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hey guys it's Kat welcome back to mychannel as you can see we are in myliving room right now and if you followme on Instagram you know I've beentalking about it for months I reallywant to revamp this space and make itmore my own style so shut up andchallenge me he thinks that I can't glamthis place up and make it like my dreama living room space without spendingover $300 does he know who I amdoes he really I wanted to take you guyswith me I feel like this is the perfectopportunity to bring more DIYs to mychannel and home decor things that I'mreally passionate about and then I loveso I want to bring you guys along as youcan see this place already has don'tlook in its own vibe going on but it'skind of a lot to me I don't know I feellike I'm over it you know these pillowshave been riding with us since we firstmoved in this apartment and Shawn wantedthem so bad but I hated them so theygotta go and then we have this DIYcoffee table that I absolutely love Imade this about two years ago but it'sat somewhere it's here so it definitelyneeds some revamping so we're gonna takecare of that plus it's the holidayseason so we're gonna be revamping thisplace and making it a blush and goldwinter wonderland so we're gonna berevamping that coffee table making someDIY Christmas support and making our ownthrow pillow covers that are superaffordable where you can do any coloryou really want to so it's gonna be funI'm so excited to bring you guys alongon this journey first things first iswhat are you doing I don't know what areyou doing okay good okay on that let meknow okay I'm excited to be bringing youguys on this journey but first thingsfirst we are going to be doing thiscoffee table I've been wanting to redothis for a while so we're gonna takethis outside spray paint it with thegoal to make sure we seal at this timebecause that's a problem we didn't sealit last time which is why has most wearand tear and leave it outside to dry aswe go and run our errands and then we'llbe back to finish the rest of theprojects so are you guys ready I'm readyif we have a three hundred dollar limityou have it okay I have a three hundreddollar limit thank you John Bosley threenested bucks can we do this bring thismaking my winter wonderland living roomthat I've always wanted cause it on amissionI already got my deals in my head[Music]alright guys we are gonna get ready tospray paint break out the spray paintthat I got is the design masterbrilliant gold I'm pretty sure this isthe one I use the first time I justliked it it wasn't really like ametallicaminos more of like a map go sohopefully this is the one I got lasttime you'll see so it's pretty coldoutside so I'm just gonna do this asquickly as possible and then we aregoing to seal it with neat matte clearspray paint andyou know what you do[Music]so I originally got this table from IkeaI think it was around $79 it came inwhite so I spray painted it goldobviously and then put marble on thebottom for this marble contact paper sothis is a really affordable DIY that youcan do to get something really glam thatdoes not look like those 79 bucks firststop is breakfast just so named estaphanMcDonald's really quick just againstquick little sandwich and I'm starvedand head to what store first maybetargetoh gosh oh yeah I'm sorry hahawe have two hours before we have to pickup case in from school and Avery fromKelsey self so you're gonna drive itawfully slowI have to go to jo-ann's to get fabric Ireally want to make some DIY throwpillows maybe some fluffy ones but supereasy because I haven't used my sewingmachine and so long and for those of youwho don't know how to sew I've shown itto be something so most likely gonna usehot glue to make some really awesomePhillips so obviously you never go toJoanne's and Michaels or a seam orwithout coupon so I have like 55 percentoff coupon and you can use like couponsfrom a seam or agilent's so they alltake competitors coupons so make sureyou guys I get you someone to getwhatever you need this is Mara that I'vebeen eyeing for a while and there is atripod lamp that I loved for like twoyears I've been waiting for too long onclearance and never has but your girlhas a 20% off coupon today so I'm takingadvantage Hey and I got three hundreddown with you I'm gonna do so much withthis budget alright so we just got tojo-ann's we're gonna go in really quickjust to grab that fabric use my couponsbaby coming in with me you're gonna gobabe really I'm so tiredyou have ten minutes every time I starts10 minuteokay all right guys ten minutes to getthis fabric it's not even enough time isright herefound it so this is where all of thefaux fur is they are currently 40% offand then I'll be able to use my 20% offcoupon hey hey okay I like this oneyeah we'll go with this one it is $40originally so there's two big piecesthat I for sure I'm gonna get whilewe're here make sure I'm using my Toyotaand then I'm probably gonna get up tothe little knickknacks so I found thisin the dollar spot it's three dollarsand I think it kind of gives me thatchip and Joanna five of those and I'llfigure out what I'm gonna put inside Ireally