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oh it looks amazing wow this is so cooloh my gosh amazing[Music]laya wants for her oh well I know thatla loves singing and running their ownsongs and playing her piano so she wouldreally enjoy like a music area we couldsoundproof the area so she has her ownperformance studio and we could bedazzletheir instrument so she can shine like astar and no music studio it's completewithout her records on the wall youready yes let's get to workwell I thought it would be fun if we putdazzled her keyboard all you need areself adhesive rhinestones this isprobably gonna take like gazillionmillion rhinestones it's gonna take usdays to finish thisit's amazingremember how you doesn't have a place ofstoring musical instruments and then wemade pink velvet soundproof panels downBrobee also bedazzled your new keyboardand mic and your names even on it sothat when you record your videoseveryone will know the stars name[Music]what do you think Nikki wants and hisbrand-new bedroom Nikki wants a minimancave you need space to play videogames we can give him a loft bed withoutgaming desk underneath what else hewants a fireplace such a neat designelement and he loved LED lights we'llgive him these really cool LED panelsthat will make his room light up like aboss that sounds awesomeI got these LED light panels that youcan put up in any configuration you wantparties started laying out the patternusing leftover scrap paper a helpful tipwhen hanging any kind of installationlike this cut out paper the size of yourshapes that you're hanging and put it onthe wall to test it before you hang thatmakes it perfect and now it's time toadd each light these tiles are just likestickers you peel off the backing andstick them to the wall and then we usethese electronic connectors to link allthe tiles plug it into one tile perfectand then you attach the next tile pushthem together what do you think that'scool I think we should go in and seethis roomI can't believe you guys actually got mea fireplace I love it it's so cool checkout your gaming area you have threescreens in your room to very own gamingparadise you're welcome what is this socool it's LED lights Press that oh thatwas literal awesome we made a patternwith paper yeah we knew exactly whereeveryone to put each panel you did thisyeah there's room everything I everdreamed of what to thinkMeghan wants in her dream room wellshe's always wanted a beachy theme so wecould have a fun beachy theme with someseaside accents exactly what are youthinking color wiseshe likes turquoises in our chests andshe really wants a bright accent wall solots of bright colors on the wall whatupshe loves basketball that gives me agreat ideaenough said let's get to work Meghan'sfavorite thing is the beach so I wantedto bring the beach to ur room with a funbeach lamp all we need sand seashellssome sea glass to make it extra colorfuland this fill of a lamp base that youcan buy at any craft store first thingsfirst we're gonna pile up and she'llstart smashwe're going to put our sand in the lampusing different colors of sand withdifferent textures allows for morevariety a little bit more interest placethe best looking shells on top aroundthe perimeter so that you can see themfully place the lampshade down and thereyou have it a beach chic accent layupfor Megan's room she's gonna feel likeshe's on the beach oh my gosh you got tobe kidding meI just don't know where to look you havean entryway place for you to sleep andplay basketball a place for you to studyand you can hang out with your friendshere or you can hang out with them hereand watch some TV shall we look let'scheck it out yeah so what we did here iswe crushed some shells and then put sandin it and we put the shells on it makesme think I'm at the beach tiny littlebeach now I made you your very owncustom backboard that makes you feellike you're right at the beach but alsocan play a little ball this is theperfect mix of basketball and Beach youhave your own living room this looksamazingyou have your custom tire coffee tablethat your sister and your mom helpedmake I think this is probably thecoolest room I've ever seen get overherewhat do you think Stephen wants in hisroom place to hang out with his friendssofa video game area yeah he wants BigBen and then a place to show off hissneakers how many pairs does he havelike 15 and didn't you want to see somestreet art yeah what colors when andwealready have some fun things in mind solet's go get to work you ready yeah okayso here's what we're gonna do we'regonna paint Stephens name on the walland tweak and stylize it and make itlook awesomeoh good done great we're gonna startwith the gray here so start right hereice what you think that's it I like itthis is perfect man we have our base nowwe can move forward with it here's everyJeff that's mehow's that perfectwhoa this is so cool is this really myroom definitely I love it this isawesome I like it Vincentshow him what you did in the room I didyour name he drew that name that is yourown custom street art you did this yeahnice we built out this entire death madeof wood and pipe you're so coolI put all the pipes together your momhelped me cut the wood she was the cornwe know that you love sneakers wesplatter paint all over them they cameout pretty cool nice these are awesomeplease match with my room your ownoriginal brand one-of-a-kind don't getanybody else is gonna have those shoesdo you want it yeah I love it did areally great job I appreciate it getmore universal kids teach in thedescription below to find shows or in[Music]

Claire and JBJ reveal these teen’s dream room transformations, from a rocking music studio to a gamer’s paradise!

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