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$50 DIY Dining Room Table

hey guys it's girlfriend welcome to mychannel[Applause][Music]today we are going to be doing a nicelittle DIY project I don't really thinkI've taught anyone yet but I am about tomove into Danny and i's new home here inFlorida and I'm super excited about itit's been a pretty quick process and Iactually move in on Friday I'm soexcited so we've pretty much justdecided to start over from scratch sowe're getting all new furniture all neweverything I have decided this go-aroundI think what I'm gonna do is do a lot oflike DIY projects I recently purchaseddining room table for like 50 bucks offof Craigslist from this really awesomeguy who is super nice but the color isnot at all what I want it's more of likea beachy vibe it's blue and like thestools are multicolored and like some ofthem are yellow and green I'll insert acouple clips to show you what it lookedlike before but right now I'm gonna sandit down and I think my plan is to sandit all the way down to the wood so I cansee the grain and all really nice and Iwant to torch it but it's actuallysurprisingly really pretty I thought itwas gonna be like a dark wood color butit's not at all it's almost like a lightcolor so I'm really stoked because Iwanted a white table but didn't reallyfeel like painting it so I'm superexcited I'm sorry I keep looking down init it's right here below me so I justwant to finish you know show you guys sobefore and after show you a couplethings I'm not doing anything fancy toit literally gonna sand it down probablyput some stain over top of it if thetorching doesn't go like I planned butyeah I just wanted to kind of take youguys along with me and show you thisprocess so yeah[Music]getting a bit more done when I get backI've completely taken off the paint itis now and oh my goodness the color I'mreally liking it the table itself likethe woods actually like this a blackcolor it's awesome I'm so stoked I don'tknow we're gonna see how I'm feelinglater but right now that's as far asI've gotten I still have quite a bitmore to do not a whole lot but a littlebit more sane than now to do and stufflike that so yeah I just wouldn't gonnado you guys a little bit on where I amI'm doing a terrible job at filming thisbut I'm just using my iPhone right nowso it's a little bit more difficult tofilm to show you guys all the anglesit's all about angles that I'm not gonnashow anything oh so I'm working on itI'm gonna try and record a little moretonight it's gonna be pitch black but Imight at home so I'm not going to gethome until about 10:00 p.m. so yeah Ishould update you guys and I will seeyou after we get off workhey guys so we are back in my freakingmess right now I have returned from workit is currently almost 11:30 at nightI'm sorry this lighting is absolutelyatrocious I have everything set back upI was gonna just go to bed but I have somuch to do tomorrow that I wanted to geta little bit done tonight and then thatway tomorrow I won't have as much to dobecause believe it or not I literallyhave tomorrow and then on Friday I moveinto the house so I'm trying to get allthis in here I have a garage andeverything at my new place absolutely notools to my name and Danny has all thetools with him obviously that's in acompletely different state so he will bebringing this with him when he movesdown here but for the time being I justhave my dad's garage to breed and he hasall the tools under the Sun I wouldpossibly need to do anything I can thinkof so I'm trying to get as much of thisdone as I possibly can while I'm here itprocess with getting this house went bya lot faster than I anticipated it to soyeah I don't have as much time as Ioriginally thought I was going to andI'm moving out a lot sooner than Ithought I was going to I'm sorry my dogis thank youI'm making but sorry any of you I'mabout to start back up on this table I'mnot gonna get it all done tonight by anymeans but it would be nice to get atleast some done that way I don't have asmuch to do tomorrow because I have quitea bit to do tomorrow as well and Ihaven't packed a single thing I sawimagine anything and I get the keys tothe house on Friday which is in two daysnot even so I kind of already startedwith the top of the table as you can seebut when we started out the table wasthis blue color and I have sanded itdown it is actually like this superpretty like a white light color that I'min love with I had no idea that thetable was like this underneath so thisis what I'm probably going to keep it asbut as you can tell they had stained atsome point in time this poor table hasbeen pretty much every color Under theSun so all I have to do now is obviouslysand down the sides and I'm going tosand the whole top of the table to whereit comes out all this pretty white colorso I'm gonna get started on that now andthen I will update you guys a lateryour girls covered in