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7 Seconds | Home Staging Tip 3 – Accessories

[Music]welcome to seven seconds quick tips inthe Colorado Springs home one of thethings I've been working on in thishouse is really tying together theaccessories with the furniture and therest of the house to give it thatpolished designer look it is amazingwhat you can do with accessories it'salso amazing how if you've got themplaced correctly it makes people feeljust really good when they look at itbut if you have them spaced or placedincorrectly it can throw off a wholeroom so I'm gonna visit with you heretoday about the artwork and actually theend table placement and lamps in thisroom now when I was looking at this homeone of the things with it being dark isI had to have lamps that gave it lightand and really didn't add to thedarkness but instead it sort of justbrought a neutrality or some lightspaces on each side of the couch so Ihad these lamps at home that as you cansee it's a lighter wood again we've gotthe mixture of woods which is what youwant to do with design elements you wantto mix up those colors of woods and thenI put sort of a burlap lampshade on aswell so this tied into the couch and youknow you can buy lampshades at reallygood prices either like at Ross I'llpick some up there or actually atWalmart and so if you've got older lampsand you don't like the look of them youmight just need to switch out thelampshades and in many cases you can dothat for under ten dollarsthe second element with the end tables Iwant to bring to your attention is thereis a placement of items on there thatactually works to really please the eyeso in this case I like to work withgroups of three so you can include thosegroups of three with the lamp or youcould actually have three items on theend table in this case I just got a alittle vase okayI actually got this at Hobby Lobby thatis read to go with the items and ofcourse you just bring in IV you needsome softness on the side and I almostalways use a book you can get the bookthat dollar store you can go to Goodwilland I just pick up books based on thecolor actually of the book not thecontent so in this case I just broughtin a nice book that added a littleyellow in there that created someinterest I set this on here and so whenyou look at it it gives you differentheights and that's really important tooso you've got the lamp that's at thisheight you want the second item to besort of between the bottom of the endtable and the lampshade and then I justlove bringing in well this is love it'sblack which ties into the decor and it'sa really nice message so sometimes whenpeople come into the home they might notreally be aware that they're seeing aword like this but they it's like theirsubconscious actually grabs hold of thatand so it's a really pleasant thing lovethis home it communicates this home is aplace where love will exist and thatreally helps when you're staging nowthese I pick up actually still have theprice tag on there it is $4.99 at Rossand so if you're looking for an elementto add you know black and somethingreally Pleasant you can pick somethinglike this up for as little as fivedollars so there you go we tooksomething an element that I wasn't surewhat we are going to do with and we madeit into a beautiful space that adds tothe entire decor of the room thank youso much for joining me with sevenseconds quick tips and I'll see you nexttimeyou

Accessories are a powerful asset for tying a room together. Simple pieces (at affordable prices) can be the finishing touches you need, when placed correctly!

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