TidalFit Swim Spa Mini Series-Episode 10 International Furniture Wholesalers Saskatoon

Sizes and options when it comes to your TidalFit Swim Spa.TidalFit has six different Swim Spa sizes.There's two different 12's, a 14, a 15, a 16 foot.As well as a 19 and a 21 foot when we get into the dual fit.The dual fit has a hot tub built onto the spa as welland there's 24 different configurations with that.So lots of different options to have your TidalFit designed and built to meet your needs.

In Episode 10 of TidalFit Swim Spa Mini Series Chet explains the different choices you have for sizes with your TidalFit Swim Spa.

International Furniture Wholesalers (IFW) is a family-based furniture business that began in Saskatoon and soon opened locations elsewhere. While they are known for their great mattresses, they also carry furniture and interior accessories. They want to ensure home owners and renters in Saskatoon can find, not only what they need, but what they want. At IFW you will find bedroom suites, leather and fabric living room furniture, dining room and kitchen table sets, hot tubs, artwork and accessories. In short, they have everything residential and commercial clients are searching for. Employees at IFW are knowledgeable and devoted to helping our customer discover the perfect pieces to complete their home décor.

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International Furniture Wholesalers
3402 Faithfull Ave
Saskatoon, SK S7K 8H1
(306) 955-1031
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