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4 LIVING ROOM LAYOUT IDEAS | Easy Transformation

hey everyone welcome back to my channelin today's video I'm gonna be showingyou guys four different ways to lay outyour living room furniture and as youguys can see I've got no furniture inhere I've cleared it all out of the wayso that I could bring it all back in andtransform this room four different waysso I'm really excited about this I hopethis can help those of you guys thathave no idea what to do with your livingroom furniture or are going out to buysome furniture and don't really knowwhat to get or for those of you guysthat just get boarded through furniturelayouts I want to switch them up now andagain this video is definitely for youguys so let's go ahead and get startedso for this first look I'm gonna becalling this one symmetry because rightwhen you walk into the space you'regoing to notice a lot of balancesymmetry it's super easy on the eyes itis pretty much the classic go tofurniture layout for a living room andit's super easy to achieve you don'treally need much furniture to achievethis look it is pretty much ideal forany kind of space a space like thiswhere you want to move the furnitureinto the center of the room or fourspaces where you want the furnitureagainst walls so it's pretty much goodfor everybody if this is the look that Iusually have laid out in this spacealready so I'm just gonna go ahead andput my furniture back into place[Music]it's like a very balanced way of doingsymmetry in the space we've got theidentical Mears behind us the sofa onone side and instead of doing the exactsame sofa on the other we did two chairsthat have the same finish so that reallyhelps tie in that spectracal look butthen also create like a nice balance toit all we have our coffee table centeredright in the middle anchored to thefireplace is really giving off thatwhole centered look and then anotherhuge tip that I think every singlelayout has to follow everything shouldbe laid out properly on the rug so wehave our front two legs but pretty muchall the furniture on the rope so thatmakes it look like it's all supposed tobe there it's not kind of floatingaround the room it's all tied in andadded to the rug so I feel like that islike a key and very important part toplaying covered for new turn and areally simple way to make thissymmetrical layout look a little morerelaxed is just turning the furniture ina bit so it's not so square[Music]so just by turning the chairs it makesthe room look a little more relaxed lesssquare less setup and you still get thatwhole like community its circular kindof everyone's facing each other space sothat really works as well if you guyslike it symmetrical look but also justone like to make it a little more chillI would just invert the furniture kindof mix it up a little bit move it aroundso doesn't look so put together and youguys can definitely achieve its looksfun so from here we're gonna transformthis leo into the next layout and thisone is gonna be called the l-shapedliving room and this is a very verycommon layout as well very easy toachieve with the exact same furniturethis is really ideal for rooms thatmaybe you want to connect the roombeside it so we're gonna leave one sideof the living room layout open we'regonna have the furniture facing prettymuch a focal point which will be ourcoffee table also the fireplace somepeople have their TVs mountain up thereand again this is one of those layoutsthat works really well in differentspaces so in this type of space we wantall the furniture in the middle it worksreally well like that or in rooms thatare working with say two walls that youwant to focus your furniture onobviously all these layouts reallydepend on where your walls are where theopenings of your rooms are where thewindows are so there's kind of a lot ofdeciding factors when you choosedifferent options of furniture layoutsbut I'm here to give you differentoptions so let's move on to the secondlook our l-shaped living room[Music]I can tell it is more ideal for spacesthat have a wall right here but it alsois not a bad thing to have your twochairs separated allowing you to walk inand out of there just it's not myfavorite thing to see the backs ofchairs when you walk into a space but itdoes allow some flow and some movementthroughout it so it's not like having acouch right here that's completelydifferent and I would say this furniturelayout really helps highlight featuresof your space so if you want tohighlight the wall behind me or thefireplace or your TV or some type ofartwork that you have up there obviouslyfacing furniture towards it really callspeople to look that way focus that wayso that's pretty much what's happeninghere this rail also helps connect spacesreally well so this baby's next to us isa TV room and have it in that full sideof the rug and layout open really helpstraffic move that way really helps theflow of everything kind of likeconnected to the next space beside usbut on top of that it actually did thecomplete opposite on the other side soherewe're kind of creating like a wall and aseparation of space so say where youguys are right now is a dining room andyou want to have your dining room andliving room in a combined space havingyour furniture kind of facing away fromit having higher back furniture likethis facing the opposite way really kindof creates like a subtle wall and it'ssubtle like divider if this one couldwork for you and you guys have a spacekind of similar to what's happening heredefinitely try this leo I think you guysmight like it so from here we're gonnabe transforming this look into what itwould call the back to back look andthis is gonna be our third living roomlayout and this is good for so manydifferent spaces it's a greatconversation kind of style feeding aswell which focuses the attention on eachother and each piece of furniture italso allows a really good flow kind oflike side to side kind of really likeall around and again this is one ofthose layouts that's really great toimplement into open concept style livingspaces so if your house is kind of allopen you want to create spaces withinspaces this back to back look reallycreates