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24 Hours in a Ball Pit Challenge in my Living Room! Egg Hunt for Surprise Toys!

I found the big egg that looks like atreasure box princess toy review -suppress it is princess BAM hi Princeand princesses it's granny today we'regonna be playing the 24 hour hey butwait Prince fan before we get started weneed to go kids stuff like toys and ohoh oh granny's gonna get some good yummyfood what we have we have this in mylittle pocket oh we got box chips - okayI think she like seats right here oh weneed always protein-protein[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay let's play basketball[Applause]some candy well I'm gonna eat my honeywhen you go[Music]we came into the ball pit to do egg huntand we totally forgot about the egg huntcrane oh no you have to hunt for thoseokay okay let's cut for himlet's see you can find the most oh[Applause][Music]that's ryan's world[Music]I found the big egg that looks like atreasure boxfingerling fingertips my fingertipsThank You wowie for setting up thesefree toys to play withWow this treasure box is so shiny blueblue its Prince's piece favorite oh it'sokay yeah then we got one two and threethis one is pink and it has some likedarker pink shimmer here oh it even hassome dots on the head and it has alittle horn this one is purple and blueand what color is Orson this one is blueand it has some pink shimmery arms itlooks like there's swimming in a bunchof shimmer and seashells Wow okay wellmaybe we should keep the blue one forprincess team because it's her favoritecolor okay let's put that Norwell backin herelet's check out the tooth that we'regonna open here's the people I know youlook at you and I'm just gonna flip moreinformation about my new little toyso it says there's a light-up mood hornthere's a flapping it tail there's alsoa magic motion sensor and oh oha kiss tech oh my Narwhal can give me akittenoh look actually the name is down heremy friend's name is Nelly my normalthing is can I open it open it come outcome out Nelly wherever you see thathere you can see that my gnarley' has alight-up porch and it actually changescolor depending on the mood and the eyesalso blink let me see if I can move itto show youand the tail Wiggles aren't you swimmingwhatever I should do well I know one ofmy favorites what they could give you akisslet me see did you see what is dust whenI put my finger there like it's kissingmeoh it closed its eyes and the horarubble let's see now I don't wannachange color to red and she opened hereyes and watch her little tail odds goneup and down[Music][Applause]I wondered if they can kiss one anotherlet's try they come on early but I donotice that on my horn it actually turnsblue oh you got a different color itdoes it's like a light blue in a darkerblue mine is pink and red you know whatno she sure does make a lot of noise I'mjust gonna try to keep report form andsee if she's still kind of making noises[Music]she's still kissing my hand I say letthem go for a swim in our ball pit ohyeah in the pretend water[Applause]happy noise I think I'm gonna try someof the things I learned on my family onmy new toy oh yes we should okay so I'mgonna turn upside down and I'm gonna putmy hand over her head oh did you lovewhat I can domy mom's gonna agree with me and lookManny might want changes to all thecolors blue pink green blue P purpleorange Wow I think rage don't grin y'allgettin tired wish you're taking them andfinish our egg challenge later I agreeI'm getting sleepy okay I'm gonna putNelly here on sprinkles nine nine ofthem a little blinky fry take a nap[Music][Music][Music]Wow okay this is the end of today'svideo and granny says follow us oninstagram and princes toys review withyour parents permission if you like more24-hour challenges or fingerlings give athumbs up and subscribe bye[Music]

Lets play the 24 Hours in a Ball Pit Challenge in my Living Room! Princess T and Princess Pham go on an egg hunt in their inflatable ball pit and find many toy surprises including a mystery box with Fingerlings inside! Its the new Fingerlings Narwhal which has a light up horn! This is a fun video for kids who love the 24 hour challenge and Fingerlings!

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*Thank you WowWee for sending us these free toys to play with!

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