Home Staging 

2 brothers staging a Gun Warrior in the enemy line….

yeah three two one start non-stop say hieveryone this is my dog King I only losemy gun game watch it you have to keep ongoing and killing peoplenice mom let's gohe's doing it guys we're about to startway to stopwave to harder zombies and now this isand now this is not they do okay nowwhatthree two one go fight you're doing itstop you beat all the zombies time forwave 20 harder and bossthree too much stars and the Bacchustakes so many bullets that there's aboss there's a boss if I don't take ahint take him on you killed it let's gohe's so goodstop stop time for wave 1,000,001 startoh no run fast it's like a full action[Applause]again yes you victory say bye to thecamera no you have to say bye-bye andsay I'm the bestI get victors

My sons 7 Yervant directing and A drop acting…..first time…..only take

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