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[Music]hi everyone it's violet whistling Tomwith Charlotte's properties at KellerWilliams platinum partners thanks forjoining us today for this week's what'sup Wednesday today I would like to talkto you about staging first and foremostfor us to sure that when you list withme I will help guide you through theprocess of staging answer any questionsthat you may have and help you in thatregard so statistically and historicallyit has been proven that properties thatare staged sell for more money in ashorter amount of time and stagingreally entails it could be just a meredecluttering of personalized in fromsuch as picture frames or anyknickknacks that are on furniture piecesit could be removal of furniture piecesfor example sometimes the space is justtoo small for the amount of furniturethat is in a particular space right sowe help you and guide you through thatprocess it could be also on just meredecorations for example bathrooms andkitchens are a great example in walk-inclosets we can enhance the colors of akitchen or the colors of a bathroom bythrowing in some really nice decorativepieces walk-in closet is a great exampleespecially especially when we're dealingwith a vacant property for example so itcould be throwing in some shopping bagswith tissue paper or some boxes again toenhance the the look of that walk-incloset and to enhance the color forexample because they tend to be kind ofbland right the other aspect of stagingis renting furniture now that's gettinga little bit bigger and deeper into thestaging process but let's say that we'redealing with a vacantproperty and we want to give a betterperception of space a better perceptionof value as well right so we take acouple rooms a lot of the common roomsare for example a living room a diningroom a master bedroom a loft is a greatexample of a room that could use somestaging in terms of furniture rental andthat is simply for the purpose toenhance that room and enhance that spaceand also to give the buyer be able tohave the buyer visualized what thatspace would look like with furnitureplacement so this is kind of staging ina nutshell if you have any otherquestions please feel free to comment inthe section and the comment sectionbelow or you can always call me and youknow I'll be happy to have aconversation with you 8 4 7 7 2 2 2 3 02 and thanks for watching we'll see youguys next week

For this weeks episode of What’s Up Wednesdays Violet talks about the benefits of staging your home when selling, and also gives you a bit of insight on what staging really is!


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