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24 Hours Inside A Bounce House Challenge In My Living Room! T-Studio

you've made a mess what do you need babylaughs oh cool it's a messy[Music]new Indy I have a surprise for you inthe living room yeah come come comeso I was expecting to film a slime videoday I was getting my makeup ready andthen mats dragged me out and I saw thatthing going what's in the living roomyou've been waiting for this you askedme to give it you asked me to get it foryou so when she basically told me shewants to a bounce house challenge shedidn't tell me when I just wanted tosurprise her so I basically bought itand it surprised herit's a giant colorful pancake kiddingit's a bounce house look me is enjoyingit already yeah you like it let me thinkof the the bath house it's not blowingup how do I know what it looks I meanuse your imagination it's gonna beawesome I know I've been saying I wantedto do a bounce house challenge beforebut not expecting it to be today are youready for you guys requesting we do a24-hour challenge for the bounce houseand I wanna Instagram as well to ask asof what kind of things you wanted me todo on it didn't know I was filming ittoday but I guess we are and shamelessplug for Instagram follow me onInstagram if you haven't already andlet's get into the challenges okay so doyou have everything that you need forthis bounce house I'm not blowing it upmyself do you know like a pulp that'swhy we go we got this thing here seedidn't know right there's no way whenshe could last 24 hours in a bouncehouse she gets bored really easily Ireckon she want to get out after liketwo to three hours immerse it's like aleaf blowerwhat is it trumpet you got me as curiousas to what this thing isoh don't scratch it don't scratch it[Music]yeah you're trapped I can't get you out[Music]it's just so fun guys because I'mspending 24 hours in here I feel like Ineed to get some suppliesI need blankets I need pillows I needdecorations on it food so I'm gonna goaround the house and collect a goody bagand bring it back inside let's goso once I started packing all my thingsI felt pretty confident I could staythere for 24 hours because I made sure Itook everything that I loved by blankiessome food my food like literally I feellike all I need is my phone to getthrough 24 hours plus something I cansleep for 16 hours so I think I'm gonnado pretty well drink bottle I got thissuper-cute thermos from Japan it'sadorable bad need me some pillow okayyeahBauhaus to be super comfy got my pillowI got this super cute cat pillow isgonna sit on and my kitty unicornfriends oh all right so I've got therest of my supplies in here I've gottoothbrushes phone and everything I needfor today and my blanket to sleep intonight all right let's get in thisbount out you really think you're notgonna get bought in here if it's goingto I'll be over there sleeping in myfluffy blanket let's set up my bouncehouse this can be my study area that's abook got my pencil case can sit here andlike yeah so we don't have much food inthe house which is kind of sad so I gotlike a snack bar chips fruit we're gonnaset up the kitchen there put my littlefood stash right here you can mine myfruits - little unique kitty this is mybed area which I've already set upfalcΓ£o complete[Music]thereall right and take some drinkall that exercise is making me thirstywell there's three shots you took lookit's right here it's right here can youhear itoh my gosh you can hear it stop when Icome I think it look all right that'sfixed I fix it yeah sorry I was justlike on my phonethank you and Devon seeso initially the bounce house was so funI loved jumping up and down on it but itkind of got tiring[Music]I'm out of batterywhen gee wasn't prepared at all thatbecause I sprung it on her so she wasrunning around frantically trying to getall her things and she was like missingthings she didn't get her food initiallyshe definitely missed her I need howcould I not remember my phone charger Iwas like literally the one thing Ineeded this memory ain't working verywell how about I'll get you your tositif you can complete the challenge okay Ididn't want to give her her phonecharger just like that so I made her doa challenge so I'm just gonna pick onethat heaps of people suggested and thatis to make slime in the bath housewithout a bowl what about a bowl what doyou mean no bumps are you gonna you gotto do it yeah so you want me to justflush it around the bauhaus what welldon't make a mess just you got to do yougot to do it like cleanly then it's okayI've made slime so many times now Ithink I can do it okay so we're gonnamake it in the middle of the bouncehouse right here I would try and be likeas clean as I can make it alright sohere's the glue Mikeyyou know where this will look better ina bowl what getting ready Bob this slimewe're gonna activate it now what can Ionly gave you two ingredients huh madeit easy if I had a by only giving hertwo ingredients I felt like next time Ishould give her more ingredients reallypretty glitteryou're gonna say and put the activatorno generator run I'm just gonna smoothit up on top I'm gonna pop this heredon't bounce okay you know one that's afull wave oh yeah oh my god the wholelayer like suck up to the bounce housethis is really I need a bowl it is foodand like you're gonna be sleeping inthis lay down while I was making theslime and it was getting everywhere Iwas kind of doubting my abilitiesbecause I never make flan without a bowlbefore and I was you like sloshingaround oh this is looking good get thatit's cleaning itself off my handcheck this out get all that glitter sohardly good slime please light oh do yousee that ah I think I got a good methodsee myas I can't go to the bathroom and wash Ican't go in the bathroom you justrealize that I will figure out a way atsome point you play with it now lookthat's some good slime guysoh it's extra bouncy I like itbut the slime and bounce you know in themiddle of my bounce house now you got todo that the same thing all rightI got CEO charger as a result of yourgood work and we have power thank youher name is pinky and they leave her inthe corner have these back this slimemade me super hungry takes a lot ofenergy guysshe was going through my snacks reallyquickly she definitely didn't bringenough food so I just finished my foodI'm still hungry so I'm gonna order somefood delivery you gonna bring it to meright yeah yeah I went I promise I won'teat it before I bring it to you okay soI thought I packed everything butdefinitely not enough food I hope maxlets me order some pizzas Hey how'sthingsgood one minute till pizza I've beenwatching the car like drive up to ourare you having fun here no oh