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[Music]it's time to decorate the kitchen let'sadd a few i catching design pieces tohelp you enjoy your household routine[Music]we'll begin with vase decoration let'sturn blank jars into stunning decoritems we will need transparent vases ofdifferent shape acrylic sprays andmasking tape cover the top part with thetape to leave it blankwhile painting[Music]turn the vase upside down spray thebottom white when dry apply a pink coatin the same way let it dry again thenremove the tape smooth the color borderwith a nail polish remover that containsacetone here it is just a few minutesand the plain vases have been turnedinto true home design pieces today we'llmake an unusual festive cup holder fromused handswe'll need a piece of paper white greenand blue spray paints furniture knobs ayou see be used cans screws to securethe knobs and thin and thick nails markthe place to secure the first peg take athin nail hammer it into a hole on themark remove the nail hammer the thicknail to widen the prick turn the nailaround to make the hole bigger the screwcannot go through continuenow it's enough mark the second pegplace opposite the first onemake the second hole in the same way[Music]hammer two more peg pricks on the secondcanplace the cans one on top of the otherand measure out the middle between thetwo holes measure the center between thetwo horizontal pricks mark the place forthe fifth peg on the crossing point makea hole[Music]hammer the last prick on the oppositeside cover the cans in CD you get aground coat be careful to wear the latexgloves and lay a protecting cover whenthe first coat is dry apply the secondone make a paper stencilwrap the paper around the can mark witha pencil measure out a square one and ahalf inches wide and the cancircumference long fold half the squareunfold and crease both halves in half[Music]fold accordion-style in this way draw awave and cut it outunfold the stencil continue the wave tothe rightcut off the excesswrap the stencil tightly around thebottom can fasten with tape spray greenleaving some areas unpainted remove thestencil when dry fasten it a bit higherspray blue paint in the same way placethe second can on top keep in mind thewhole setting secure the stencil higherpaint green alternate the wave coloralong the entire height spray the CDEgreenlet's secure the pegs to hang the mugstake a screw with the pliers put it intothe peg hole from the inside[Music]pass the screwdriver through theopposite hole to press down the screwtwist the knobsecured wellput in the opposite screw in the sameway twist the second knob pressing downthe screw tightly from inside use aknife or a spoon fasten the other pegsin the same waywhen all the pegs are on the placesassemble the holder hot glue the canskeep in mind the peg setting[Music]attach the cans in the center of the CDlet's see what we've made coolthe fabulous handmade cup holder willcheer you up in the morning when you arehaving a cup of coffee you don't believeyour flatware can be easily transformedinto a stunning wall decor item we betyou're wrong we'll need an a4 or biggerphoto frame remove the back take off theglass Spray light green paint better puton latex gloves and cover your table topto protect the surface take the flatwarea fork a knight and a spoonspray both sides with the sky-blue colorassemble the frame we won't need theglass make the background from whitepaper fasten the back hot glue the maindetails the knife in the center the forkat the left the spoon at the right it'lltake a little time to make thisbeautiful low-cost wall decorationthat'll make your room lovely we adoregiving a second life to old things thistime we'll make a glass jartransformation use the jars to make acute kitchen holder we'll need a littlejar with a metal top and circulartemplates with spice names on them oryou can write any other names insteadplace the template inside trace theletters squeezing hot glue on the bottomwe've got a 3d spiced name make a fewjars with different namescover the chars with acrylic paint tapethe screw part use a sponge dab the namethoroughly when dry remove the tape[Music]remove the excess paint with a q-tipdipped in nail polish remover paint thejars in different colors we've got anumber of rainbow colors spicecontainers place the jars on a woodenboard take disc magnets hot glue to theboard use two pieces per each containerand voila the jar is attached the doubledisc magnets are strong enough to holdthe spice container in a horizontalposition put the spices in thecontainers keeping in mind the names onthe bottom take the exact spice off themagnet board you'll never muddle up yourspices using this smart organizer it'san amazing design idea to add a summerfeeling to your kitchen the holder ismultifunctional you can easily transformit into a handmade supply organizer orput some other useful small stuff in itnow let's make a pretty framed memoboard take a blank wooden framescrapbook paper acrylic paints cardstockand multi-purpose glue paint the framewhite when dry choose cool colors andmake watery strokes in one direction[Music]then use warm colors with a little water[Music][Music]mix white paint with the water andsplatter the paint measure the