4 Popsicle Stick BunkBed Crafts Ideas – Miniature Dollhouse Bedroom #29

Hello, everybody, this is our 5th compilation about miniature dollhouse bedroom and furniture. It’s about how to make 4 easy popsicle stick bunkbed and other furniture crafts ideas with easy steps that you can follow and do it for fun or for your kids.

It’s easy and quick crafts for kids that you can do it yourself. Please enjoy the video…

Time Stamp:
0:01 BunkBed #1
2:31 Bedroom #2
5:00 Miniature bunkbed car shape #3
7:44 Bed #4

Crafts materials:
– Popsicle Sticks
– Partly Chopstick
– Glue gun

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Thank you guys, have fun…

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