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hey guys this is Hannah from yourstaging and Nikita's work Maryland and Ihave a great news for you and it'scalled under contract oh I will give youa quick walkthrough but before that Iwould like to share the story what wasgoing on with this house we could calledin for staging while this house wasalready on the market I think it was aweek number three or four and it was notselling the location is great price wasright but it was missing the feel ofhome feel of coziness and buyers werejust not falling in love of that rightso we staged it and it's salt so thatwas the last bed last missing piecewhich was missing in this puzzle ofselling a home so in case you arepreparing your house for today's buyersmake sure that you staged it so you willsell faster and hopefully for a betterprice as well okayenough talking and let's go inside andhave a look how we staged it this housecome with me[Music][Applause]oh okay I'm on my way to help my crewdaddy staging but before that I wouldsay good bye to you thank you forwatching if you have any questionsregarding staging please do let us knowand if you need our help call us we arestaging in Northern Virginia Marylandand leecy and we are here to help youand if you are further out I can alwaysrefer some of my fellow stagers there'sa whole army of us I'll have a wonderfulday and I'll promise to take it to ournext stage economy speech incrementerjumped out and now look across it it'sfor an injured I'm coming[Music]

Vacant Property Staging in Maryland – By Euro Staging

Hana from Euro Staging is a Home Staging Expert. Servicing Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

Euro Staging

We recently staged a vacant home in Gaithersburg, Maryland. This townhouse was already “sitting” on the market over 3 weeks with very little traffic. It was vacant and looked empty and uninviting. After we staged main areas: Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, Breakfast area and Master bedroom, it went straight UNDER CONTRACT.

Our staging goal was to create great first impression for buyers and real estate agents. All inventory, furniture, accessories and art was provided by Euro Staging.

For more information please contact us at: hana@eurostaging.com

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