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[Music]hi everybody welcome back to desert DIYand if you are new here my name is Corytoday I have three projects to show youthat I just recently finished they areall thrifted items and they are allvintage items and I think you're goingto really like how they turned outso I'm going to show you the before theduring and the after[Music][Music]this is the spray-paint I'm going to beusing it is blossom white in this satinfinish[Music][Music]I took the tape off before the paintdried because if you leave the tape onthey will most likely peel off part ofthe paint with it when you take it offhere is a good will find that I pickedup today I got it for $8.00 and it'sreally dusty and dirty but it isstructurally in great condition and Ilike the bones of it it has glassinserts I will be changing out to wouldwhat it looks like shape left and I'llbe painting it white and distressing itthe first part that I'm going to paintis this base part and I'm going to paintit with spray paint because that's a lotof little crevasses that I don't want tohave globby paint stuck in I'm using apaint brush or a roller[Music]I'm just gonna take a white paint that Ihave in my stash this one is in a satinfinish and it's a little bit of anoff-white but that's okaybecause then it'll look even morevintage[Music]I finished the first coat of paint onhere and my husband cut out these for methey're a tongue and groove pine boardsit's really thin and you just slide theminto the groove the glue has dried andit has expanded a little bit to where itpopped up out of the edges but my sanderwill take care of that we put in just alittle tack nails to hold it down niceand tight while it was drying and thenthe sander I'm gonna be using is just acheap sander that we got from HarborFreight and I put on a five-inchsandpaper by the brand Diablo and myopinion Diablo is the best brand forthis type of sandpaper as well as bladesfor saws and sand down the edges andmake them nice and smooth and then hitit with the last coat of paint[Music][Music][Music]my paint is finished I'm going to take alittle bit of sandpaper and rough it upto give it a little bit of a distressedlook[Music]you[Music][Music][Music]thank you so much for watching and ifyou liked what you saw go ahead and giveit a thumbs up and hit that subscribebutton to see more thank you so so somuch for supporting my channel andwatching all my videos and I can't waitto see you next time thank you bye

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Today I have 3 furniture projects for you. All three pieces came from thrift stores and needed some updating. I took some white paint and reclaimed wood… and turned these pieces into farmhouse beauties!!!

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