Playing Hide and seek at the furniture store PART 1

the two antennas are you gonna give us I[Music]am might please I am a furniture storelook it has the keysit has one of these it almost looks likewykowskibut like the eyes has to be blue and allof this has to be white and how I sayand I don't knowso see you guys here okay guys in theother side it has a lot of comfortablecouches my my house it my d-does I don'tknow he say slippers and I give it muchbetter night guys know every shoes Ihonestly where every shoe and this is mysister guy it has a lot of beautifulstuff honestly especially the beds looksuper nice okay guys I went here andthen I saw this this is my bro hereit's pretty nice spell like what couldbe rudeit looks like 1990 couch 9b and stoplove chair that's next two months sowe're not gonna bite[Music]hey guys this is my room here so thesepeople my sister and my brother I'mmaking business here we are makingbusiness of playing tagwho's ready you guys ready yes so guyswe decided I am gonna kill so you'regonna come here I'm gonna come latelytouch me right over there okay[Music]I'm gonna tell you when we're donekiddos one two okay guys this actuallywe made a mistake so she's counting didit go counter party partywe're gonna hide around here under hereI'm here get it oh she's closeokay guys um she's not coming why[Music]oh no it's Abraham Stern he he made melose and and he was first when I foundhim firstokay so around you're gonna come yesokay you can't be cheating okayloser okay so guys I'm gonna give thecamera to my sister so I'm literallyjust gonna hide you're gonna have tohide it somewhere okay hope you can putplate[Applause]hey we should take this first line noslide stuff for homeworkOh shoots so basically he was cheeringfor Akane I tell you if we did like somecameras right there he could see usmoving wherever we go so he's basicallya cheater so I want to play with thecheaterstop you know after my jump

Hey guys I kind of cut the camara so I’m gonna have to do a part 2 so hope u enjoyed and make sure to smash that like button 👍and also subscribe thanks and god bless yall🙏

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