20 Smart Ways to Organize Your Bedroom Closet

[Music]20 smart ways to organize your bedroomcloset are you a little obsessed withorganizing we are too so we thought we'dchannel our obsession into somethinghelpful a list of ways to organize yourbedroom closet pick and choose from theideas below one if you don't have anyreal closets in your home integratestorage into another room as Darla didabove while racks and hangers are easyto install to declutter use discardian's closet trick to get rid of clothesyou don't wear three store your mostused items at eye level less used itemsbelow and least used items up high forcombined storage units to fit yourdifferent needs drawers for folded itemshangers for dresses and suits and boxesfor odds and ends 5 use coordinatedhangers for a clean look that will carefor your clothes and help you stayorganized 6 use an umbrella stand tohold odd items like a yoga mats 7 useboxes cubbies tiered shelves as above ora hanging organizer to sort shoes 8 keepfolded clothes or accessories meet withshelf dividers like these from Bed Bath& Beyond 9 use vertical space both aboveand below the closet rod to store more10 AG lights in your closet so you cansee and use what's in there 11 if youlive in a small space replacetraditional closet doors that swing outwith curtains or hanging screens 12 usestackable laundry baskets for easysorting that you can also carry to thewashing machine like these fromSterilite 13 hooks can create extrastorage space when you hang them insidethe closet 14 keep your closet in shapeby treating it like a small room payattention to lighting wall color andfloor coveringstene make more room in your closet bystoring out-of-season clothes in boxesup high or under the bed16 color coding your wardrobe makesfinding things easier 17 invest in yourcloset by using good looking storagesolutions above campanha biele storageunits by kartell 18 a rolling cart withcoordinated boxes can be pulled in orout of the closet and used for clothingor office supplies storage 19 usesuitcases elsewhere in the house tostore out-of-season linens blankets orsweaters 20 repurpose standard storagepiecesTaron and Sanford used a truck to storeclothing in their closet with a cushionon top for seating and then baskets ontop of that for even more storage

Are you a little obsessed with organizing? We are too. So we thought we’d channel our obsession into something helpful: a list of ways to organize your bedroom closet. Pick and choose from the ideas below


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