5 DIY Weird Bathroom Decorating Ideas

[Music]do you want to decorate your bathroomfor a holiday will share a few smartideas of candies shaped bathroom decor[Music]what about a chewing-gum toilet paperholder why not take out all wipes fromthe boxmark the slitcut it out with a craft knife[Music]open the box from the other side[Music]trace the top on white paper cut it outattach to the bottom[Music]cover the box with white acrylic paint[Music]will imitate the Wrigley's Doublemintpackage better have a pack of chewinggum at hand or an image before your eyesyou can find it on the internet outlinea narrow draw two lines to make a shaftadd a headmake another head on the other end rightthe brand name you can print out thelogo instead paint the box green it'llbe the background[Music]wheezy arrow white cover the sides witha basic color add a dark red detailpaint the arrow deep green be careful toleave the letters white[Music]the bass is ready let's add some detailspaint little red arrows on the sides[Music]repeat for the other side add thelettering on the top and bottom of thecentral arrow use a red pen[Music]mention the pieces quantity with theblack pen write it in the same placethat it's on the original pack that'senough of painting now the package isjust like the giant chewing gum attacheddouble-sided mounting tape to the bottomput in toilet paper fasten the holder onthe wall secure the top with a push pinpass the paper through the bottom slitit's unusual and cheapdo you like marshmallows make the candyshaped garland to light the mirror we'vegot an LED tube package cut out a pieceof about three inches to make alampshade tape it in a spiral paint itpink[Music]remove the tapemake the necessary quantity take an LEDgarland it won't heat pass it throughthe lampshades done hang the garlandaround the mirror a number of cutemarshmallows will decorate your bathroomand give off extra light will turn ablank toothbrush cup into a funny M&Msholder let's get started with coveringit white when dry apply the basic paintmake it sunny yellow sketch the maincharacter yellow draw an egg shape addiceand a smile and expressive eyebrows drawthe main feature the letter M paint theeyes and letter white define the detailswith a black marker start with the eyes[Music]draw a pupil leave the white reflectionof light repeat for the other eye add asmilethe lovely yellow will smile at youevery morning it won't take long to makebut if you find it difficult use asticker or print out the image make 3dcandies on the bottom use the hot gluemake it in the same style as skittles inthe prank video squeeze button shapeddrops paint them in different colorsgreen redblue paint the letter M on each candyuse a thin brush or a correction penlike we did in the previous video Wowit's cool the happy yellow will cheeryou upeach time you need to brush your teeth[Music]let's make a couple of extra towel hookslet them look like giant stick candiestake a garden hose cut it in half usethick aluminum wire as the base cut offthe needed length put it in the hosepaint it yellow if you can still see theoriginal hose color paint it againwe'll need masking tape attach it in aspiral paint it pinkremove the tape when dry we've got twopieces hot glue the holepaint it pink bend the stick the wireinside will make it easy shape a bighook repeat for the other end theawesome hanging towel hooks look likegiant stick candies hang them on yourtowel rack to get an extra towel orbathrobe holder a chocolate barorganizer for cotton pads and q-tips isjust what you need in your bathroom takea plastic lunchbox if there's a pictureon it remove it we know a way to make iteasy use a hairdryer heat the top wowwe're peeling it away quickly and easilypaint the box in a dark chocolate color[Music]let it dry wide open paint the insidewill make the chocolate bar from airdrying clay we've made it in the candystyle school supplies video knead theclay in your hands roll it up flat placethe box top down and press over we'vegot the top imprinted cut it out with acraft knife place the clay bar on thebox top make it checked split it intothree parts across the short side presswith the ruler edge to make a notchseparate the long side into four partspress it over with the ruler hot gluethe bar make it chocolate like[Music]paint it dark brown[Music]put any small stuff you need in thistempting chocolate box[Music]it's an easy non-standard way to changeyour old boring accessories into newstuff make your bathroom fabulous besure to subscribe share with yourfriends give your thumbs up and clickthe bell clink it's a new video thatjust came out Forex broker № 1 in Europe. Free education.
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