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“The kids today are the adults in the room” – S. Horvat, MEP Candidate & DiEM25 co-founder | DiEM25

It's very exciting to be in Cologne, in Germany,which is one of forty cities where Fridays for Future protests are happening currently- only in Germany - but it's happening all around the world.As you can see here it's full of children who are shouting things which the adults arenot shouting.And it's not only politically interesting but I think philosophically it's one of themost interesting protests which are happening in the 21st century.If you listen to the kids, and I think everyone should listen to them, they are speaking abouttime, they are speaking about progress, they are speaking about future and they are deconstructingthe capitalist notion of progress.They are saying this notion of progress is wrong because we won't have any future anymore.And this is one of the reasons why DiEM25 and Demokratie in Europa are today here but alsoin other German cities because we think that the kids today are the adults in the roomand the adults who are leading the world today are the spoiled and dangerous kids. So join them!

February 8, 2019, Cologne.

MEP candidate and DiEM25 co-founder Srecko Horvat on why we must all support the students who are protesting about the climate breakdown and join them.

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