vesper cat furniture instructions | vesper v station

vesper cat furniture instructions | vesper v station
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vesper cat furniture

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vesper cat furniture v-high base

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v-high base

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vesper cat furniture double

vesper cat furniture parts

vesper cat furniture – vesper cat furniture, walnut, v-high base unboxing and review. Find great deals for Hagen VESPER Cat Furniture V-high Base Black modern cat furniture design.

hagen vesper v-tower modern cat tree furniture product review – ねこ – ラグドール – floppycats.

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Vesper Cat Furniture V-High Base
Marvelous vesper cat furniture vesper cat furniture reviews

VESPER V-LINE cat furniture is the perfect convergence of innovative design, cat-friendly materials and meticulous workmanship. The result is an elegant yet practical line of cat furniture that satisfies the daily activity needs of fussy felines and the aesthetic tastes of cat lovers. Every stunning piece of furniture features varying combinations of cozy cubes, platforms and tunnels, as well as strategically placed scratching areas. The V-HIGH BASE is an eye catcher thanks to its height – it is an observation deck as well as a place to rest in one. It has tall and slim scratching poles that encourage extensive scratching. The cube cave with rear exit provides a cozy Elegant yet practical line of cat furniture that satisfies the daily activity needs of fussy felines
Cube cave with 2 platforms
Soft memory foam cushions
Great spot for your cat to play or rest
Base: 22.1 x 22.1 inches; Height 47.9 inches
A cat tree (also referred to as a cat tree house, cat condo, kitty condo, cat stand, cat post or cat tower) is an artificial structure for a cat to play, exercise, relax and sleep on.

Cat trees vary in height and complexity, with most cats preferring features offering height over comfort, particularly if tall enough to allow a clear survey of their territory. While most cats seem to prefer tall cat trees, some prefer options which offer shelter or a secluded escape, which may be at any height of the structure.

Conventional cat tree designs are of a floor based solid structure, composed of square shaped sheets of particle board (as platforms, boxes and enclosed structures) combined with wooden studs and planks (used as elevators and/or stairs), with exteriors and interiors typically covered with carpet. Elevators are also frequently covered with an abrasive materials (sisal rope being the most common), intended to inducing cats to scratch in those areas and reduce overall wear of the structure. The levels created by the layer of interactive features offer cats anything from bedding and shelter to exercise and play.

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