want to get this[Music][Music]this babyOh oh this one that is what we're gonnabe able to get 55[Music][Music]where are we gold spray paint everythingyes Kathlyn yes that's me I like that$3.99 it's like really heavy it's realdo itsome cover books that have like solidsome really thick books that I can watchmaybe the paper around at the papers[Music][Music]I'm pretty sure that that's not the coreand that's not on the budgetall right guys we're back home we get topick up the boys from school get themlunch it's only around 4 p.m. but it'salready dark outside so sorry if thelighting is a little wonky but firstthings first is we need to get this rugout of here this is our old rug I gotthis for $49 target clearance like twoyears agolove it but it's time to go we needsomething new Airy fresh so I bought anew rug from rug Xena stay calm that Igot like 60% off of it hoping that Iloved it as much as I did on the websiteit was around 184 dollars but we don'tcount that in the budget because Ialready bought that so that's notincluded in my budgetokay just disclaimer right there solet's get this one out of here and bringthe new one in[Music]alright guys so we finished the table itlooks awesome the rug is out and I'mloving it so far so now we're just gonnaput up the mirror that we got in Targetand the lamp let's do it[Music]okay stay - and we are ready to put onthe finishing touches in this livingroom I'm loving the way it looks so fareverything that's so big but now I'mgonna make it my Christmas wonderlandthat I've been talking about and we'regonna do some DIYs so let's get into it[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]so yesterday and I found some at DollarTree - plus I'm using some that Ialready had at home but what I'm gonnado is just take off the paper coverbecause some of these are reallybeautiful as is and then I'm just gonnause this as a core on the show this isone of Shawn's books that I'm just gonnaborrow and look at that right there onthe Shelf or you can put them standingup so when you have books that are justlaying around hardcover books just playaround with them you can also paint themif you want to just all solid colors ifyou have one like this I just flippedthe paper inside out and covered it thatway so that way I can just maybe writesomething here or put some you know likelittle letter stickers here and bring itall like into the holiday vibe maybeI'll put joy to the world I don't knowso I'm gonna do this to a bunch of booksthat I have and then start putting themon the shelf[Music]that's it for the last DIY we are gonnabe making some throw pillow so this isthe one I already made and it also madethis faux fur pillow right here it wassuper easy guys and I didn't even haveto use a sewing machine so I'm gonnashow you guys how to do this withnothing else but a glue then I'm justgonna grab this and draw a line at where18 inches would be you should use afabric measuring tape I can't find minebut it's fine just kind of getting anidea the cut is not gonna be perfect butall the way around you're gonna have tocut through depends on how big you wantyour pillow to be just make sure thatyou have enough fluff in here you wantto take out more so it's not as big itall depends on your preference thatlooks much much better so now I'm justgoing to pin this shut just gonna grabmy pins and just start pinning thisclose[Music]remember it doesn't have to be perfectyou're just holding this in place so nowI'm just gonna take my clothes on but ifyou don't want to use a glue gun there'smany alternatives we have liquid stitchright here that I bought at jo-annfabrics or Michaels there's also like aheat and bond where you could also justuse a iron and it's just like likedouble-sided tape at home most oh youjust cut the exact strips that you needthey also have them in little strips sothere's a bunch of alternatives this isliterally just an easiest way for me I'mso I'm just gonna grab the glue andstart right here in the corner I'm justgonna make sure I put a good amount justbring it along here and then hold it becareful because it is hot so I'm justtapping it close like this and thengoing throughout the entire thing[Music]you wanna make sure that it's drythroughout so you don't miss a spot andthen just start taking out the pins soright there you have your throw pillowyou can go ahead and cut the excess trimI'm not even going to bother because Iknow it's just going to lay down underthe pillow cover anywaysso first step is done now we're going totake our fabric so I have two piecesthat I cut out about eighteen byeighteen if you have patterned fabricfor this part you're gonna want to makesure that the pattern the right side ofthe pattern is in the inside of thefabric and the wrong side is on theoutside so I'll show you why in a secondso I'm just gonna make sure that it'sall lined up but you're gonna want thisto be as close to perfect as possible sothe easiest way I found to do this isjust get a ruler and draw out a linewith a markup washable marker or chalkpreferably just gonna use this insideanyways and lightly drop you want tomake sure you're leaving a little bit offabric out to give you some