room transformation!! painting my room and redoing furniture!

hey guys I don't really know how tostart this a few I always feel weirdsaying hey guys but I don't know what tosay so we're just gonna stick with thatbut um this is part two of my series Iwant to say part two hopefully I'mcorrect but if you're new here hi I'mCharlotte thanks for watching and ifyou're coming back then thanks forcoming back but today we are doing aroom transformation so um I'm movingeverything out of my room painting itand putting everything back into my roomand this isn't happening all in one daybut you're gonna be watching this in oneday so yeah but today I'm gonna startmoving furniture my uncle is gonna paintmy roomon Saturday today is Wednesday so I'mstarting to move things to addameer roombecause I have quite a bit and I alsowork all weekend so I don't have time todo it before he paints so that's thatwhy are my hands like this oh my god soI've already started by assembling mydesk and moving my desk out of my roommy mom helped me with that so thanks momand I also started putting things in mystepsister's rooms sorry Jessica butyeah everything so far some padsyou know these centrioles but now I'mgonna go ahead and take down thepaintings and wall decorations I haveand possibly undo my TV so I can havejust one less thing to do this weekendbut everything else is pretty simple Ihave to put all of my makeup stuff awaymove that move this I can move my bedinto the center and he can paint aroundthat and then I have to stuff as manythings as I can into my closet but yeahthat's everything so I'm just gonna showyou a little bit of how I clean[Music][Music][Music]typical print so it's gonna cool toaren't like this and it's kind of coolit is from Ireland and if you lookclosely there's three little birdiesthose are birds with the book this is anowl three little owls now that I have nowall art my room is boring asyay to that[Music]few things I won't clear out until theday of or once we get closer to the daybecause I use it every day but yeah thisis it for now I'll try and get the restof me moving my furniture out on footageif not next time you see this my roomwill be a different color all rightI don't know if you can hear there's ait go high weird but my room iscompletely clean besides my dresserbecause I am too lazy to move it andit's pretty freaking big and by myselfso that's not happening but everythingelse is cleared out I just moved my bedand my nightstand and my uncle is comingdown to paint my room today and I amsuper excited as you can tell I amwearing the same thing because I justwoke up and I'm gonna go run someerrands and do some things all my unclepaints so I'm gonna do a little like sadmontage is my room all purple and havingall the memories of when I was in MiddleSchool I was email and then the nexttime you see my room it's probably goingto be the color that I chose because I'mnot telling you[Applause]okay so yeah let's get thispurple out of my room nowguys how other than my closet is Ireally want to die that's my schoolstuff that's my dirty clothes stuffthat's clean stuff that I haven't hungup yet this is a lot of stuff that goesin my clothing rack and yeah it's just afreaking mess and let's do an update onJessica's room real quick oh there's mybed move that bitch all by myself likewhat the that's all my bed stop soleave my stuffed animals my chargers andhere's Jessica's room sorry Jessicabut um yeah this is all my stuff my momwas like oh you could just sleep in herefor the night and then I got everythingin here and I was like I'm notdoing that so I'm probably gonna sleepout here and I'm probably gonna get nightmares or some becauseum this is not my home base but you knowit'd be like that so I'll see you guysprobably tomorrow when I decide to filmagain so we are no longer going to behaving purple selfies we're gonna behaving brown let's turn this bitch up soI can sleep in here tonight I think itjust turned it off there we go look atthat bitch spin sick yeah this isactually like really lit alrightI gotta go to workbye hey guys the next morning and I'mwearing the same thing but I just wantedto show you my room know that the paintis settled and it looks kind of lightbut I swear it's not this late it kindof looks like poop it's this lightingbut it's not but yeah it looks reallygood I'm really happy with it I have towork today but probably tonight orsometime tomorrow I'm going to rearrangemy room so stay tuned for thatHeymy mom and I are gonna start putting myroom together it's not Tuesday hey guysso just got done putting everything myroom or like furniture wise and I'msuper excited it looks really good for awhile everything looked really crampedand we were like because it just did notlook good but we finally found thebalance set and I'm really excited aboutit so that's the end of this video andI'll see you guys next time on my series[Music]

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