or whenever you need them tostart with get an overall measurement ofthe length and width of the room putyour tape measure on the floor measuringfrom baseboard to baseboard then youwant to measure the walls the dooropenings and the windows knowing thesedimensions will help with your roomlayout now that you've got your roomdimensions you can sketch your roomlayout these sketches don't have to beperfect start with a square or rectangledepending on the shape of your roomtransfer the dimensions to your sketchand be sure to note the door openingswindows and any architectural featuressuch as your fireplace now that you haveyour room sketch you can visualize yournew furniture try a couple of differentfurniture layouts to see what you likebesttake your sketch in your room dimensionswith you make sure you measure furniturepieces that you're interested in for awidth height and depth then when you getback home you can measure again to seeif these pieces will fitfurniture shopping can be complicatedand overwhelming there's such a widevariety of design styles furniturecombinations and options available itmight be time to seek out advice from aninterior designer at lazyboy southeastyou can work with any of our degreedinterior designers at our locations atNorth Carolina South Carolina andGeorgia for free our in-home designprogram is completely personalized in afree service that is tailored to yourindividual tastes lifestyle and budgetof course you can always seek out advicefrom family and friends just make surethey're aware of your personal designstyle and taste if you like these designtips and you want to hear morehit your subscribe button down belowyour largest upholstery pieces such asyour sofa loveseat or sectional arefocal point in your room and yourbiggest investment I would recommendchoosing a neutral color focusing onsolids and textured fabrics as well astimeless styles that way you can buildaround them as your style evolvesprimary pieces and a timeless style andneutral color will allow you to get themost for your investment if you chooseyour paint color before you pick yourfabrics you might pin yourself in acorner it's much easier to pick a paintcolor from your fabrics than the otherway aroundat lazyboy southeast we have hundreds offabrics to choose from and then there'san infinite amount of paint colors tochoose from your lazy boy designer canhelp you pick the perfect paint color tocomplement your fabrics or you can takeyour fabric samples to a paint storejust look for something that complementsyour fabrics and don't be afraid to askfor help if needed don't be tooconcerned if colors don't matchperfectly when everything in a homematches it becomes repetitive and blandlet your personality shine through bymixing colors fabrics and textures ineach room start with a common theme orcolor and then add window treatmentsrugs and accessories to complement themyou can update accessories as your styleor the season changes this will keepyour home feeling fresh and updated foryears to come make a good firstimpression by keeping your entrywayorganized and then neat when people gethome most of us just toss our keys andhang up our coat so make a landingplaces for these items get creative andmake a custom coat rack or you can usedecorative boxes or baskets for thingssuch as keys and cell phonesby having a designated place for theseitems you're a little less likely tolose them we're so excited for you inyour new home at lazy boy southeast wemake designing your home fun and easy bygiving you access to a degree ininterior designer for free you can clickthe link in our description to learnmore if you found this video helpfulplease subscribe and be on the lookoutfor more design tips to help you livelife comfortably[Music]you[Music]

Are you purchasing your first home or moving to a new part of town? These interior design tips for new home buyers will help you bring a fresh start to your new living space.
At La-Z-Boy Southeast, we’ve helped thousands of new home buyers furnish their living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.
In this video, Angela Margle (Interior Designer in Lexington, SC) shares nine interior design tips for new home buyers.
-Clean Out Your Old Home
-Measure Your New Room
-Sketch Your Room Layout
-Visualize New Furniture
-Get Free Interior Design Advice
-Invest in Primary Pieces
-Choose Your Fabric Before You Paint
-Mix & Match
-Set Up Landing Places
At La-Z-Boy Southeast, we’re excited to be a part of your new endeavor and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook for new and fun stuff just like this!


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