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10 Reasons to Eat in the Main Dining Room on a Cruise Ship

hey what's up everybody Tony with Lolitaloca and I'm here to tell you 10 reasonswhy you should eat in the main diningroom on a cruise ship alright guys herewe come with a brand new top 10 listthis is the loudly to loca YouTubechannel glad you found your way hereI make cruising videos with my wife thisis a great spot to come for cruise vlogscruise tips and cruise collaborations ifyou are brand new consider hitting thesubscribe button with the notificationBelon to get notified of all of ourcontent today we're going to talk about10 reasons why you should eat in themain dining room if you are a seasonedCruiser you are familiar that when yougo on a cruise ship you have options youcan eat at the buffet you can eat at anyof the side eateries pizza joints delisspecialty dining restaurants or you canmake your way to the main dining room Iwant to give you ten reasons why thatshould be your choice reason number onethe ambiance most cruise ships arebeautiful in and out a lot of the cruiselines spend extra time and money to makethe main dining room look nice sinkupscale restaurant beautiful decorbeautiful lighting and some of the bestarchitecture on cruise ships can befound in the main dining room number twoit helps you keep your schedule it is soeasy to get off track cruising is greatyou can be as organized as you want youcan be as disorganized as you want butif you're one of those people that liketo make a list I got to see this show Igot to go to this event eating cansometimes throw you off if you go to thebuffet and there's a huge crowd there orif you can't go to one of the othereateries and you know you have a limitedamount of time to eat it can be achallenge the cool thing about dining onmost Cruise Lines is you have to pick atime most cruise lines have an earlydining a late dining and some of themhave an anytime dining where you canjust show up maybe get a pager or waitfor a table but what I recommend istaking one of the set dining timesbecause it helps you plan your schedulea reason number three to eat in the maindining room is it helps you not to overbuffets are notorious because they theygive you an empty plate and empty canvasas it were to paint your food pictureand a lot of times that results inpeople really loading up on the foodpotentially overeating now in the maindining room you can order multiplecourses but the way that it's set up isthe menu is set up with a starter and anentree and a dessert and if you stick tothat you can really not overeat numberfour going hand-in-hand with notovereating it also encourages you not towaste food people go to the buffet theyfill up their plate to the top and theyfind that they can't eat it all and walkthrough the buffet area and you can seea good amount of food that you know isgoing to go to waste think about eatingin the main dining room is the food isportion controlled the waist is muchless in the main dining room number fiveit's a kind of unique to the main diningroom the food is actually served to youthere is a waitstaff that comes to yourtable brings you your food fills up yourdrinks kind of helps you through thedining experience other than thespecialty restaurants on cruise shipsthat's not really true as someone who'spaid their money it is nice to be ableto sit down and be served you get thatin the main dining room number six itencourages you to meet new people theway the main dining room is set up isthere's large tables there's it's justnot full of two tops if you desire tohave a little more interaction in a waythat's not super forced you can chooseto have dinner with strangers feeling alittle more adventurous on your crewgoing to the main dining room reallygives you an opportunity to meet newpeoplenumber seven an advantage of going tothe main dining room is that there'ssome thought that's gone into the menudishes are put together in a way thatmakes senseproteins are with the right vegetablesdesserts are put together in the rightway you're eating food where somethoughts gone into it to have thatprepared mill experience where all thefood was thought about and put togetherin a way that should be pleasing to younumber eight might be controversial butif you do it right going to the maindining roomchallenges you to change clothes and tofreshen up for dinnerit's nice about this is cruise days canbe long days and I know that if you wearthe same clothes all day or if you don'tstop and take a break or if you don'tmaybe take that afternoon shower it canfeel like a super long day one of thereasons I like going to the MDR is Ialways try to change clothes I alwaystry to take like a little shower and itreally kind of breaks the day up for meI feel like I have a day part of my dayand then I have a night part of my daybreaking it up like thatalmost eliminates me being tired forsome reason it's a mental thing I wouldencourage you to go to the main diningroom and part of that ritual be stoppingto change your clothes and gettingfreshened up for dinner and make it likea special occasionnumber 9 kind of goes along with number8 you've changed your clothes you'vegotten freshened up maybe you've dabbeda little cologne or perfume you'relooking good your significant other islooking good and now you're gonna go outto this nicely decorated restaurant withfood that's been put together in a waythat makes sense go to the MDR becauseit's romantic it's like a date nightevery night you have this greatopportunity if you're traveling withyour significant other can be a romanticevening and number 10 the last reason agreat reason to go to the MDR is becausemost the time it's included in yourcruise rate it's not gonna cost you anyextra money you can go to the steakhouseat some of these cruise lines and spendforty dollars a person whole thing aboutthe MDR is there's no additional chargeyou can go and order off the menu youcan get dressed up you can have yourdate night you can sit in a wonderfulspace and be served and meet new peopleand all of it is included alright guysthat was ten reasons why you should eatin the MDR follow us on all the socialmedia Instagram Twitter Facebook we areat la Lita loca and come join the lollyToluca cruising community on Facebookit's where the local families andconnect with all the cool people there'sanother great tip video over here andhere are our last cruise vlogs make sureyou go and check them out my name isTony hope you found this informationhelpful make sure you like the video anduntil the next time we'll see on theLido

Here are 10 Reasons to Eat in the Main Dining Room on a Cruise Ship. With all of the food choices available to cruisers eating in the main dining room is still on of the best. Check out this list and let us know what you would add or what you would take away.

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