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[Music]hello and welcome to KW connect I'm Jaypapasan today we're going to talk aboutstaging the home as we progress throughthis video please remember that at anytime you can get more information onthis topic by visiting Keller WilliamsUniversity comm kW has a new coursetitled an agents guide to sell theirstaging strategies that can give youstep-by-step instructions and checklistsso let's begin by first giving you someperspective on staging as you alreadyknow there are three keys to getting ahome sold location pricing and conditionand just by pricing condition is afactor you can control a home can besold in virtually any condition if theseller isn't concerned about price butof course most people want the bestprice and that's why sellers need tostage their homes and then the shiftingmarket staging is more important thaneverwith so many listings on the market yoursellers home simply must stand out togain perspective on what staging meansfor your business remember these threethings number one staging is a marketingtool your sellers home has to stand outnumber two stage and create somethingbuyers want to purchase and number threesellers either have to offer more forthe same price as the competition oroffer the same quality at a lower pricewhy do you like great-looking homesbecause they're easier to sell anattractive listing will be shown moreoften meaning more market exposure andbuyers are looking for value they haveto perceive that the house is worth theprice staging is how you make thathappen now a lot of agents are nervousto even discuss staging with theirclients they fear that their client willreject them get angry or be insulted butyou have to remember your role is to betheir fiduciary and try to get them thehighest possible offer for their homeand discussing staging with your clientis much easier today than it was manyyears ago let's listen to Gary Gentryone of our very first Keller Williamsagents discuss this recent phenomenonone of the great advantages these daysis that you'll find a much higherpercent of the population is attuned tothe concept of staging historically thatwas not the case but now with HGTVall the different programs that areavailable generally people have greaterawareness all the time of how this isgood and accepted and beneficialreal-estate practice to be able to dothisso this moves a portion of thepopulation from being totally reluctantto being responsive and in some cases toactually seeking out someone who canprovide that kind of staging so thatmakes your job a lot easier than it usedto be let's move on to the first momentwhere you'll introduce staging with yourpotential seller even though it's easiertoday with the media's focused onstaging property it can still be asensitive topic the goal is at thelisting presentation to simply informthem that staging it staging their homeis a service that you'll offer to get itsold for the best possible price in theshortest time possible don't makesuggested improvements right then if youdo you risk losing the potential clientover what they may perceive to beinsulting recommendations so don'tdiscuss staging in detail until you havea signed listing agreement there are afew scripts you can use before thelisting agreement is signed to sell thisbenefit to your potential client you caninform them that their selling pricewill be higher with the staging and youwill only recommend changes that willpromise a return for their time effortand money give real examples of stagedproperties in their area that have soldfor more money or in a shorter time thanunstaged properties be sure to gaugetheir reactions and adjust yourpresentation accordingly again there arescripts available for this in our newkwu course an agents guide to sellerstaging strategies now let's check inwith Gary Gentry and take a look at howhe accomplishes this with his listingpresentation we're gonna see Gary handlethis in three ways first with the sellerwho's resistant to the idea of stagingthen with the seller who's receptive tostaging their home and finally with theseller who's ready to get started andstage their home right awaythanks again for showing me through thehouse that's great I got lots of goodinformation and by you sharingeverything that you know about the houseand letting me put that down I feel likeI've got a real good inventory now ofall the selling features of the houseright now what I haven't looked at todayI haven't looked at any of thesuggestions that we might make from astaging standpoint that would besomething that we'll do in a future timeand then that's a service that weprovide to give you a way to enhance allthe selling features of this house justthey're trying to sell it at the highestpossible price I have to tell you thatI'm really hesitant to do any kind ofstaging I mean I've seen the shows andit just I don't really want to live in astaged house I'm gonna have to live herewhile it's on the market and I just havean active life and I don't know that Iwant to live in a staged houseunderstand it's not a normal situationis it you've probably seen some of thetelevision radition zuv that well theother thing that can be very expensive Imean how am I gonna have to redo roomsand and that kind of thing that worriesme those are those are very legitimateconcerns and I can see why that would beof concern to you or really to anybodyand I really haven't looked