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24 hours in our living room !!! | Gemma Roels

[Music]hey guys what's up and welcome back toour channel so today me and my sisterare going to be doing the 24 hourchallenge if you don't know what that isit's basically a challenges all aroundYouTube you stay in a place for 24 hoursand you cannot leave of course if youreally want to you can you can ifthere's no other choice like you're youyou can leave but of course thechallenge is to stay to 24 hoursso what me my sister are here in ourliving room and we're gonna stay herefor 24 hours we're gonna try maybe we'rejust gonna stay for 12 hoursmaybe we're not even gonna make make it24 hours who knows hopefully we do so westarted the challenge at 11:40 and it isabout what time is it11:48 we have been here for 8 minutesand were already tired and we have awhole Davis and a whole night in frontof us I normally say we're Saturday notonly Saturday we just go somewhere youknow like playground or we just make funbut now we're stuck here so yeah ourcats here tooshe's never gonna make it but oh we gotour clothes on my hair is so muchnormally I should have washed it todaybut it's kind of impossible right now soI'll guess I'll wash it tomorrow at noonor something when the challenge is overso um right now for the past hour it'slike 12:30 probably right yeah I just weevery time we have to go somewhere wejust use pillows solike so used to step on the pillows likeshe went once to the bathroom and andjust sit at the corner you can literallyjust like hop to your bathroom in onestep and then we use the pillows for meto go to go get the laptop because I'vegot a film my water got for Christmasand I'm gonna start tomorrow editingthis video to get it as quick up aspossible we've just been watchingYouTube videos I guess it's all we'regonna do in this challenge cuz as youcan see there's a TV so if any of ourlab tears of tablets computer I have aphone or any of them die we can justwatch TV and right under the TV thereare like five chargers like we can Iadmit the laptop there's only onecharger for the laptop and that's in thestudio so if this one dies I'm introuble because I got edit the video butanyway yeah so that's basically allwe're gonna do todayor a play a board game but that willnever happen so it's about two o'clock[Music]ships and my as our board and I as Nayaalready wants to get out but we're gonnalet the cat get out cuz we don't want tocool all around you knowso she can go we stopped to stay herefor a long time night and a whole entireday hey Christmas tree so mom's in thekitchen right now over there we haven'tmoved a bit we just went to the bathroomonce or twice but the pillows going onthe pillows you know mom making pastaI'm gonna eat here I'm just put thechips and I'm almost on editing and I'mjust watching Phillips so just littleupdate it's already like 2:00 o'clock soit kind of like there's no point ofdoing it so I'm gonna do a supernaturallook like more than I do have on schooldays but like you know no eye shadow Idon't wearing them do it I'm on thetable[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]make the Sun yeah so our mom made ussome pasta looks amaze sauce again mylipstick looks poppinhey guys so we am fortress again on ourdevices we still haven't told my dadthat we're doing a 24-hour child he'supwards so he's gonna be surprised she'sgonna be like you guys are not sleepinghere but I'm afraid we are so I'm gonnatake some right now until try to make ithappen my mom went shoppingshe's gone watch TV and edit so we'regonna I think have food we're gonna waitto my dad get some it's gonna besurprised hey guys so we just playedsome board games my hair is nowcompletely ruined we're about to go tobed this is my comfy couch and my sisterI don't know what's going on so it's not9 o'clock I guess we're gonna go tosleep and we'll see you guys in themorning we just woke up we did not sleepwell we are so tired this couch is notwe woke up like so many times watchingTV right now so it's a really likechange I guess let's eat breakfast openI can't I just can't go back to sleepguys new videos uploaded what I got forChristmas 2018 Hall it's amazing it'suploaded go check it out guyshey guys so it's about eleven o'clockright now we have 40 more minutes of thechallenge I can't wait to go take a bathbut first I need to say something I justwant to say and this is the last videoof 2018 and that this year has beenamazing I in 2018 I start this YouTubechallenge I got 17 subscribers I reallywanted for New Year's to get to 20 butmaybe we can still make it can you guysgive me 20 subscribers tomorrow can'tyou guys anyway I really enjoyed thisyear I hope you guys did too this is ouroutro the outro will be this the nextvideo but just wanted to say so so oh mygod oh my god oh my god I'm gonna filmtill it's 40 oh my god oh my god oh mygodI'm free I'm free I anyway I hope youguys enjoy today's video I I liked itbut god it was hard anyway bye guys[Music]

hey guys today we spent 24 hours in our living room !!! I can’t believe we made it !! I went a little crazy at the end 🤣
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Xo- Gemma Roels

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