Interior Design 

Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration and Advice from Professionals

Each New Year is a new beginning and offers an interesting variety of interior design trends to incorporate into the home. Whether they are home accessories or a particular interior style, there is always a selection of trends that everyone can enjoy. Today we have decided to show you the interior decoration trends 2019 with which you can renew your dream home. Interior Decoration Trends 2019 As you know, we like to introduce you to the latest in the world of interior design , so we can give you an…

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Our New Home | Indian Small Bathroom Renovation & Remodel Ideas – Before & After | Home Hashtag Life

We renovated and remodeled our Indian master bathroom for our new house which is 6ft*8ft in size. I will not say it’s tiny but it’s not big either. In this video you can see a glimpse of a before and after tour of our master bathroom. We are starting up a new series on our channel which is “House To Home Series”. This is the first video of the series – The Master Bathroom Renovation & Remodeled Idea. We are really excited how the bathroom turned out. So check out…

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