11 Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room More Spacious

[Music]while there is nothing wrong withputting as much stuff as you can in yourbedroom keep in mind that a bedroom is aplace for you to rest and recharge youwant it to be comfortable and invitingbut if you want to get more sleep makesure there are fewer things in yourbedroom welcome to Jansen's DIY and hereare 11 small bedroom ideas to make yourroom more spacious one the wider yourbedroom looks the lighter and airier itappears this color is not only expansivebut also a practical choice preferredfor a small bedroom using white orlighter colors you can counter theabsence of large wall space or windowsboth of which are something you need tobrighten up space start by addingdimension with a subtle pattern you canalso do away with neutral accents suchas a tan bar stool - there is no needfor you to have a massive headboardsince it will just take up a huge partof the wall try to push your bed againsta corner not only will you be able tosave extra wall space but you can alsomake use of it for decor or wall artthis should also give you theopportunity to maximize your bedroomsfloor space believe it or not this willcreate a cozier effect for better sleep3 ok if you do not want the white themethen perhaps going dark is your best betjust because someone told you thatpainting a small room with a dark coloris bad does not mean you can't do it infact it is best if you embrace the sizeand the moodiness of a small room youcan also play into it depending on whatsuits you you can start with a charcoalgray or go with a navy blue or olivegreen either of these colors can makethe bedroom look sexier and more shefor use this storage space under the bedto your advantage it is an awesome placefor storing stuff like shoes oroffseason clothes just make sure youkeep things as neat and tidy as possiblekeep this space free of dust bunniescrinkled up pieces of paper and old gymclothes take advantage of this veryhelpful storage space but remember tokeep things tidy 5 even if you have asmall bedroom you can always go wildwith wallpaper pick a design you thinkbest describes your personality ageneral rule of thumb is to usewallpaper that creates a soothingatmosphere which are best with lightercolors and minimalistic designs 6everybody loves shoes but most peopleneglect them after wearing themobviously you don't want to see themscattered all around your bedroom letalone piling up by the front door storeyour shoes properly by concealing themunderneath your bed or buy a new shoerack and tuck it in the corner 7 newerconstructions these days come with adrywall that is usually hollow andsupported by vertical two-by-four woodbeams or studs check your bed and see ifit is set up on a wall that is nonexterior if so try to use a stud finderso you can mark where the bed's woodwall beams can be found from there justsimply cut out an alcove it is alrightif your alcove appears to be notincredibly deep since all you need itfor is small necessities such as analarm clock or books 8 just because youhave a smaller space does not mean youneed small furniture for instance youcan have a miniature of figurine as yourbedside table it should look reallygreat especially when it's next to alarger bed frame you could also go withstuff that can do double duty like anightstand with a drawer or a lamp withan alarm clock9do you often find yourself having a hardtime finding things decluttering yourbedroom is not a process that willrequire you hours of time start byremoving stuff you no longer use frompieces of paper to unused face cloths oroutdated magazines arrange books put allyour shoes in one place tuck some stuffunderneath your bed to save storagespace and empty the trash bin prettyeasy right 10 if you want to give yourbedroom a striking impression tryinstalling a mirrored wall it actuallycreates the illusion of space and thusmakes the bedroom look bigger than it issupposed to be if you think the mirroris too heavy make sure to use a reliableanchor a recommended one is a wingedanchor its screws can easily bewithdrawn and reinsert it anytime youwant 11 stripes can introduce a funplayful and cheerful atmosphere to yourbedroom pick a width and color you likefor the stripes though you can go withany combination that suits you fromthere apply painters tape to all trimaround your windows or doors startpaintingkeep it savvy and intact paint slowlyand lightly once you're done let thepaint sit for about an hour to dry applythe second coat which should be reallyeasy keep in mind that when you removethe tape do it carefully so what do youthink about this episode please shareyour thoughts about this video in thecomment section thanks for watching andwe'll see you in the next video[Music]

#1. Try to Keep Things White

#3. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Dark

#4. Use the Storage Space under Your Bed

#5. Go Wild with Wallpaper

#6. Keep Shoes in Their Place

#7. Create an Alcove or Wall Niche

#8. Ditch the Shrunken Nightstands

#9. Declutter As Often As You Can

#10. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

#11. Paint Stripes on a Wall

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