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[Music]hey guys it's arena welcome back to thechannel so today I brought iron backwith the head from between birthdays andshe's here to share with us three simplehome decor ideas that anyone can do youdon't really even need to spend anymoney except for the flowers right soidea one is to just use bottles orglasses that you have have at home mhmI'm sure you have at least a mason jaryeah yeah I'm going to show you withthis one because narrow the top it'smore easier for you to arrange andrather than the wide ones well theflowers kind of widen out I'm sorry areyou this one we're gonna use threeflowers keeping to the rule of three yesI love that we're gonna see the lengthusually two point three to 2.5 times thelength of the bottle is the average butjust really matte so you can keep itshort we can keep it really long andmake you look more graphic okay and makesure you cut the stem diagonally as I'vetold you beforekeep boldo on in the middle put theother so beautiful it's just three stemsof flowers but so simple yet sobeautiful I think it's the choice offlowers this long you've picked likesuch exotic flowers if there are anyspaces left accent all the edges no I'lltry it's so pretty it's one foliage andmake all the difference and you knowlike people often think that they haveto make a big bouquet in a bars but Ithink something like this is such a niceaccent and touch to a smaller spaceyou're like if you live in a smallerapartment or if you want to putsomething nice in like a small bathroomokay and next is idea number two this ismy personal favoriteyeah we're going to make our horizontalwreath or a minimum unit is like moremodern version of our Christmas treeyeah and we don't use it not only inChristmas anymore and we're going to tietwigs natural-looking foliage and someflowers that look so beautiful whenthey're dry put it together tie ittogether into other yeah they're gonnabring the outdoors in and bring somenature and what I love about this ideais that it doesn't die in a weekyou can use it for how long are you itwill dry and the colors will fade whenyou can still have the courage yeah ifyou get a little thick over you canchange it mm-hmmwhat I love about this wreath is itlooks so nice not just you can put it upon a wall but it also looks amazing ondoor yeah like if you have guests comingover and you know you just want to makethem feel a little bit special hang thisup on their door yes it's good for doordoors as well there's also Instagramtrend if you look for the hashtag doorswag door young people who are intoflower design and greenery they willmake something like natural twigs andjust hang it on the door so this couldbe part of the doors and it's so easy todo okay so let's start okay so for theminimal wreath you need to choose onevery strong foliage or twig to be thusthe backbone of your design and youchoose other for years such as oureucalyptus this is a seeded eucalyptusthat will go along and add some vintagecolors to the design may be fromcamellia japonica as wellmaybe at the back and add some ofpokeweed as well which is adding somedesign as well you can pull it forwardor backward to put it wherever you wantafter you tie it together you can takeoff some of the leaves so if it's toomuch as some other foliage as well andsome flowers that will still look greatwhen they're dry will add some color tothe design as well and tie it togetherwith string[Applause]make it very tightpick up any leaves an delivery or dirtyokay we're gonnaif you have any ribbon at home you cantie it in the middle and let it hang ordecorate it however you want but thiswould be like the simplest design usinghalf foliage you can like put a nail onyour wall and put it like this so put iton your door okay now onto idea numberthree this one's really nice okay thisone is how to drive flowers and how touse an interior decoration as wellpeople ask me when they should startdrying their flowers a lot and I tellthem you have to start when they'refresh mm-hmm so don't see you know havethem arranged for a few weeks and thenstart very start drying when they arepartially bloom but not fully brewingokay so they're already with their youngyes they're a bit weak already yeah somake sure you start with their freshhang them upside down in our areasemi-shaded not direct sunlight cost ofcolors will fade away because once theyare dried you can put them back in abath and use it as like a dried bouquetor we could dry the flowers and usetheir heads and put it in the prettybowl like thishave you two as part of your area so youjust cut off the heads in and play kindof the heads with scissors yeah afterthey've dry yeah okay and then put it inthe bowl or you could use flowers withfragrances like peonies and roses andit's just a great potpourriright yeah the same idea and you have itin that after that such a bad memorymm-hm but then peonies don't look verynice when they're dry so if you ifvisual is more important you startbikestore flowers which are very usableand they actually feel like paper yeahthey do yeah yeah no and then just putthem in a bowl like this I feel likethis is really nicelike on top of a vanity or inside a bathyeah yeah or you could use flowers orherbs you know like lavender rosemarylove you can try them and they willsmell nice for months so you could usethat as wellso those were the three amazing ideasvery simple easy to do very costeffective as well thank you so much ohyou're going on my channel again andsharing your insights and expert tip nowhope you come back again and I think youthought of me oh yeah I was fun thankyou and if you guys want to order anyflowers for any special occasion for aspecial someonedon't forget to contact iron directlyvia Instagram you can also order via herKakao Talkyes which is xqh flower didn't ask meany questions or order flowers throughthere as well yes and also iron providesclasses as well from flower arrangingthere are classes now and then you canfind out our information on Instagramwonderful okay thank you so much forwatching guys and we will see you guysnext timehave a wonderful day

Hey guys! I couldn’t be more excited to share another video in collaboration with a very talented local florist here in Seoul, Korea. Ahhyun Suh from Between Birthdays shares 3 very easy home décor ideas using flowers. Hope you enjoy them xx

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