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hi y'all Sarah here at the Hartley homeSpanish today I want to share with yousome of our meal ideas that we do duringthe week I'm gonna give you a menu andthen I'm gonna post pictures at the veryend I just kind of was like eating mylittle snacky lunch and decided that Ithink this might be kind of fun fory'all to see um what I do a lot of timesis I'll make something I'll put it onthe plate and I'll be like oh that wascute I'm gonna take a picture of it andall places to Instagram and I justdecided since I have a lot of featureskind of store that for from a couple ofweeks ago I have a little list of what Imean you was robbed a couple of weeksago and I was actually starting to makeour new menu for this next week and Igot to be kind of fun to see some of thepictures I love to see videos like thisto give me ideas of what I want to dofor the following week or you know justideas of food I want to make and Iactually did make a video doing thebaked rigatoni and then so I will try toedit that soon and post that up butright now I'm just gonna show you thepictures of it and so I have picturesI'm gonna give me a rundown up a littlebit of how I make it if it's not kind ofself-explanatoryum okay number one would have been likeSunday I just have eight different millsmills that I did a picture so I willinsert at the very end of this clip atthe very end of this video so thank youfor those number one I did I guess Iwould have in a Sunday yeah Sunday I didfish in shrimp tacos we just find like abaggage dish and a bag of shrimp fromour local grocery store and because wehave not been like fishing lately andthings like that so we've not likecaught anything like that so and wedon't have anything sort up which wouldbe really nice to be able to start doingbut as of right now we don't have thatright now so I just find like a bag of Ibe gonna believe it's the whitingfillets they're usually the cheapest andmy husband does not like tilapia so wedon't buy tilapia I usually buy thewhiting fillets and then I just courseit kind of has a lot of juice the end Ikind of thought a little bit but whileit's still frozen I go ahead and stickit in a pot and then I just kind of likecook it and of course itsome juice have like a lot of fluid atthe end and so I kind of chop it up realfine and I also before I chop it up realfine I will dump it out like in acolander or just like drain a lot of thewater flow it out juice whatever youwant to call it put it back in the panmaybe add a little butter a littlegarlic salt or garlic powder and notreally bad saw but garlic powder and Iwill continue cooking it and then theend I will put it it will be chopped upreal fine and I will kind of likecompletely let the juices kind of cookout what was a little bit left from thebutter and then it just really gives usreally good flavor and then I will putit on a tortilla and with some shreddedlettuce some maybe some onions if wehave some tomatoes and then add sometartar sauce on a tortilla roll what upanimation really is shrimp tacos andit's pretty healthy - and lately we haveactually started doing the shrimp tacosas well so sometimes we'll do bothtogether because my hair can legs Ithink fish better a lot of the kids likefish over shrimp I really like stripD'Argo's so good and I will just cookthose a little bit and some butter andgarlic powder as well and I will joinall that off and then I will put it on atortilla with some lettuce same lettucetomato onions whatever you want to putand it's really good with chopped greenonions and some shrimp sauce reallyreally good I think that hasn't actuallysaid the other day that the shrimp tacowas really good with tartar sauce somaybe you gotta check out that I reallylike the shrimp sauce I love the tasteof it so so much so I need to play upwith this video or else it's gonna belike 30 minutes long number two grilledchicken and hot dogs and that was on aMonday a couple of weeks ago my husbandSoph work so we did a grill out sothat's pretty self-explanatory we didgrilled chicken hot dogs and of course Ijust marinate the chickenbeforehand i marinated for a few hours Ithought and then marinate it for acouple of hours in the frigerator wasthe barbecue sauce and I've even beenmarinated in like a ball ranch dressingand it could be like the cheapo Aldiranch dressing it doesn't matter becauseonce it cooks you can put some like somegood luck different kind of pedalseither steakon the chicken yes on the chicken it'sreally really good or you can do likeany kind of chili seasoningI just disguise women and then once it'smarinated you put it on the grillsprinkle the seasoning and he cooks itand that's night les favorite days ofthe summer is when my husband is the onethat cooks and of course if you hear mylittle girl she was back here playing soyou hear noise that is her she isplaying a little educational game withfletchers it is actually pouring therain outside and he's near on day 2 ofpouring the rain we were actually in ahurricane and weather right now we liveabout I will explain more in a video Ihave gotten a few clips of the hurricanewe're about an hour and a half to twohours away from the coast and so we havewe are pretty close and it has comeright over us it's been really scary ofcourse our hats and prayers are with theones that have completely losteverything that are directly on thebeach we love the beach and to think ofthat devastation is just mind-blowingbut anyway I wanted to say that in caseyou hear the wine pouring outside and ifyou hear her she's doing I will have avideo on the hurricane as well numberthree we did BBQ sausage and I justchopped up some sausage as you will seein the picture and some barbecue sausagecooked with barbecue sauce actuallysausage and the light the links buyingthat little brown Lynx beef is what Ialways fight is these and I cook it withbarbecue sauce on the stove and then Idid some fried okra and green beans withbacon and onions could put the greenbeans then the next day I did pintobeans with baked squash and cast ironskillet cornbread that is we do a lot ofmeatless which is called meatless butit's still got protein like pinto beansand stuff like that and the next day wedid pasta salad with cucumbers pepperoniand mushrooms and also a side ofbroccoli and cheese dumping the letterswe do a lot of like pinto beans we do alot of baked beans and that kind ofthing as our meat for the week and we dothat a lot because number one it saves aton of money and number two is justnothing like try different things likethat so then the next day I did a bakedrigatoni with a side salad and I do havea video for that like I said I have avideo on how I make that and I will kindof close that edit that and post that assoon as possible then the next day wedid some lasagna with salad I try to dothe days when I buy like sometimeshalfway through the week I will need torun to the store for something and we'llgrab some salad and you know just likesucker put some salad and then I will dolike dates like we will have sell sellsell sell sell I will do salad for lunchis I will do and like the baked rigatoniwe did with a side salad finally thenext day with salad and then I also didsome chili cheese enchiladas thefollowing day with a side salad and thenis there eight Mills and I will show youthose in the following clips and I hopeyou guys enjoyed this video and if youliked it kind of video please give athumbs up and let me know in thecomments below if you enjoyed videoslike that also we'll have the video upon our breakfast for the week and alsoour lunches for the week which is likethis really random like this is justlike crackers and cheese and turkey andI like butter with my crackers and someolives so really random I mean andthat's a good we do a ton of snackylunches but I will have a video thosemixed and I guess be a wonderful day andplease give this video a thumbs up andif you're not a subscriber just to dosubscribing to my channel soon you willsee future videos[Music]

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