framesizecut out the backgrounddone now make a frame stand draw it onthick cardboard use a craft knife to cutit out on a wooden board mark off twostrips on the edges score up a line cutoff the excess attach the stand use dryerase markers to write on this memoboard they can be easily erased with apaper towel now you'll be able toquickly write something down or leave areminder for your family members next inour list there is an amazing supportunder hop with soft vivid pom-pomswe'll need yarn of your favorite colorstake a basket and close pins[Music]fasten the yarn and wrap it around thepins tie up the yarns in several placesand take out the pins[Music]hi again on the sidescut out between the knots trim thepom-poms and fan a bit[Music]you can quickly make a lot of pom-pomsin this way[Music][Music]take thick cardstock for the support[Music]choose an appropriate size[Music]cut out a bigger felt circle pop gluethe felt to the cardstock[Music]now it's time for the pom pom attachthem to the cardboard[Music]Wow it's so fluffythis cute colorful support under hotwill help create a cozy atmosphere inyour kitchen what creates the spirit ofsummer better than fruitjust imagine fruit of incredible colorslet's make fascinating decor accents tomake a fruit decoration last longerleave appeal without flesh cut a pieceof fruit in half remove the flesh use itto make lemonade attach the halves itlooks like a whole piece of fruit we'llneed a number of similar fakes paintthem in bold colors you can experimentwith different methods of painting wowwe've never seen lemons of this kindit's time to accent your room withcreative citrus designs take glass vasesof a cylinder shape choose items ofdifferent sizes fill them withnon-standard fruit pieces combine thecolors or take one shade per vase it'sunbelievable the gorgeous statementdecorations are made from plain citruspeel here's another cool idea we've leftone more empty lemonwe'll need a small square frame withoutglass attach a lemon half or two it's asimple and cute summer decoration ideait's stunning but short-lived thepainted peels will spoil after a whileto make the decoration last longer drythe lemon or lime halves in themicrowave the shape will deform a littlebut the citrus peels keep longer ifthere's no time to make partydecorations use the fruit design for atable decor item it's super easy andglamorous you think you can only useforks just for eating no way we've usedthem in the wall decor and we're goingto transform them into an awesome cookrack we'll need three of the same Forksmade of soft metaland players we've drilled a hole in eachBend up three prongs leave one untouchedfold two middle prongs of another Forkwe've made three different vendingcombinations make hooks from the handlesbend them up you'll have to use force todo it repeat for the other Forks takethe bright spray-paint again make thefour cooks paint color the screws usingnail polishes cover the head with twoshades of green[Music]we'll need three self tapping screwswe've cut and painted a wooden board ina white colorfasten the hooksmark the holesdrive the colored screw secure the otherhooks if you can't make holes in theforks and use the hot glue gun ormulti-purpose glue to attach the hooksfind the right place for the rack hangyour keys or jewelry's use the prongs asextra hooks you can also use spoonsinstead though you won't have extrahooks in that case we'll show you how tomake a pretty pattern tea set quicklyand easily put a few drops of specialacrylic paint for ceramics to a bisquemug then blow out the paint using adrinking straw the paint will create anintricate pattern dripping down the mugyou can either paint the entire mug orpart of it let's decorate the teapotpaint the lid knob letting the colorsmix freely[Music]cover the top of the pop with much paintto let it drip down creating a uniqueornamental mix the colors this paintshould be dried in the oven so followthe instructions on the paint containeras for the appropriate time andtemperature[Music]the fabulous tea set design willemphasize your own individual style[Music]let's make a funny Fox coffee cup sleeveto keep your coffee hot for longer makea template[Music][Music][Music]to make it easy and convenient repeatthe template on thick paper be carefulto measure out the right size the sleeveshould overlap a mug trace the templateon the red felt and cut out prepare grayfelt details blue the brown felt to theunderside attach the button clasp so itdown now glue the elements[Music]so down the second half of the button tothe tail decorate the box with a neatrunning stitch attached eyes addwhiskers and imitate fur we've got anamusing lovely fox coffeeCup koozie tocheer you up in the morning and in thedaytime these awesome kitchen designideas will help you both decorate theroom and keep it organized hit the likebutton if you like the ideas be sure tosubscribe to the trim term channel tocreate home design pieces for a cozyatmosphere[Music]

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We’re going to share a few cool ideas of eye-catching decor items for kitchen! We hope that these awesome design elements will give cosiness and warm atmosphere in your kitchen!

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