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4 Staging tips to help get your home sold fast and at the right price!

hello everyone Carly Noel here withcentury 21 I wanted to invite you intomy home today to discuss for stagingtips which are an important marketingtool to help you compete at the rightprice and get your home sold faster sonumber one it is declutter so what we'redoing at this point is basically prettypacking for our moveso start collecting your books clothespersonal items and tuck those thingsaway into storage nice and tidyso that also prospective buyers can seethe space clearly and understand thatthere's a lot of storage still availableto them another thing would be swappedin lights for high wattage bulbs as wellas wash windows inside and outto give your home a nice bright and airyfeel and lastly it would alwaysrecommend to have a pre inspection doneon your home that way they can identifycertain things that you might want totouch up on before listing your homethat way can make it a much smootherprocess once we do have an offer on thetable if you guys happen to have anyquestions for me you're more thanwelcome to reach out I'm always here tohelpThanks have a great day

Carlee Noel, sales representative at Century 21 Blue Sky is here giving you 4 tips on how to get your home sold fast and at the right price.
1. Declutter
2. Swap light bulbs
3. Wash windows
4. Get an inspection

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