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10 Stunning living room paint colors ideas

[Applause][Music]number ten deep forest green has theunusual quality of making a room feelcozy and enveloping in winter but cooland shady and summer bring it to lifewith woods and leathers that have anorange undertone for a pairing that'sdirect from nature add in a shot or twoof indigo blue and whether you create aroom that's rustic or glamorous orsomewhere in between this color mix willexude quiet confidence number nine peachhas shaken off its sickly sweet imagethis season and has been reinvented inthe myriad of velvety soft shades fromdelicate peach blossom to peach skinblush team it with classic French grayfor a warm Mediterranean feel chooseappeared that Moroccan style wallpaperand soft peachy tones and teal it withMediterranean style shutters to fill theroom with light choose an eclectic mixof casual furniture in honey tokenpainted pieces add subtle hints of peachby painting the odd piece of occasionalfurniture number eightthere's a foolproof way to experimentwith combinations of different hues justuse a color wheel to find what shadeswork well together opposites attract inthis case and three or four vibrantcolors will look balanced when properlycombined here a punchy teal backdropmakes the coral red side table pop andbright yellow graphic print worksharmoniously with both number seven ifyou're a fan of rich shades but don'twant to go all out with wall-to-wallcolor then introduce color on furnituresoft furnishings and accessories insteadchoose one shade as a foundation foryour scheme and then pick one item ofstatement furniture develop your roomaround it selecting accessories and softfurnishings in different views and tonesof the same color number six in a livingroom with a spectacular view use colorand pattern carefully bring in a ruginduce it to demarcate a specific areaof color use a mix of pretty shades andorganic patterns on the cushions andfurniture around it that are beautifulenough to be noticed yet not so bold asto battle with the view of attentionnumber five cherished gold might havebeen the color of 2016 but it is stillhugely relevant even now warm andinviting in shades that vary inintensity from spun gold to naturalshades of maize and honey it looks greatin classic and contemporary settingsteam it with wood effect wallpaper andcomfortable mid-century style furniturefor a fresh retro feel mix differenttones of honey don't maples and darkerTimbers to give a room depth andcharactera cluster of retinues gives the nod to70s nostalgia and makes a great walldisplay number for a wallpapered featurewall is a striking focal point in thisliving room and is offset by a cleanlined modern sofa to create maximumimpact the sofa has been upholstered ina vivid coral block color to add extrapanache a blue bug and blue paintworkechoed the wallpaper pattern for astylish finish number three createdifferent moods in the neutral livingroom with colorful accessories this cozyburned orange warms up the whole roomand works perfectly with the iconic1960s chair large squashy cushions andtable lamps in the same tone create acoherent color scheme that can bequickly updated with changing seasonsand trends stick to broad look at anysingle quote shapes and be bold withyour color the porcelain background cantake a punch ashamed number to work witha limited palette to create a strikingdesign scheme in the modern living roomstick to just two primary colors such asblue and white and use them in specificareas so they balance each other outthis will free you up to use differentpatterns without making the rooms decorlook sporadic and overwhelming bring ina single piece of furniture in black andthe contrast will turn it into acenterpiece[Music]for one learn to use block color in yourhome and you will never look back startwith a white base and add color withsimple clean shapes the bright blue sofain this living room sits happily on thegraphic yellow rug alongside the smallerfurniture pieces in the same a slightlymuted tone match some of the shades tomake sure your room doesn't startlooking like a rainbow[Music]

10 Stunning living room paint colors ideas. There are a lot of ideas for living room paint color, And all of them look awesome, This video living room wall color ideas, Can be your reference when you are confused to choose the right paint color schemes for your living room. This video was upload in the hope that we can give you the inspiration to choose living room paint color and combination, That suits for your style and personality.
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