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hey y'all hey beautiful people now thisis the bomb diggity store that I went toand I got my to dream come truefurniture pieces the Z Gallerie Dukefurniture now look at these prices now Imust prepare you baby practice yourbreathing exercises and trust me we willbe inserting a lot of jaw-droppingdrool okay trust me you want to watchthis video you want to share it and thisis in Florida so even if you are acouple hours away this is worth the triplook at this piece I love this piecelook at look at the price look at theprice $298 do you understand I want thispiece look at this piece look at all ofthe storage room you will begin in thispiece it's like equivalent to believe itwas four cabinetsor three cabinets well let me just bequiet and allow you to enjoy this beauty[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]look at this crazy special look at thisspecial they had items chairs on stoolsthat was up to 98 dollars that you givefor $28 like and look they have a crazyselection so many beautiful differentcontemporary different styles of barstools and chairs okay listen I saw thistable and a vision in my own imaginationand to see it in front of me I'm likeare you serious right now look under itit's a glass table and it's draped incrystal crystal honey[Music][Music][Music]look at this table when is make abeautiful chic desk for only $98[Music][Music]this is another table that I absolutelylove that will make a beautiful cleandesk and somebody bought this the sameday the very same day okay startpracticing your breathing exercisesright now[Music]now this is the outlet to their storesnow many of these pieces nothing iswrong with them nothing not a team andsome of these pieces may have a smallminor crack on it that I would still seeit something for more than this at otherfurniture stores this section is powerpacked with beautiful glam pieces so I'mlike walking in this tight space look atthis piece look at this piece this doormade me wish I had a big empty house todecorate look at this piece like I lovethis I have similar pieces like this inmy bedroomand the prices are crazy[Music][Music][Music]but a big red tag on the item that meansit has been sold so that's actually mypiece right there that I just showed youin the video this is my second dategoing back the first day I delivered myfirst piece in my Jeep now this is thesecond day that I'm going back to pickup this piece now the first day mybattery died so I could not film so Iwas happy to make the trip again just soI could film all of this gorgeousnessfor you beautiful[Music][Music]they have so many beautiful pieces andthe owl was really tight to walk down soI really couldn't give you like a fullview so I'm trying to give you the bestview as possible and the great newsabout this place okay it is huge for onebut the great news about it you will seesomething new every day every day andevery day there is something new sodon't blink and items were flying out ofthis place like hotcakes look at thispiece it is all mirrored I love it but Iwas already preset on the beveled mirroredge console cabinet with the beadedtrim because I had to match andcoordinate with my mirrors that Iabsolutely have to have now this isanother piece that just had me droolingall over the place and here is the piecethat I got but this is not the one thatI get is one just like it and it's thesame as that piece but it was $100 morego figure look this is 458 and I didn'tpay for it 58 for minesI paid 348[Music][Music][Music][Music]look how beautiful this piece is nowthis piece is beautiful okay nothing'swrong with this piece it's just adiscoloration in the mirror trust me Iwould have found a way to recolor thatmirror I will not allow that littlespots in stand in my way if I had moreroom if I had more room it was a lot oftemptation in this place[Music][Music][Music][Music]like I was telling you earlier thisplace is huge and I did not go downevery I love this place I just you knowI hit the hot spots[Music][Music][Music]look how beautiful this vide is thefirst day I was eyeballing it the secondday when I came back to pick up my piecetrust me it was sold[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]now this gorgeous piece right here isactually a bar cabinet but I wasthinking of something else I wasthinking this would be a beautifulglamorous jewelry display and the priceis bananas[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]I freaking love this glass - love it Iwish I had the room for it[Music][Music][Music][Music]they had walls and walls of mirrors andthese big beautiful leaning mirrors whata statement piece like you already knowI wish I had room for him[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]this concludes my amazing shoppingexperience bargain shopping experiencebelow my mind jaw-dropping droolshopping experience perfect prices creamexperience at the Eldorado furnitureoutlets don't forget you guys to likecomment subscribe share with all of theglam lovers in your life ring thatnotification bill cuz trust me I gotanother video coming that includes lotsof child dropping drool I see youbeautiful people on another videolove you guys bye y'all

Hey Y’all! Hey Beautiful Ppl! I wanted to share this shopping EXPERIENCE dream come true. I was BLESSED to find out about this place that was full of really great prices. I hope that you enjoy this shopping experience full of GLAMOROUS goodies. Don’t forget to like comment, subscribe, share with everybody, ring that notification bell and I will see you BEAUTIFUL ppl really soon on another video! Bye Y’all!


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