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10k Design Challenge 13: Green Done

hello and welcome back we are nearlythere building our 10k green potionbuild so I've got this all working it isstable producing sorry about that buzzit is stable be producing plates okayI've no idea why the production ratesjust stepped up but anyway we'reexceeding the seven which is theimportant thing it looks like we maystill have a couple of extra and acouple of extra smelters the gearmachines don't need to be working fulltime which is kind of part of the issueand now nicely buffered up with plateI'm thinking I should probably reducethe buffer size on these massively butanyway this appears to be working so atsome point we'll revisit this maybe takeout one perhaps two smelters what I'vewhat I did was put an extra steelsmelter in the middle of this buildwhich then made both of these elevenwide let's just check it is 11 o'clockhomes can't be trusted to countapparently yep 11 wide so then this isnow much more symmetrical we need thisto be slightly wider because it's got tohit the belt machines down to the bottombut this is basically working okay so atsome point I will revisit this and seeif we can prune out a couple of thesmelters I've got a feeling we canremove two with everything still workingbut there we arethis is working so the next thing to dois to fire up the central bills[Music]okay and let's start off with lots ofparts there we go okay right and we havea little bit of work to do so removethat box in that box and that and thatand that one two three four five six sothat's the six armed bills dealt withthen we have the we have the belt billsokay they're still capped let's checkthe other ones capped as well yeah okayit's quite important that these arecapped we have to have two arms comingout each crafting cycle for belt itmakes two belts which is why we need tostack inserted emptying the arms eachcycle produces one arm yeah okay so thisis now runningandokay I think one stack is not enoughlet's go to four stacks the issue hereis when you always need enough in hereso that so that we can supply the thingsout right so this is capped let's go forstats with this as well okay this isbehaving like a lot of the chests andnot set which they're not okay okay soit looks like the the production wascapped but the requests weren't set Ihave no idea why that was this is thesort of thing where there's nosubstitute to running the buildit's the odd one here and there whichseemed to have this request set okaylet's start setting these up hereokay and we have the normal thing wheneverything needs to start buffering upoopsyeah all right what's this set to okayyeah it's set to 40 okayso we've set all the requests and wesnail see lots of green lights down herelots of green lights up here andproduction is out 10k okay I willbelieve it when that has been maintainedfor a little bitbut it looks like we may have a 10kgreen science bill okay it's maintainedfor half a minuteand there we are10k we have a 10k green science buildokay and the FPS ups is about as high asI ever get it yep so it's up there 55 5758 that's as high as it ever runs onthis machine I think because I'm runningfor K it's on Linux and the graphicsdrivers just yeah don't playparticularly and I'm running an MD chipwhich again isn't ideal I think thisgame is optimized for Intel okay so weare bringing in copper and iron ore downhere this is all working well there weare there's our first train of sciencepotions going in this comes and there weare we've managed to hand over thetrains correctly that is really cool sothis is running Stapley at 10k all rightthere's a bit of tuning I would like todo to this the first thing is right sothere appear to be two smelters to IDsmelters which aren't required in thisbuild and maybe a couple of coppersmelters so I would like to trim thoseoff the other thing I'd like to do iswhere are the gear builds up down thereokay so these gear builds have reallymassive buffers on them yeah and I don'tthink we need it buffers anything likethis bigso it's 885 I think let's attempt to setthis buffer to 200okay there and there that there andthere and there okay because this is areally small Network we should be fineso this is starting to chew throughthose plates once it gets down below 200then it should start getting deliveriesagainin the meantime there'll be lots ofsmelters which don't have anywhere toput their plates out but that shouldonly be a transient issue because we'veset our buffers on the smelters to onestackokay we're getting thereokay I'll be there right we're now intoit's now being supplied again great okayso I would like to do the same thinghere as well there you are so we'll letthat run out now if we come down herewe're still stable at 10k I shouldprobably let this run for a few minutesjust to make sure we have okay so that'snice and low nothing's bothering comingto this end smelter okay so what I wouldlike to do is take outthis and this now we are now technicallyproducing less plates than we need todrive all the machines in this areahowever some of these machines in thisarea don't need to be running at fullspeed so for example our green circuitbills don't need to be running at fullspeed okay so we are still at 10k we'restill ok the arms are now six pointeight six point nine seven point one sowe back up to seven point one don't needto see green circuit productionokay in a moment if we keep producingarms slightly too slowlyour science rate will dropand are we there yet we need to beproducing arms at 7.1 we seem to beproducing them at 7.0 well we're justgonna have to let this run hate runningthrough trains okaythis build here is going well let'scheck that the yeah those are now welldown and I think let's have a look rightso these are basically full these gearmachines and these this is fine this isrunning at full speed it's not quiteokayah very slightly ran out of things okaywhich is weird because we have spareplates up here all right how we doingnow we're still at 10 K so howeverthings are working out over time theyare working so I'm gonna call this buildI'm gonna say this build is working ifwe head down hereyeah there's no sign of there's no signof machines being starved down here eventhough we've taken out two of the ironsmelters and I've got a suspicion we cantake out two of the copper smelters aswell so let's take out the middle twothose onesokay so taking out those smelters hasn'taffected production rate at all it'sabsolutely dead levelbut I still feel that we should begetting more arms made that's tenminutes so the plates are good the armsare not we need more production here[Music]right more of the smelters are red nowfewer orange so I think we did the rightthing taking out one of the coppersmelters let's go look at the armmachine okay so it's stalling on platesnot because it lacks platesit's just an arm's sinking thingwell I think this is basically workingso I'm gonna call this the numbers don'tentirely add up but it will seem to beaveraging out in the end so I'm gonnaleave this here this is our green buildwe will save the green build the nextbill to start on is the blue signs andthat will be next time until then thanksfor watchingplaces cried tele friends and I will seeyou again soon the way

I think we are almost there with the full 10k green science build. Just some tinkering needed.

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