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Staging Your home

hi everybody its Leslie with the Lesliedicing your team we're here with it'sJamie she's with talk to us aboutstaging your home we get a lot ofquestions on people that are pcs sayingshould we save our home what should wedo so if I bring a professional toanswer those questions for youThank You Jamie hi everybody i'm jamiefrom start staging solutions and feabell and we were just talking a littlebit about homes that have rooms thatmight be a little tricky to visualize alot of times a historic home might havewrens deadly fires scratching their headas to what the rooms actually forespecially if the rooms are left ofAiken during the marketing period forthe property I recommend staging room soit takes out all of that ambiguity thatway when buyers walk into the homethey're not distracted by questions andinstead they can actually consider thehome for purchase also well thank you somuch and as always give us a call andwe're always there for you bye guys

Do you need to stage your home in order to sell? Check out this video to find your answer.

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