[Music]hello everyone and welcome back to ourchannel if you new imbuing for the firsttime we would like to welcome you wewould love to have you as part of theelegans family we would love it if youwould hit that subscribe button to yourright and make sure to turn your postnotifications so that you can benotified every time we post a new videotoday we are going to make two crateorganizers that hang on the wall and youcan use them for any type of displaythat you choose so this is a project youthink you may be interested in makingjust continue to keep watching we aregoing to take these lid crates out tospray them we will do the processoff-camera for times sake and we willcome back to complete the second processnow that the crates are sprayed white oryou can spray any color that of yourchoice we will put the hooks on to theback so that it can hang onto the wallso we are hooking the back with somescrews and we will apply it to the wall[Music]these are the walk rates that was me andnow we're just going to decorate it andI left a little space you can space ineither way you want if you want to putit together closer you can't but you candeston it a little further so it alldepends on how you want it yes I didhang them on the wall if you choose tojust use it on a wall then it looks nicetoo so now this is what I'm going to doI chose to put something out to leave itSpacey because I wanted to put somethingelse in here so I'm just going to putthis tray here I'm going to place asimple candle I purchased theseparticular little perfume containers orMarshalls and I pay $2.99 it's reallyprettywe have two real crystals with thelittle crystal chips so here's anotherlittle candle that I purchased fromMarshalls and it smells so goodnow I'm going down to the last show noI'll be decorating the second rightthere's a candle holder I purchased thisat Burlington this is a little flowerthat purchased several and it's a littlecandle this inside of these at Pier oneno unclear it's never 199 now with thecrates they they really come hand eithernice little spaces you don't have todress it up like this you can use it foryour towels your toiletries your soapsyou can put it behind the toilet or youcan put it on your wall you can have iton the side of your your bathtub rushampoos perfumes if you wanted to dothat whatever that you choose and somany uses and stuff that you can usethis for if you have a bathroom whereyou need the space these are nice idealsthis was a bamboo tray it spray-paintedwhite I did it off-camera to give it therustic look bright paint let it dry andthen sand over itthis is how it turned out so this iswhat I'll be doing at home decor withalso I'll be going to home decor withthis round glass container and thepeople[Music][Music]these are different stuffs that I that Ihave so putting the slopes in with afterbath bomb bombs so I have the bath bombshere and soaps and the towels[Music]and on this side I put three of thetowels put it together in and made alittle bow and this is where they go[Music][Music]and this is the first crate I put a trayin the middle a wooden train the middleand this is the other quarry then I alittle Bowl in in the middle a ceramicbowl and the slopes different soaks inhere and we're just your back barssmells so good so I have that and youjust wanted to put it in here and then Iput all your things that you would needso little ideal on what you can do withyour treats and kind of you don't blendit all together all right so these arethe towels that I did I did the trayrustic sprayed it then went over it madeit kind of rustic also here's the glasstray that I did here I did towels hereand these are the decorative soaps thatI have I have different onessome are perfume soap so I have that andI have different ones bunch of bathhere's also the face towels I did thebed of the bath bombs in here along withsome one little face towels this is awashcloth also in the bucket here I havetwo of the face towels and this was thescrub also these are the face spongevery salt in like a loofah and this onehere this is also another form of aloofah but it's a body loofah and then Ihave the two towels here and again theto face stuff this is also in the pailthe crate these are the roses that Ihave just put the flowers and a masonjars here and I have the q-tips in thisglass container also this year it'sanother little storage compartment thatI have that I picked up and then theseare my little perfume crystal perfumethat has the crystal tops also thecandles and tray the wooden tray theplant and this is aand oh holder and I have can't aroundcan't do inside so this is today'sproject I just wanted to bring thebathroom decor to you something that youcan do and something that you can makewith these cratesyou're beautiful they're nice to haveyou can do it is it saves a lot of spacein your bathroom this is it for today sothis does complete our project for todayand we hope this tutorial brought youmany different ways to use a crate andif you enjoyed this tutorial please giveus a thumbs up and if you haven'tsubscribed to our channel please do soat this time so you can receive allnotifications every time we post a newvideo until next time may God bless youand keep you and we will see you on ournext video byeyou[Music]you[Music]

Hello everyone! Today we will make two wall storage crate ideas for a bathroom also it can be used for a bedroom or anywhere in your home that you choose to place them.

Another video on crates that we made of a storage unit idea!


2 Crates: JoAnns 60% off AC Moore online coupon code * make sure you use your AC Moore Coupon when the sale is off the crates so you can use your coupon and get a much better deal… as long as Joann’s has the crates on sale your AC Moore coupon won’t be valid so make sure you purchase when they’re off sale*

2 Cans of Krylon white satin spray paint: Michael’s 60%off AC Moore coupon.

Round Bamboo tray: Target * We spray painted the bamboo Krylon white satin and sand the tray slightly for that rustic look*

Ceramic serving tray: Burlington

Decorative soaps: Marshalls also from perfume sets as well.

Scented bombs: Costcos

White face towels: Marshalls

White grosgrain ribbon: Hobby Lobby 50%off promotion week

2 Soft pink dry towels: Marshalls

Pink loofah: Marshalls

Glass candy dish: Home Goods

So fresh white bucket: Burlington

Two white bath towels: Marshalls

Spong, loofah, foot scrubber: Marshalls

Wood tray: Burlington

3 Mini perfume holders: Marshalls

Large candle: From a candle company

Small candle: Marshalls

Wood plant: Ross

Glass candle holder: Burlington

Mason Jar: Michael’s 80% off last years Clearance

Small glass candy dish: Burlington

Ceramic storage container: Burlington

Music: Kevin MacLeod
Music: Purple planet music

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