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5 Tips for Dealing with your Kids in your Art Room: Miniaturist Q&A

[Music]hi everybody welcome back in the houseI'm Erin and today I'm going to be doinga continuation of my Q&A which you mayhave already seen but it's not I'll puta link in the description below therewas one question in particular that Ihave a lot to say about so I want tomake sure and make this video separatein case you have this questionspecifically for yourself and you wantto hear my suggestions so the questionwas from creation Odyssey and she asksmom Plus miniatures how does that evenwork my stuff is constantly goingmissing and I only have one so I haveseveral ideas on this now keep in mindthis is something that's worked for meand my kids and you can always try itbut it may not work for you or you mightfind something different works if you'realso a minute restore artist plus momand you have other suggestions feel freeto put them in the comments becausesomeone who is having a time strugglingwith this may be reading through thecomments and find it helpful so my firstsuggestion which I used and not just myart supplies but in the rest of myparenting is to be honest with my kidsand tell them the truth so if I don'twant them to touch my exacto blade I letthem know it's because they could hurtthemselves and bleed and usually that'senough for them to want to stay awayfrom the exacto knife that also helpsbuild some common sense because younever know what other place they mightbe in really see a sharp object just behonest with them tell them that this ishow it will hurt you it will hurt do nottouch it now that's easy with thingsthat look dangerous with things that areyour artwork that you don't want them totouch with over kids it's easier don'ttouch this this is mommy'syou know just stay away from it but withthe other kids you can't always do thatso if you can't be honest with them ifthey're kids that understand directionsand rules then just tell them this areayou do not touch my stuff but if notthen I have some other suggestions foryounger kids suggestion number two withthe security locks and locking cabinetsnow these cabinets that are back herebehind me are IKEA cabinets and theycome with a lock and now if you alreadyhave a cabinet at home and you don'twant to go out and buy new cabinetsthere are kid locks that you can adhereto the front of the cabinet that keepsthe supplies inside safe from your kidsand you want to put that lock up as highas possible especially for those littlebitty ones now on this cabinet I'm goingto show you I have installed a lock atthe top of the cabinet it's been onthere for about three years and it's notshowing any sign of falling off so Ifind that it's a pretty secure lock andinside I keep my spray-paint rubbingalcohol anything that might be dangerousfor my children I make sure that I keepin this locked cabinet and that I keepit locked at all times my thirdsuggestion for those kids that justcan't stay out of your space is to givethem their own space now my daughter hasher own desk in my art studio even whenI had a really small room in our otherhome I made space for my child because Iknew she was going to be in therewhether I liked it or not so if you canat all if it's at all possible make sureyou have a little space for your childif it's not a permanent space get like alittle pop-up table somewhere where theycan be near to you because unless themfeel like they're a part of what you'redoing but then they also have their ownspace to make their own messand it keeps themout of your face my daughter also hasher own art supplies and her own drawersif you don't have a drawer that you canspare you can also get them a small boxthat has their name on it so they knowthat these are their art supplies theycan get into them whenever they wantthey can use them whenever they want butthen also make them responsible forputting them back so that they cancontinue to learn how to clean up afterthemselves and take care of the spacethat you're allowing them to have inyour space now if you're a miniaturistthere's gonna be times where you havechildren that want to play with yourartwork and I'm bringing this in this ismy Trojan horse and I made it last herelast year some time and my oldestdaughter who is really good at followingdirections and I told her not to touchit took me a long time to make it it'snot a toy was obsessed with this horseand she just wanted to play with it shewanted to take it in her room she wantedto put it with her toys and play with itand she could not get over the obsessionwith this miniature so in order to helpher with thatI allowed her to have supervisedplaytime so this is another suggestionyou can have supervised playtime whenyour child cannot just let something goor it cannot keep their hands off one ofyour projects set aside some time tellyour child okay you can play with thisin here or wherever you want them to beI will watch you and I will make surethat you are playing with it correctlyshow them how to have gentle hands showthem that it doesn't go on the floor youcan't hit it with a hammer or whateverthey want to do and so for my daughter Iput this on her desk where she wanted toplay with itshe wouldn't got all her My Little Ponytoys and whatever she wanted to do toplay with this horse and she played withit for about two hours straight and whenshe was done obsession overshe hasn't talked about this horse sincethen it's just a way to go ahead and letthem quench their curiosity they get toplay with something that's really cooland they're even more excited about itbecause you made it and so keep that inmind they just wanted to be a part ofwhat you're doing and my last tip thisis especially for people with to two tothree year olds because a lot of timesthose guys are sneaky and it's hard tojust do supervised play time it's hardto talk to them and say hey you don't dothis this isn't a good idea this isdangerous because they don't really carethere are two and so my biggestsuggestion for you with the little onesis to set up a decoy and this is what Imean for example this would be like thisproject see that I would make sure thatit's on a level where they could see itit's right at their eye line so it's youknow very attractive they're gonna belying straight towards it I'm gonna takesome miniatures that are pretty chunkynot too delicate this is just like alittle wooden chest and then this is ametal pencil sharpener so you want totake something that's pretty sturdy orsomething that's easily fixable or ifyou have some miniatures like they havelike little rubber animals that you canbuy at Hobby Lobby something that isminiature but is not so delicate don'tput your favorite miniatures in there sothen you're just gonna put those intothe eye level project and leave it andthen you're gonna go work and kind ofturn your back to the project whatthey're going to do is they're going tocome in and if you say to them this isyour projectthis is where you can play they're notgoing to want to play there so don't dothatit's not going to work if you don't sayanything about it go back to your workthey're gonna walk over and starttouching things and they're gonna lookat you like this and then they're gonnakeep playing and moving things aroundand you can look back at them andthey're gonna be waiting for you to sayno don't touch but you're just gonna saybe careful because then they realizethey're playing with something importantthey're playing with your things andthey're gonna want to be carefulhopefully now you have a thrower youmight want to be a little bit morecautious with that don't put the metalminis in they hurt okay but you knowjust kind of judge it go with the flowif they think they are playing withsomething that is important I thinkthey're a little bit more careful theyfeel special and if they do breaksomething which my son has broken someof my miniatures playing innocently it'sa lesson it's saying okay we'll look youbroke mommy's miniature next time youneed to be more careful now he didn'tknow that it wasn't like my favoriteminiature in the whole world I did notmake a big dramatic scene and go up youbroke my better Jack's you know it was alesson it was okay you were playing withsomething that's not yours and you brokeit you need to say sorry and next timewe'll be more careful and I let himcontinue to play with my miniatures andhe was and we're careful and as he'sgrown up he's continued to be able toplay with my miniatures and he'sdeveloped more of a sense of how carefulhe needs to be with those types ofthings so I hope you guys enjoy my fivesuggestions on how to work with yourchildren versus your art supplies inminutethis is going to also apply for paintersor artists that use different suppliesthat children don't need to be into ifyou have any suggestions you want toshare with other moms please put them inthe comments I would I would love tohear him as well I'm not perfect and sosometimes I walk in and my kids stillare not doing what I would expect themto be doing but we're working on itthese are some things that have workedfor me I hope you guys enjoy this videoand I will see you in the next one bye[Music]

Please share any tips you may have as well!! Thanks!

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