2018 WWD International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitational

[Music]I want you to turn around to the personon your left and welcome people fromdifferent parts of the world we want tobeat this person I want to be betterthan him that's not here here we havetwo rules the first rule is second ruleafter today we have a big smile thisyear we had 16 young furniture inviteesand we had five from the host countryCambodia they weren't perhaps using thesame age limit as we are we had 25 isthe age limit they've come from everycorner of the globe 16 people 13different languages in the grouphesitation at first about contact the orbeing able to converse with with eachother but go downstairs and have a lookthere 16 best friends down as a resultthe world would day and every year wellgood day has a different flavor or adifferent emphasisI think Cambodia is certainly going togo down as the one which will youremember most because of the heat it'sbeen hot but we've all thought you sawit and it's a another wonderful eventokay the theme this year was single wordlife but it presented so many differentaspects of so it was open to so muchinterpretation we have plenty ofoccasional tables to side tables coffeetables for entertaining friends one ofthe important things in life is iscontacting peoplebe in contact with them I I think everysingle one of our invitees has taken adifferent meaning of the single wordlife planning my name is Christian Jewkike and 22 years old and live in thebeautiful country Austria I had atraining for carpentery for four yearsnow I have work experience for sevenyearsso the theme this year album of whatwould day is life so my first thoughtwas you have to enjoy life and whatbetter way to enjoy life than to lay inthe Sun share in the Sun and maybe enjoya cold drink because my first thoughtwas it's maybe too easyI made a testable Peck and leg so youcan adjust to lane from more comfortthanks a nice project timber was a bigproblem because it was really hard woodI had tomany work after the cutting to getstraight edgesyeah but tools were really acceptable Icame here to compare it with theintention there are no tools but theteam of a good day organized I'd prettygood really good tools so we went waybetter than I expectedyes change sizes two soups my name isKane I'm 22 years old and I'm fromIreland in Ireland I trained for fouryears and in college become a cabinetmaker and I compete at WorldSkills in2015 in Brazil this is the first timeI've been to Cambodia I'm very very hotvery different to Ireland yeah I supposethere's a lot of differences this yearbetween last year in Long Beach machineswould be one of the big things and powerholds and there wouldn't be as highquality or as many of them as we had inlanguage so that's another challenge butit's something you just deal with andeveryone is in the same position as partour team verse four was in which makinga picnic bench but the top swings downto make it into a seat or folds backflat for a table so there were four waswith three different languages from fourdifferent countries working on us andthat was a challenge communicatingsometimes at language so I have to dolots of drawing and sketches tocommunicate the ideamy interpretation of the theme of lifewith this project is that it's all aboutinteractions with other people so itallows people to sit and have a mealtogether I have lunch timeout and so onI be kabir making is for about sevenyears and I still doing cabinet makinguntil nowI'm really happy can be the turbulentMecca I make a one chair and one tableround tail and run paper like our leftand always spinning left we aredeterminate to be under on the top andmy design table and chair I've metvillains like our life we our life mustbalance we come from different countrybut we must doing something in oneproject we have a problem with languagebut it's ok we can do it until finish[Music]I started woodworking when I was twentyI went to the Cerritos College learn andI've always been working at the sametime when I think of life I think offamily that's what it's what I relatedto well my project did it's based on thenumber three and so it has the threelegs and the three table tops the threecircles for the tops there's a biggeronea little bit smaller and then there's alittle small table top and those aresupposed to represent mom dad and a babylike kind of family in life I think it'sa lot better than what I see and it'smainly because it's just cambodia lastyear's it seemed more professional anduptight when you're working and here youdo something you walk around you talkand then go back to work it's moreeasygoing here[Music]but attention some cases vamonos agentleman en tora-chan a champion ohyeah say is going on so la da de cabezaHadassah girl Takeshi Guapo Miyagi doeRaja Ichi um Parma Otranto decision otroKosovo Nina's overdose destination decochon so Joe um 2013 - taco shellshijita now - yah - mackenson Gordon Tnow some coaches or only intention tothe summer just such a huge apartmentthe audience on function Ottawa talkingsomething she Soto beyond my controlit's a job now make me empathy to touchit some content are so it is or imminentdaughter Nadia Tatiana chicken dohydrogen water nowhi Jordan who's young foods theincidence oblations on Tiffany companyPisaTang Jia zoning code kata 31 niecesentitled in sunder kala enjoy eternityaudiences well never Parma among its allwho eats Otto Kerner some sue dr.Fosters way we can your shoe[Music][Applause]where's my pillow hanami low visibilityof us mr. Badal my name is Devin YostAllah all good day it was not evennormal Moscow coming for this role whichshe had instituted a Teixeira on whatthe X suppose for leadership because Ihighly successful it was wrongaffect some who is it he modeskiconstrue the transposon large coffee ifyou awaken to the modality coming to benon-immigrant on the matter[Music]I'm working as a cabinet maker for threeor four years nowI finished my apprenticeship at homelast year I really enjoy working withwood so it's really something I wantedto do so coming here has been a reallygreat experience I first heard about itthrough Steve he invited me and thenfirst impression is it's amazing peoplefrom all over the world doing carvingwood turning everything it's amazing tosee what people can do because Australiais hot and dry they needed somewhere tokeep their food just keep it longer soit's traditionally in a fridge so itwould keep stuff cooler than outsidethrough water and evaporation it'scalled a cool Guardi safe it wasinvented in a place called cool