4 EASY DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas | DIY Fall Home Decor Ideas 2018

welcome to today's video these are fourDIYs that are fall and farmhouseinspired and pretty much everything yousee in this video comes from the DollarTree so it's very inexpensive and a funway to decorate your homegrab your Dollar Tree DIY stuff andlet's get started for this first DIY youare going to need a candle I'm using thebattery-operated kind but you could usea regular candle if you wanted I didn'twant to have to worry about a flame butI wanted my candle to light so that'swhy I went better he operated you'llalso need a glue gun a leaf some jutestring and some scissors I put a littledollop of hot glue onto my candle andthen pushed the leaf on top of that Iwanted to lock the leaf in place Ididn't want it to shift throughout thisDIY so that's why I did it but you don'thave to if you don't want to next you'lltake your jute string and wrap it aroundthe middle of the candle I wrapped itabout five times because I liked thethicker look but if you want a thinnerlook or even a thicker look than what Icreated you can do that as well once Ihave the desired thicknessI did a bow but first I tied a knot Itied a knot so that the string wouldn'tshift and move I just felt like it wasmore secure tying a knot first and thenI did a little bow once I did my bow Ithought oh it looks a little bit big soI pulled the ends and made it just alittle bit smaller and then clipped thejute string at the ends I love this DIYI think it looks super expensive and alot more than just a dollar or two forthis next DIY you are going to need acandlestick holder a plate and somee6000 I picked up my plate and mycandlestick holder from the Dollar Treemy plate that I'm using is clear and itwas a smaller size than a regular platebut I also know that the Dollar Treecarries candle plates as well that areeven smaller than my plate I picked up Idid spray paint both ofthese pieces to match I used thecheapest spray paint from Walmart it waswhite and $1 so you can't go wrong withthat next I'll line of the littlecandlestick holder with some e6000 andjust place it in the middle of my plateand let it dry once it has dried you aregood to go and decorate it the way youwant I love this look it is fullycustomizable it's so fun and looksreally good on a shelf or in the cornerof your kitchen or even on your tablefor fall I love it once the glue is drythat is it it is completely finished andgood to go and ready to be decorated andthat's your final look of this DIY forthis next DIY you are going to need acharger plate along with a sticker ordecal or something to decorate yourplate with these plates come in silverand gold and sometimes the Dollar Treecarries them in red as wellI love charger plates especially forfarmhouse decor because you can totallydress them up and they are veryversatile you can use them as a playsetting or a decor piece like I'm goingto show you if your local Dollar Treedoesn't carry plates like this you canalso find them at Hobby Lobby andthey're just a few dollars plus you canuse a coupon with this charger plate Iam using a sticker I created on mySilhouette but you could use Mod Podgewith some scrapbook paper you couldcreate your own sticker I'm sure youcould find stickers at your local HobbyLobby or craft store near you I took thepaper backing off and transferred thetape and the sticker onto the chargerplate I'm pressing the sticker on reallywell and then I'll slowly remove thetransfer tape to reveal the sticker ifyou guys and let me know your thoughtson this but let me know if you guyswould like me to open a little shop withthe decals that I show you in my videosso that you can create DIYs exactly likemine if you like what you see maybethat's a stupid idea let me know in thecomments below the turnaround time wouldbe really quick I would do my best toget it out toyou as fast as possible and to give youthe best customer service I possiblycould give you but let me know yourthoughts on that once the tape is offthat is the charger plate fully finishedI can put it on an easel or lay it downit's totally up to you I love it forthis last and final DIY you are going toneed a battery-operated candle and asticker of your choice I would not use areal candle only a battery-operated onebecause I think they'll wax on a realcandle would make your sticker not stickvery well so next I am taking my stickerthat I created on my Silhouetteand I removed with the paper backing andstuck it on the front of my candle I'msure you could find something cute atyour local craft store as far ourstickers go right now and you couldtotally use that next I'm going to rubthe transfer tape onto the candle reallyreally well and then start removing itso that the sticker will stick to thecandle sometimes the sticker did liftbecause of the texture of this candlebut if you go slow it works really wellonce the tape is fully removed that isit you have a candle that looks way moreexpensive than just a few dollarsit's absolutely darling the way thiscame out thank you so much for watchingthis DIY video I hope you enjoyed it letme know what DIY was your favorite downbelow in the comments also let me knowif you think I should start selling thedecals that I show you guys in thesevideos I would love to hear yourfeedback on that don't forget to givethis video a big thumbs up if youenjoyed it and do not forget tosubscribe to my channel for more funDIYs I'm looking forward to Christmascoming so I can show you some ChristmasDIYs and Christmas DIY gift ideas thankyou so much for watching we'll see younext time bye guysyou

HI Everyone,

Today I am going to show you 4 EASY DIY Farmhouse Decor ideas. These DIY Fall Dollar Tree Crafts are inexpensive and turn out so cute. I love that these DIY Fall Room Decor Ideas can work in a bedroom or anywhere else in your home. I wanted to show you some farmhouse DIY’s that could be placed on your farmhouse table as decor. I hope you enjoyed this farmhouse style DIY from the Dollar Tree. I love that these simple fall decor ideas are not only cheap, but easy to do as well.I thought many of these looked like similar things I have seen at places like Pottery Barn. Thanks for watching!

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