Dining Room 

Room toot in the Dining Room xx

[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]see all the times six spaces six guysthe conspiracy is za just don't excusethat but wouldn't a minute stays the toybox and then the comfiest of embassieswhich I could sell them all day withouthaving any excuses but the locals thereare anything is wrong then we come roundhere pictures meand then we got some trophies bombertrophies trophy Ohso don't wanna be for young Romina andthen we got that funny thing you have akey for a stuff I've been over here thisis the best part of the whole entirekitchenit's that slime drawers they're amazingthe fluffy jiggly clear gel any type ofslide you can find but then secondbetter in the kitchen it's a couch youcan never live about College seriouslyif I enjoy life in our couchI would sufferso yeah we've got like healthcare allright a robber just everyone's known bythe time cuz I'm on Aug beyond I don'twant to show my privacy and then we gotbox fan box their biggest work boxeswhole nuts it but then that one near theslime draw it's a slide and teddy boxhomework you shop slime drawers andTeddy bucks you're a thumbs up so yesguys I've had and the video yet but mykitchen smog but now not sure if you allyou on is just right we'll see put itback to the city and then the raindropsfalling all around this had before wasdown yo it's cool it's just in time it'scooking time oh yeah oh yeah you cansome delicious food have you got the Sunall around us microwave oh that's gooddrawers open up right did they do I knowit's never been so happy in your lifeand then it's never been the dooroh the beautiful sky you shade allaround usshe is shining so bright oh can you seeit's not very comfy and that's not comfyat all seats you could sit on that untilyour life has drawers slide doors tinybox just pop in love but you can'tforgetthen another no you can't forget there'sonly one thing one thing one thing it'sthe couchoh the couch me a life easierput screen it's the couch it's the couchsure oh it's couch it's on its waythank you for watching today's videodon't forget to Like subscribe andcomment and you might win the giveawayis a rag giveaway guys

This didn’t go as planned xx

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