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24hours in my living room

and today I remember jurors becauseguess what challenge ok I'm doing the 24hours in my living room challenge andyes in my living roomthis should be a fun day and I'm alsoexcited because this is my first 24-hourvideo because he as you guys do to mesome of you barely than any of you butthe people that do know me you don'tneed to hear this stuff so you might aswell rewrite it or like pause it but ifyou don't know yet which who is a lot ofpeople comment down below and leave alike and you'll learn more about us meand if you don't already know I alsohave a friend while my cousin got somethings with me her name is Olivia if yousaw the house tour part one has porespart two and house tour part 3 um westill haven't made our part for yeah Ithink we did I don't know but if we didwe're gonna make a part 5 but we don'tif we didn't do the part where we'regonna do a part 4 we're just gonna puthalf story cuz I don't know which onebut if you didn't see those videos gocheck those ones out below and my firsttime meeting you guys those videos werereally good toobut pause this video go watch that wordand then come back to this one and I'llgive you three seconds to watch that onethree two what alright really sure towatch that but no but ah it is reallyniceand um once I'm gonna go to like badwine I'm gonna like end the video I'mgonna actually end the video early but Ipromise you guys I even staying 24 hoursin here but it's gonna be really cooland I'm gonna go get a piece max I havesome kettle corn and I have a drink I'mgonna go get some other snacks and thenI'll start the challenge and I don'tthink it three bathroom breaks whichthat's the problem we get three bathroombreaks under the whole night which isreally good all right Calgon andgoldfish Cunningham will stay for me andmy mom my awesome movie so we might likehave to end the video if we startwatching movie like[Music]so guys my time limit starts nowall right I can't leave this room if Ido I feel so nice and likes if I like ifmy foot touches there this is myinvisible line if I pass that I lose itour 24-hour challenge or if you want todown the road cuz and the only what kindof you but I'm doing 24 hours in my adthis is really funit was like of a TV I have a umcomputer on the couch another couch anda bed and a chair table decorationslight yeah you guys ever do you know thevoice is it all that fun but I'm excitedwhether it's like a challenge like Ican't leave this room lonely time Icould believe it I really don't know howthey go fated like 24 hours withoutfully to the bakken not my plan rightnow it's like them know what time is ityou guys it's like about 9:59 p.m. whattime is itat your place come some low and[Music]what does I'm gonna actually do versusI'm gonna do some reaction videos of acomputer and everything I could do itall right let's game I would do somechick talk right now on my mom's phonebut I can't do that because like his is hard to get on well pfennigPepsi delicious nutritious I'm enjoyingit's not New Jersey I'm a shinerhindered a middle and remember guys isfor 24 hours which means the wholeentire night I'm staying in the littleone no matter what no matter winwhy can't leave the my leg hell is thatwas some awesome I'm gonna go you dothis family just so hyper right now soI'm gonna do reacting to the saddestanimation ever if you want video as Icommand button like a challenge right[Music]like whenever your other youtubers likeI'm fine just like the videos ourselveslet's make hard for me to do it so let'sget into this onethis is videos that will make you saynope[Music]whoa oh my gosh guys these like theclown motel Hold'em love you guys staythere AdamI would never never I would not wantlike terms of plansJilla claims and room service no cuz Ididn't speak I know what nice if you goto the clown moment tell I heard rumorsI can't actually go to the palm motelcuz the clown motel is real but it's notin my town we don't have the clown motelbut if you get this video tooyou know what I'm gonna go on a highrecord this video crickets 5,000 likes Iwill do a 24 hours dressed up like kindof like pop star scary girl let's keepwatchingoh my gosh in your house what would youdoeight down to hold three try this motionI would probably burn the houseand the video I'm not gonna be a longvideo so much like on maybe specialoccasions or when I'm like feelingreally good like super happy then allthe way like mmm yeah I'll watch thisvideo with you guys and then I'm gonnaend the video here I'm sorry good stupideyes next time there's another ad I'mending the video alright guys I'm sorrylike the next commercial it's gonna be anew tiredwatch I moved in with my mom whatplease watch tick-tock what's morevideos not really interesting in themorning I'll get you set up if Iremember and you guys could see mymorning routine yes and then once it'stime to do it a bit I'll show you

Abearalways 24 hours

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