Living Room 

Tour of the kitchen and living room

hey guys welcome back to my channel soI'm gonna have an it and show it makethe beginning part because I always justsaw the video downstairs with thekitchen in the living[Music]okay so as you just saw it said in thekitchenso maybe walk in there's like a hallwayhere um well first there's this bigginormous thing and we just made thatI'm doing this that's a stick if anyonewas interested Oh[Music]alright guys welcome to our homeso when you go in the kitchen you seethat we haven't fully finished movingyet so this is our table for now ormight be a no no it is our table forthen when you go over here yeah this isour crannyI'm not gonna I don't know just maybethis is a backsplash then this is ourcabinets this is our pants screams wehave two pictures but that's our likethis is like a food pantry like to makefood and then the other one likes justsnacks then I got just the fridge youknow so both of these are the fridgewhen you're both open both and then downhere yeah you can open that I smile aprepare set and then this is our freezerthen this is our sink over here we gotjust some plates and bowls and stuff Ijust look like you can barely seeanythingthis is our trike a minute like fatigueand other stuff there's just some stuffand it's a make away but this is ouroven okay then got to start us just doyeah I am forgetting a lot of things sothis is I think this is our dishwasherso these are ready to go in thedishwasher I think orderly oh man I'mready just washed I'm this because wedon't really use that oh yeah this isoutside its saline well it's actuallybut so now we're gonna go into theliving room okay uh anyway now we'regonna go to though here's a little sneakpeek Shh you probably could see that butanywaysthis is Olivernow let me turn on the light there's oneright therelike here and then there's two lights ofyouso one opened it dad why oh uh yeah okayso you just got these new chairs in andwe can't wait for our table to come in Iwasn't having their dining table I thinkyou I don't this is our team it's wellwe got another chain in the scene showyou guys this okay then these are ourcouches this is our couch blink it'ssupposed to be folded on a touch butit's really comfortable this is ourother couch I said I fire blues and nowhere's our other this is one hole of ame but we made it into two but stretchthis is part of our chair over there forthe table okay anyways this is my mirrorgot this you go this by cents per loadthat's basically it and then over theresays as as for me and my house we willserve the Lord[Music]that's and this is our stairs again thisis there I already showed um welcome toahead and then a big plaque in a bigwindow there's really no reason for thatwindow but we had to switch the door cuzit was we have to open ityeah like pasta crapola also this is our[Music]disclose it when company comes overthen this is our closest back in theshoes cleaned up pretty clean but Istraighten them it's dark I hope youguys saw the kitchen okay um well wejust don't like every light in the houseso now we shut almost every light that'sawesome that serves just don't want tomake it too dark same time think it's ahthat's really dark you can't seeanythinglet's turn these are not used that'sbasically it for today's video byeyou

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