GuardianAustralia before electricity andrefrigeration so they needed to makethese to keep meat and other productsfresher longerthe job motor oil until such an eventactually pass to the which isFukunaga your danielaccg it's retiredcity transition transition how yet CityCouncil approval situation before thedoors since to the through tissue sampleso from a single surgery sir she's awoman or Tandy or some other Sutra facehigh-nosed and when she stood we sat ondeficient all of us hundreds hagwa noyour face huh dark and turbulent tuningsalso taunted and Joe teaches high offwould suppose we hotel gonna beefficient Sanjay so Jojo should have wethe torsion Tory share in God our heartsto those who have Muhammad Youssef inher castle in Italian French Chancellordon't you know which are bound toadvance and she don't she sits in herface Honda Superhawk icing whichevaluates[Music]as I would Nikolai Golikov yeah Rioja isracywell yo chest with a visually broad 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yogurts card which areBuddha oh it's good master tempo noCapucine honestly though my seniorcollected a variety of your games Divas[Music]team secured a passive Chicago Tontosemester it's ethical roma divina karatefrom Colorado team our team leadersoccer team member the masalas negara athomas case are you the keymaster[Music]before this event I didn't know aboutwhat would day but I a lot of read tothis event and yeah I like it and Ithink why notmy project is little babies bed to sleepsinging when we talk it's firstexperience and time spent the sleep mygroup is very friendly the help when Ineed and I hope they when they need mydemo often think of item our team evengo the mother Tonya Lucia II affair within day dawn meza me tomorrow mentioprocess for a para participar net evento es una visa Oh Celia movie Shanthi Igot myself a kanitaI mean a gay party they are movableTommaso Italian either don't say maymomentum continue today from significantof a la palabra VidaJonathan Ella bill deported en la Vidavacate all of via terminal raha mera nomi gente como cafe una cerveza if theemperor of a menudomade about a filthy Pig Anita on thecomo la practica Yaya and it's a venueSamuel choreography all made for meRamiro Mendoza feel yo la la la he[Music]that partisan papakolea forget from notonly bit like a moon to be autonomousand as a tipo de pata seen deeper yetinside allowing the filter a Mesa ininterest out so much yummy for so muchI'm helping furniture making furnituremakers they are making benches and we'redoing another collaboration with thewood carvers which is making a secondone of these benches so the four ofthose team leaders that have come backfrom world war day last year made onebench in the first day maybe into thesecond day and have given all the partsof that wood carvers so in total thereare 14 people working on one bench it'sthe same bench as what my other team ismaking but everyone is contributing somecarving detail[Music]now with that I check that a digger whoalbum and I'm gonna say Appa who got tothe movie I hope you enjoy the chattertaxesyoung Maori tote or now she coming whocut her arm and her young Haggard had apunctured I told the girl kosha thosewho like my self a minute okay and outthe intensity at a talk that was donatedcyc take a hurt Osamu can even withoutwe understood when kind of intensitycome down there is a young newhistorical funky to her talk aha etChilcotin now young woman making theturn here I'll teach you I now TataIndicom see our total targetbased on the fact I see Suzanne Aldeninto the unsealed home and I warm in the2002 by one[Music][Music][Music][Music]when we now have such a wide varietyit's a very impressive display of workand not too many people would havelooked at it today can believe that itwas done in just four daysI think that maybe some of the inviteesdidn't think they'd be able to do it infour days either but their faith inthemselves with the assistance of andcollaboration of other members differentto a competition which is head-to-heador people trying trying to do betterthan the person excellent though awaytheir concentration was to make the bestfor the whole event and and the outcomeis is with every minute that we spent[Music]in Cambodia their personality is grownand then now far more comfortabletalking to people from different fieldsdifferent fields in the woodworking areadifferent age groups the people gottogether and the spirit of the peopleblended and the culture the language allthat was was just more than I thought itwould ever be and so that was very goodand that the students had helped to Ithink just by helping they got a feelfor the spirit and their lives arechanged because the outlook be opened toculture and that even though withoutlanguage the culture came through andpeople working together is what we'rejust so beautiful it's been a very verygood experience for me I was last yearbut it's exciting you angel doesn'tAquileia to be Jewish any kind of studiocould you learn when to go move on shestood on the edge it Hamlin's thathamiltoe found how she'll handle thesodium boothtada these funky ones who can do it onwith you yeah that's a very niceimprovement I like that I try to carrythe next year what would it because I'mvery happy here chali Oregon you knowcriteria you can color the wholeThackery imagedon't you hurt her I had no hot meal ina non-threatening environment what worldwould die where there's no competitorswe're all friends were often Patriots inin the same industry it's just exactlythe right environment to grow you cantell I'm pretty passionate about whatwould day and I hope it just continuesthe way it's going because there'snothing wrong with the way things aretomorrow it's just positive positivepositive[Music]

17 young furniture makers from 14 countries and regions were invited to participate at the 2018 World Wood Day Event in Siem Reap, Cambodia. With four returning participants as team leaders, the young adults were divided randomly into four teams. With craftsmanship as their common ground, they did what they do best in making a pile of lumber useful by turning them into something incredible. Every one of them completed their project within the given 36 hours creating a piece of furniture that is fairly common but rather important to their daily lives, a symbolic item that represents the lifestyle in their own culture. Their camaraderie and smiles have once again become the mark of the International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitational.

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