like invisible walls kind ofthing and really help congregatefurniture into a very like communalspace so let's go ahead and start thisback trap look[Music]alright this back-to-back living roomlayout is definitely one of my favoritesI love the look of these chairs besidethe fireplace like that I feel like itmakes them look very fancy veryhighlighted and you really notice themas soon as you come in one of the mostimportant things you guys have toremember when you use this layout in anopen space is making sure you guys havethis area behind your sofa because whenyou put a sofa facing your fireplace outand we open all you really get to seeits back on the sofa and it wouldn'tlook that pretty so by putting a benchor some kind of size evil or a long kindof furniture piece in front of the couchhere it really helps create a separatespace music adding this tiny littlevengeance and pillows and a plant reallyhelps take away the lookback on the couch looks so we don't wantthat when you distract the eye from theback of the couch and put something infront of it this also creates anopportunity to have pretty much aseparate living space in front so youcan put two chairs here you can create awhole other Nick over here this is alsoa great separation that I was saying ifyou want to have a dining room allinside and this living space on theother it really helps how to decide forspaces now we feel like that is acompletely different space over therefacing the completely different way itreally takes the attention away fromthis side of the room so if that's yourgoal this layout is definitely for you Ithink there's a lot going on in it italso has a lot of flow it's just greatfor those open-concept living spaces andit looks pretty from all angles andthat's the goal you never want yourlayout and look good from one anglebecause people might not always see itfrom that angle so this layout isdefinitely one of my favorites becausereally any way you look at it it'sreally really pretty alright guys sowe're gonna be moving on to our last andfinal living room layout this one isgonna be called fireplace focus so youguys definitely know what that means bynowit means we're to be focusing a lot ofthe attention on the fireplace this onedefinitely works well with those spacesthat you're using your living room asyour TV room if that's like your kind ofmain gathering space you want all theattention kind of facing towards thefireplace if the TV's there that allkind of makes sense so this lastfurniture layout is actually verysimilar to the one thatjust stand right here so there's only afew things that are changing but themain difference is pretending that thisis more of a room vendôme like an openspace so if we this one it was veryspecific to like open style spacesbecause you want it to look good at allangles this last one this fireplacefocus one is really pretending thatthere's a wall right here so we're gonnapretend that this sofa is against thewall there might be some artwork aboveit and that kind of thing just imaginethat but then we're gonna switch up therest so let's go ahead and get startedon this fireplace focus look[Music][Music]the main event will feature thefireplaceand fireplaces focus so this definitelymakes sense this look usually works fora ton of spaces especially if you havejust a broom pull all of all here a wallthere a wall there we didn't change toomuch to the furniture at all I justgonna switch the chairs and face themtowards each other you can even turnthem and make the fireplace as well soreally everything is focused that waybut I do like the ways allowsconversation by having the furnituremeet each otherthis is actually very good way of workChristmas because our Christmas treesover there it's good for eight nightsbecause all these ingenuity kind of beon this side well everyone's facing thesame way so obviously if you're goingfor more chill live you have your livingroom and den kind of combined it if youhave like you know your TV up there thisis kind of your TV slash bin the livingroom space then and this would be agreat layout we doing so relax and likeworks for kind of everythingbest thing about these furniture layoutsis that they only pretty much requirefour pieces of furniture which mostpeople they usually already have a sofaa coffee table because that's somewhat anecessity to your sofa and then toaccent chairs some people have thosesome people don't if you don't have theaccent chairs maybe you have the coffeetables maybe you'll they need to couchit there but usually when you only havea couch it really makes everyone kind oflined up all together and face the sameway and it's really hard to haveconversation so that's why the accentchairs really come in handyto create like a whole centered lookanyways I really hope this video helpssome of you guys out there that neededsome help with furniture layouts we needsome kind of rules and guidelines to gobyI hope these different layouts can helpyou guys and give you some inspirationfor your own home and definitely let meknow down below what your favorite looksout of all these layouts was this is thefirst one I really really like third oneso let me know if you're with me on thatbut now it only brings you back to whereit belongs in my space there reallyenjoyed filming this video for you guysI hope you guys enjoyed it as well andlet me know if you guys want me to doany more of these type of videos we wantto dolayouts or dining room layouts or TVroom layouts even though a lot of thoseare like very standard let me know andgive this video a big thumbs up if youguys enjoyed this and hit that likebutton if you guys haven't already makesure to subscribe to my channel clickthe red subscribe button down below andmake sure you guys how the notificationsturned on so you guys never miss a videolove you guys so much and I'll see youin my next one bye

4 LIVING ROOM LAYOUT IDEAS (Easy Transformation)
By Designer: Kristen McGowan

Hi everyone!! I give you 4 different ways to layout your furniture to make your living room beautiful & flow! I hope this video can help you transform your living space!! COMMENT BELOW WHICH LAYOUT IS YOUR FAVORITE!!


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