paint and sawdustand everything else I don't even knowI'm completely covered right now it'sway past my bedtime I'm exhaustedI don't feel good I just want to go downsome night cool and pass out I'm gonnacall it quitstonight the lighting in here is terribleand honestly I can't even tell anymoreall the colors on the table I'm startingto blend in I finished the table top andI got several of the legs done for thetable I saw quite a bit more to dotomorrow but I have to be up reallyearly for a work meeting it's gonna be areally early day tomorrow so I'm gonnafinish up to Marawell fingers crossed I'm gonna finish uptomorrow I should point out I'm not apro this I don't know what the heck I'mdoing I'm gonna have a general idea ofwhat I'm doing but this is not myprofession since the first time I'veever even used a frigging automaticsander if I'mhonest so luckily my dad knows what todo so if I get lost or stuck I just askhim pray for me it's gonna be a longproject but you know what it'll be worthin the end and making memories and sothey going on the bonnet table makingone so every time I sit down you didthis friggin thing or maybe I won't likenothing changed at all and I'm just waitmy time you know nonetheless for thememories you see how dusty it isn't hereoh mylantaso yeah I'm delusional I'msleep-deprived so I'm gonna call itquits for the night and I'm gonna go tosleepand I'll see you guys it is currently aday to this hole I'm super stoked lastnight I stayed up till about 1:00 a.m.trying to sand it down I got the entiretop at the table completely done thankgoodness so now what I am doing Istarted on some of the legs last nightwith the sander which I'm gonna finishup with the Sandra on those as well butI just went and got some paint stripperso what I'm gonna do is just coat thetable while the sides at the table it'salmost impossible to use the automaticsander to get around the grooves and Iwon't be able to get in all the nooksand crannies so I bought paint stripperI'm going to coat that on and then I'mgonna strip off the paint I'm usingthese little tools I don't know they'regold but I'm gonna scrape off the paintafterwards once I let that sit so I amnow going to apply this stripper andthen I'm gonna let that sit and then I'mgonna sand down the other legs the lasttwo legs that I haveand I'll scrape off the paint later andthen I will only have to do finalrun-through I think it's with a 220green whatever it's called I don't knowdo like the final sanding process thefine one so yeah we are almost done I'mso excited because I move in tomorrowtomorrow[Applause]again several hours later sorry I'm kindof the worst at this but what hashappened so far is your girl hascompletely coated all four stools andthe sides of the table with pinkstripper so I'm just letting that sit itsays to let it sit for one to threehours I don't know I put a crack tent onbecause the first few coats that I puton I waited about an hour and a half totwo hours and it didn't look like I wasdoing much at all so yeah I just usedthe automatic scanner to stay in thetable leg so I just finished that so thetop of the table and the legs of thetable are completely done I just havethese sides of the table to get thepaint off of and then the stools and weare Iguchi you did I really just sayanywho so right now what we have to dois yo girl still needs to have impact asingle freaking thing and I get the keysto the house tomorrow technically Idon't have to move in tomorrow so it'snot like I'm in this rush where I had tohave everything moved out of the houseI'm in now and moved in tomorrow that'snot how this is going down thankgoodness also I don't know what justhappened with the lighting I'm sorrywell I I do want to get a bunch of mystuff packed up and over there becauseI'm trying to be smart conserve gasutilize my time and you know just makesmart decisions as an adult and so Iwant to get as much stuff packed up inmy truck tomorrow that way I can justtake a truckload with me tomorrow andwhen I get the keys I can just startmoving stuff in and a lot of the stuffthat I have to do over the next few daysis out in that general area trying to besmart and since I'm gonna be out thatway I'm gonna save gas and not have todrive back and forth as much I can'twait to show you guys the house and thefinished product but I'm getting aheadof myself because this video is justabout a table sonot to stay tuned for the other videosif you want to see more make sure I'mgonna go check on the table and see ifit's ready to go and see if I can startscraping if not I'm gonna go pack andyou know do some other stuff and thenI'll come back and just wanted to shootyou with a little update so I guess Ishould say welcome back to myself cuzit's been like a week since I'verecorded anything yeah I don't know howI managed to always film on days where Ilook like complete garbage but I do soI'm sorry that I look like a hot potatoright now I