maybemaybe I'll come in yeahoh whoa bounds son to a you know itlooks good no no no mess are you to eatI gotta stay for 24 hours in here I needall the food Cougars no it's not it's areally good plan I feel it you're gonnafall asleep and then it's gonna be likeeverywhere or anyway huhI don't think I could stay here for 24hours I really been here like a fewminutes on boy so I'm gonna go have fun[Music]okay boyPizza yeah nopewhat no no you gotta do something forthis pizza I like thinking to myself wasyou really gonna make me do a challengeto eat food you have your Instagramfollowers give you a few challengesright good so if you want this Pizza yougonna do a challenge and your followersone of you to do a cartwheeldo a cartwheel I've seen her role in bedthat's the most kind of like movementcan do honestly one last note okay okayreally I can't believe you guys asked meto do a cartwheel because I have notdone a cartwheel for so long all right[Music]these are pizza oh you got eggplant corncapsicum onionI honestly surprised that she did us sowell I thought she would just like fallflat on her face alright guys that wasso goodbut I'm like so thirsty when I finisheating I want to have a dream but I ranout of water againI didn't prepare enough water what isthis I feel like I've underestimated theamount I eat and drink in 24 hours I'llget you some water but one of thechallenges that your Instagram followerstold you to do is you got to drink waterwhile bouncing in the bounce house I waslooking forward to that oneI knew she would make a mess and Ipurposefully wanted to like fill the cupto the top to make sure they got messyoh my gosh I hope so cool I hope hegives me a straw it's really full nostraw did this on purposemaybe Instagram you guys meet three -what[Music][Applause][Music]you've made a mess what do you thinkbaby filling up sir full[Music]it's playing Maxiekind of mad when he was just laughing atme okay well I would she like sleepingthere and catching a cold in like thepuddle of water so I like literally gotabout three mouthfuls in from that wholecup of water and then I gave up allright guys it's early evening I've haddinner I have like hung out here and Irealized I haven't peed yet so I reallyneed a pee real actually must have beenholding it in for quite a while cuz yeahit was really dark by the time shewanted to go how badly do you need topee really badly I have not read thewhole thing so what I realize I neededto pee I was like I've been trying tohold it in for the whole day what dopeople do in me 24-hour challenges whenthey need your pee do they pee in thecorner I have no idea do they give melike a dog nappy pad I am willing tohelp you get to the bathroom but you gotto do another Instagram challenge beforeyou let you pee so your Instagramfollowers have requested that you do thefortnight that challenge inside a bouncehouse oh no I think you know two dancesone of them not very well ready withunco don't know what I'm doing I don'teven know what it's called but[Music]like witnessing maybe it'll look rightwhen we put the music home let's do itthree two one[Music]okay what what's the other one because Idon't want to see anymore whatever thisis I don't know I just whatever it was Iwas watching I didn't want to see anymore of itit was quite terrifying what what's theonly way you can do some people call theheights of your let's call thehigher[Music]good I mean it was respectable she triedit looked decent but it was still funnyall rightyou've earned your trip to the bathroomI don't want to know just like drop youyeah just drop me so I haven't seen thecats all day because I feel like thisscared of this pow pow I feel like Melowill be a bit too scared of this placeso maybe me and can come entry store butyour Instagram followers have achallenge for you they want you to takea photo in the bounce house whilstbouncing with your cat with my god youknow what right now she has like a cathole like cats get coldshe was so quiet and then we're like theschambach has sold through and then whenshe like made for noise they're like ohwe got to be really gentle with her soyeah we're gonna see whether she wantsto be[Music]me and my investigateoh man you got caught like a little catcold the last two dayswe noticed you've got a bit of a sorethroat yesterday and she still has asore throat today but otherwise she ispretty good like she's still eating anddrinking normally and playing around butyeah she's just not how usual herself soshe was a bit scared of the band's houseme didn't eat the tree I felt so bad soI really wanted to get this challengeover with as quickly as possible and lether out of the bath house so I know youguys asked me to take a photo with herbut we're not gonna bounce she's reallyscared right now so please in this Icouldn't take a selfie with me awhilebouncing I'm gonna do it myselfI'm gonna bounce and try and take a hasee sand selfie yeah 3 2 1alright guys that was like the mosttiring selfie session I've ever done sohere are some of them I think there'sokay blurry that survived that'sactually pretty goodoh this one's my favorite anyway yeahit's like 10 o'clock right now like ohmy favorite blankie I'm gonna set up mybed luckily the water is dry nowprobably like the most tiring day I'vehad in a whileand like because it's about how you gotto use more energy to do exactly thesame thing so I was ready to tuck it upHey look what's on the back of his headI lost so much if he woke up with thatslime on the back of your headWendy told me that she wouldn't getslime everywhere and it was likecontained in the corner but I knew thatit was gonna get in places it wasn'tmeant to go like that poor unikitty24-hour challenge with me in a bouncehouse I had a run and also not a fun daykeep voting guys in Instagram ticketsfollow me on Instagram if you guys wantto be a part of my next challenge andalso suggest other challenges down belowfor me to do next time so now it is timefor bed good night guys love you[Music]I think for this entire challenge Ithink when G did really well like shemanaged to entertain herselfsurprisingly made it the whole waythrough the 24 hours even Bill asleep inthe bats house said that was kinda weirdtonight in the morning

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You guys requested a 24 hour challenge in a bounce house in my living room so here it is! During the 24 hours, I asked my instagram followers what kinds of challenges you wanted me to do as well and I tried to do as many of them as I could! I never realized how difficult it would be to spend 24 hours in one single place! What other kinds of 24 hour challenges do you want to see? Love, Wengie


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