at the housein that regard today at all so you knowwe'll just kind of defer that it's yourproperty and you're the one that needsto make those decisions and I neverforget that okay I would not befulfilling my obligation to you as aperson that's been in this business for25 years and knows what makes propertiessell for more money and in a shorterperiod of timeif I didn't share it with you but thenit's your decision what you want to dowith it the other thing to just kind ofreassure you on that list there willnever be anything that makes the listthat doesn't more than pay you back okayand I mean from that standpoint both interms of time effort or if there's moneyto be spent okay it would always pay youback and by a factor greater than whatit might cost but you know that's yourdecision and I'm really not even dealingwith that today but I certainlyunderstandconcerns thank you thanks Justine forshowing me through the house and as younoticed I took a lot of notes so thatI've got all the selling features of thehouse what I didn't do today is I didn'tlook at it through the eyes of a buyeror a buyer's agent okay looking foranything that we could use to enhancethose basic selling features and that'spart of the staging service that weprovide so that once we put the house onthe market we're taking every featurethat's a positive feature enhancing thatto the maximum degree so we're kind ofturning up the emotional appeal byarrangement of things and by justshowing the house off at its best okaywell I've heard about staging and I'mvery interested to see what yourcomments would be okay or how you wouldchange the house I'm very great wellthat'll be something that we'll do and Ithink you'll probably really enjoy thatI can give you some suggestions new ifyou've looked at some of the programs oncable where they show staging your homeand that sort of thing it'll give yousome ideas and then I've got a 16 minuteDVD that I'll show you I'll just leavewith you and then you can look at thatit shows you before and after no and Ithink you'll really like that because itgives you a good sense of what the fivebasic principles are that we're tryingto capitalize on and I'll tell you theresults of that are truly amazing interms of getting a higher price andselling it in a much shorter period oftime well that sounds great to meokay that's all we're going for you'llyou'll enjoy that gonna be fun when weget into that one thing okay well let'sdo this let's go ahead and move intosome of the paperwork thanks Justine forshowing me the house it's a great houseand this will be fun I think especiallyas we start to get this ready can I canI ask you something as I'm sure beforegoing to this I'm really I've seen theshows I think it's important that westaged this house and I want to makesure that that's something that we cando together that that's something thatyou offer because that's important to meabsolutely this really will be fun inthat casebecause you're going to love the resultsof that staging this is a service that Iprovide such that I'll have your housestaged ok and we'll go through it in avery detailed fashion today what I'vedone is put down all the details of thehouse all of the inventory of theselling features of the house when Iwalk through and stage the house at thatpoint I'm looking at through the eyes ofa buyer or a buyer's agent okay and soat that point I'm looking at anythingthat will enhance the sale ability ofthe house the price that we're going tobe able to get on the house and we'relooking at it through the eyes of thebuyer we're turning up that emotionaldial so what are some of the specificthings I can do now to get started whatare what are some things I can beworking on now okay well I can give youan idea and and I haven't drilled downokay to actually look at it through thatlens today because I really like to getstarted what sounds like it it soundslike that's something that you're realpositive and you already recognize thebenefits of that to help you get ahigher price so okay great well anexample would be as you walk into a roomyou always have a natural focal pointthat room was designed that way orthrough the arrangement of furniture orin the example of these windows we'vegot those drapes pulled this house has alot of light that could be coming inthrough those windows so I'd have thatpulled back as an example so when aperson turns the corner at the stairs orwhen they walk in the front doorimmediately their eyes are drawn by thelight oh yeah yeah I'm excited aboutwell that's neat I'll tell you what whydon't we do this and then we can getstarted on the next step of the processthat staging uh-huh why don't we goahead and get started on this paperworknow we're gonna work on the paperworkand get you going on that and then wecan go ahead and schedule that stagingright away how does that sound to youthat's something okay great and this isa sellers disclosure notice rememberhonesty pays off let them know your goalfor bringing it up is to simply givethem all the information possible inorder totheir home quickly and for the mostmoney don't make it an issue the pointis for them to work with you with theunderstanding that you will recommendthey stay to their home that closes thispart of stage in the home please comeback for part two and we'll discuss whatto do after they sign the listingagreement we'll see them[Music]

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