kind of went in my day for alittle while as you can probably tell bythe sound of my voice I sound like it'slike a man I caught a cold in Tennesseewhen I went to visit my mom and the lastlike two days I woke up and my voice wasjust shot it was completely gone Isounded atrocious but today's like thefirst day where I can complete fullsentences and you can understand whatI'm saying and I don't sound like asqueaky toy so yeah that's the plus Istarted this DIY project at my dad'shouse right before I moved into my newhouse I am currently now living in mynew house so it's been like a week Ithink tomorrow will be a week that sinceI moved in I'm about to go on a run butreally quickly I wanted to hop on hereand just kind of show you guys the finalproduct of the table well the final ishproduct at the table and I'll explainwhat I mean by that so I started off bystanding down the table I thought it wasgonna be like a darker wood finish and Iwas gonna just stain it and the tablewas like bright green and blue colorsand there was yellow mixed in there itlooked really good but not the look Iwas going for and when I first seen itdown and I noticed that it went down tothis pretty white finish and I loved itlike four layers of different colors andstains and stuff so took me all in awhile got it all the way down for thesestools it was quite a bit of a challengebecause with the automatic sander itjust didn't fit properly on the stoolsthem sellso it was almost impossible for me touse the sander to sand the stools allthe way down so I got some paintstripper and you know lathered that badboy up followed all the instructionslong story short it did absolutelynothing nothing at all about the paintis still on there eat I just threw away30 bucks pretty much because I don'tknow if I'm doing it wrong or what butit didn't do anything so what I'm gonnado is just gonna paint over and whiteand yes that's the plan now you there isa strip on the table that is blue that Icouldn't get to at the automaticstandard eitherso I'm also gonna paint I think thatportion white and then I'm gonna paintthe stools white and just call it a dayand I think that'll look really good soyou know sometimes when you're doing aproject and you make a mistake and itactually benefits you in the long runand it turns out better than youoriginally planned for it to you I'mhoping that's what's gonna happen a yearso I don't know but I'll show you aquick little final version um what Ihave in the house right now the stoolsare still in the garage because Ihonestly don't know what to do they'restill lathered up with that freakinpaint stripper but I can't get it offand but I don't want to sit on it andit's like a tacky feeling but it won't Idon't know it didn't bubble up like itwas supposed to the paint didn't comeoff I've taken like the little I don'tknow what it's called a little scraperthing just glides right over it doesn'teven touch the paint it's so annoyingand I know what you're saying I couldhand sanding it like just manually do itbut bro I'm not kidding there's likefour different layers of stuff just toget to this like pretty finish righthere I'm so it's like the color of thechair now which is like this thick typeof paint cuz it had to go over the blackso it doesn't come off easy and I thinkthat's why the stripper isn't working ohwell because maybe it's something to dowith the paint that they use to cover upthis black because they didn't say inthe black off they just painted over topof it I don't know I don't know anythingabout paint but yeah so it's like thecolor than it is now and it's likeseveral coats and adds like thick thenit's all blackthen it's sustained like a dark likewood looking color stain and then youget to this color so it's been it's alotta layers I don't take a lot of timeit's full force tools we'll see we'llsee okay guys so this is the finishedproduct of the table well semi finish Ijust have to paint the little whitestrips which I will show you what I meanby that so this is the top color that itcame out to be I really love this colorand the finish I didn't do anything toit I just sanded it down it's soft it'sso pretty I love it very very much Ithink it goes really well in here Iapologize for the lighting but as youcan tell under here it's still that bluecolor I was able to get the lights atthe table all the same but it's justright on the edge and it goes all theway around the table but it's all thatblue color so I think what I'm gonna dois right here I'm just going to paintthat white and then I am going to thenpaint the stools the same color that Ipaint this and then just call it a dayyou guys enjoyed it if you did pleasedon't forget to give it a big thumbs upand don't forget to subscribe because itreally helps support my channel and Idon't want you to miss any random videosthat I may post and I will see you inthe next video bye[Music]

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