Kid's Room 

10 year old kids room tour

hey guys stroke or Mason uh whatevergonna call me we're back up in anothervideo and I'm going to be doing my roomtour championship when I was littleyeah I was a boy back then that was a megoing over the finish boy I'm getting myloft but is so sick so like it's all mybed and then someone at my school billwith it you gonna pickle at school sohe's like I want to see you off so youknow I gotta get the soemitro feesboy boy boy boy I said boy when did youever play baseball[Music]Matthew McCormack first you seven willdefinitely flippin remember that I couldsee it all John on so that's a Twitterprank that like graphics and everythingthe bars fall you know we gotta get grewin there yeah we got to get him in thereto alien that only holds up your iPad orsomething my pencils yeah that's nicedude these sunglasses are just fire whenI wear these I just drop bars like Ilike I like I'm used these headphonesand I just I just listen to bars got myipod bars don't know what jahmai Ohmines anyway alright that's gonna be theend of the video PL he[Music]

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