Dining Room 

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hi Internet this is Chris readerproperty four zero one nine steeplechaseAlpharetta Georgia I'm giving you arecording the second part of the townhouse that I live in this is the diningroom with four chairs area rug in thatpicture which is three foot by five footit's on its canvas the living roomfurniture sofa chair and table and ifthat's a really a sofa table but anothertable coffee table chair TV and thenhere out on the deck I just have a smallshape chaise lounge should I can you getthat picture that grill is a collapsiblegrill it's a hiking or camping grill tosmall chairs and then I do have astorage unit out on the deckwe're shelving full of stuff a couplesmall coolers and then like holidaydecorations are also hanging up on thewall to the left in my kitchennone of the appliances are going andthen I have to work six lower cabinetsand then one two five upper cabinets andI would say they're all full they're allfilled with stuff the cabinet above therefrigerator there's nothing in there acoat closet again just click coats andsome storage stuffand then my extra bathroom the secondbathroom again just a one sink vanitythere is some stuff underneath thevanity but not very much but I do have adouble closet pretty big closet that hastwo three five shelvings plus the floorand this is pretty much packed withstuff storage stuff that would need tobe packed

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