allowanceright there cuz this is the area thatyou know putting your glue and then whenwe flip it inside out all of this isn'tgoing to be shownso now we're going to just start placingthe glue underneath making sure not togo past that line that be true littlesections at a time and then if it's toohot just use something to press it downbut you want to make sure that you'regetting that glue and there's no spotsin between that are missing because thatwill just be like so once you do allthree sidesVienna make sure you don't close up thelast side because that's where you'regonna put into your pillow so justfinish up this third section do notclose the last one now once this is dryyou're gonna flip it inside out thenjust check the seams to make sure youdidn't miss any spots but all looks goodOh see I kind of made a little mess uphere there's a marker going throughthere so make sure that you use chalkand not something that's see-throughlike that all right looks good so farso now we're gonna get our pillow andwe're gonna see now for the top we'regonna do this in a way that the seamisn't showing so you're gonna hold thefabric in on both sides as much aspossible that'll get you as close to thetop of the pillow you might have to cutsome fabric just so there isn't like somuch texture of itthat's kind of but this is the gist ofwhat you're gonna do here you're gonnafold it in and then you're gonna beputting a little bit of glue in here andsealing it shut and going along that wayso see how it gives you a perfect seamright there I don't like all this extrathat we have going on here so I'm gonnago and cut the fabric and then I'll dothis and then once you finish it'll looklike that so you're gonna put a littlebit of glue right there on the trimbring both sides together and then pushit closed just like so so there we gothat is our first pillow looks prettygood now we're gonna go on to the fauxfur now I got my two pieces of fabrichere I've also measured it eighteen byeighteen so with the difference betweenthis one is you're gonna put both rightsides facing you and you want to makesure that the fabric is both going thesame way on both sides like both goingdown on both sides because if you putone down then one up it's not gonnareally look as good so we're just gonnastart right on one end and you're gonnaglue you're gonna put your glue righthere as close to the end as possible andthen you're going to fold this one injust a little bit and bring it on tothat glue like so so this is just gonnamake it look more seamless right here atthe seam whereas if you just glue ittogether this is how it would lookare you turning the fabric in kind ofgives it that illusion like it's justperfect so that's what we're gonna dothroughout the entire thing just foolingsection-by-sectiongoing carefully making sure not to missany area[Music]when you get to your last section you'renot going to leave the whole thing openunless you're gonna put another pillowin there so if you put another pillow inhere that fits perfectly you can do thatand then just close it up but our otheroption would be to use the rest of thefluff from the left over pillow andstuff that in there so that's what I'mgoing to do right now but before you dothat you want to make sure that you'regluing shut the rest of your pillow andleaving about a third left over andthat's where you're going to stop nowthey have your section open yes onceyou're all stuff just close it up thesame way and you are all done go DIYfaux fur pillow all right guys we haveofficially completed my living roomtransformation I'm so in love with howthis room came out it's my new favoriteroom in the entire house honestly it'sjust so much more homey and inviting andit's pretty women snuggle up on thisroad with the boysall day and watch movies so what do youguys think[Music]all right babe what we really want toknow is how much did you actually spendokay so I cut it kind of close but mytotal spending was three hundred andfifteen dollars and 52 cents so yeah youkind of won this roundwell I technically won because I got theliving room of my dream so but when Itold you guys I bought this rug over amonth ago so we don't comp that what Iactually spent this weekend was like ahundred and thirty dollars which isreally good but either way $315 isamazing for the transformation that wedid here we made our own throw pillowswhich saved us at least $60 and just bysprucing up that coffee table instead ofjust buying another one we see hundredsplus the quick and easy DIY holidaydecor from that winter wonder live touchthat I was really looking for and wejust use a bunch of things that wealready had laying around the house orin our holidays fashion that alone savedus some time so what do you guys thinkdo you love it if you do let me knowdown in the comments below and make sureto give this video a thumbs up if we getthis video to 2,000 likes I promise tobring more videos like this to mychannel and if you haven't already makesure you click that subscribe button soyou never miss Muffy alright guys thankyou again so much for watching this Ihope you enjoyed and allthe next videoyou

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