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Newly Released Madam Glam Green 💚 Hearts Collection/Valentine’s Nail Design

[Music]hi everyone welcome back so I havesomething very exciting to share withyou as you can see this collection infront of me madam glam is releasing ittoday it's called the green heartscollection it contains 11 new gels witha glitter formula all spring shades thatare trendy in 2019 so I will be showingyou all of these glitter gels and I willbe doing them on a swatch stick and Ialso will be doing a Valentine's designat the end of the video I want to sharea little bit more about madam glam sofor the month of February they'repromoting their core values which arenine free vegan and cruelty free gelpolishes and of course this campaign isfor Valentine's Day but they're alsowanting to do a loving awarenesscampaign towards animal protection so Ithink this is all just so wonderful I'msure you'll agree and now I'm gonna getstarted by showing you the glitterpolishes and the first one is thatchange and if you may have noticed thePolish shift bottles are different thename is on the front versus the bottomso it has a clear base to it so youcould use this over another color gelpolish and have it as a topper or youcan just add layers of it to make itmore opaque so I'm curing each layer for30 seconds in my combination UV LED lampnow if you were doing a UV lamp it'd betwo minutesso the second polish I'm sharing withyou is called Earth Day every day it isa pretty silvery darker silver maybeglitter polished with hollow in it lookat all that Hollow so pretty again soI'll do one layer and I'll cure it for30 seconds and I'll show you the secondlayeryouthe next one is called ring the alarm itis a stunning more chunkier glitter cuthow pretty that one is it's beautiful sothis one does have more of a deep pinkease to ityouso this one is called eco vibes and itis a stunning silvery cleared basedglitter gel look at how pretty that oneis as well I'm going to explain to you alittle bit about my coupon codes sonormally this set would not be on saleuntil February 14th but my subscribersare allowed to use my 30 percent offcoupon code right away for this set howgreat is that so you can use that codeand follow the link though in thedescription in order to use it so nowI'm going to share the next glitter gelpolish it's called ethical and goldenand then I'll explain my other couponcode in a minute so this one is abeautiful dark golden coloryou can see it has a light kind ofgolden base to itso I'll explain my second coupon code toyou valid between February 14th and 15ththis set will be on sale for 40% off soyou can use that coupon code i'll havethat down in the description the secondonethis one is called natural beauty it's abeautiful red with hollow in ityouso this one has a clear base to it sothis would be another great one for atop row over where a colored gel or youcould just layer it and make it moreopaqueyouso this one is called organic lavenderit is a really stunning deeper pink withchunky glitter in itagain this one has a clear base so youcould use it as a top or you could useit to ombre down a colored gel there'sso many different options with thesethey're just really so stunning so Iwill do a couple coats and to make it alittle more opaque so you can see howpretty it isyouthis one is called pure energy isanother kind of rose gold colored pinkchunkier glitter gel and again this onewill have a clear baseyouand the next one I'm sharing with youit's called make a difference this is abeautiful magenta chunky glitter veryvery beautiful so once again it doeshave a clear base so lots of options youcould do with this use it as a topper orjust do layers to make it more opaqueagainyouthis one is called that's the spirit itis a beautiful orange e red pink it'sthat's very hollow looking a glitterthis is actually one of my favorites Ithink because it's very unique it has anorange base to it but yet it has pinksand like I said hollow more or lesscolors in itegle what check read is the next one itis a beautiful deep red with chunky redglitter in itstunning now this one has a red base toitso madam glam has a new way to check outon their new website so you guys thecustomers can become a VIP member andenjoy 50% off their gels or you couldpay as you go and pay the regular pricewith no discount but if you use one ofmy coupon codes its special and uniquefor you guys it will allow you to bypassthe VIP formula and you can buy as manyproducts as you want for the discountoff the regular price and there's nospecial conditions example like youdon't have to have a minimum out amountin your cart and there's no obligationto subscribe again to the VIP membershipso you definitely use those coupon codesand follow those links below to do thisnow I'm gonna get started with myValentine's design using the glitterpolish so to start this design you needto pair one of the glitter gels with oneof madam glams color gels and I'mchoosing this really pretty pink calledangel wings so I'm gonna do the pinkywith this and I'm gonna do one coat andI'll cure for 30 seconds and I'll do asecond coat and as you can see madamglam gel polishes have such greatcoverage after one coat[Music][Music]so when using our madam glam gelpolishes or glitter gels we want a basecoat so I had applied my madam glam basecoat to my practice hand anyways so nowthe second nail I am applying that pinkagain and I'm just going up probably aquarter way down or just over and nowI'm applying the second coat after Icarried it for 30 seconds and I'm justgonna take my cleanup brush and make theline in just a little bit straighterso from the green hearts collection thatI showed you at the beginning of thevideo I chose bring the alarmit is that really beautiful deep colorwith a chunky glitter in it so I'm gonnabe applying it where I left off from thepink I'm just gonna do about just overhalfway down and then I'm gonna use mycleanup brush them straight in the linesout and I will do one coat and cure for30 seconds and do a second coat[Music][Applause]once again I'll be taking angel wingsand I'll be finishing that nail and Idid do two coats cured each for 30seconds so I will be doing some more tothis nail a bit later now I'm gonna betaking a ring the alarm again and I'mgoing to do one coke here for 30 secondsand again I will do that second coat andthis will of course be on the full nail[Music][Music]I'm gonna bring it up closer look howstunning that is beautiful so the nextfinger I am doing the angel wings againand I'm gonna be doing the full nail inthis and again two coats so I will beadding some nail art to this nail aswell as the ring finger and some glasscrystals to the pinky[Music][Music][Music]so now I'm using this stamping platethat has the hearts on it and takingsome white stamping polish and where Iused bring the alarm in the middle I'mgonna be stamping this heart design onit so now I'm going to take my cleanupbrush with some acetone and I just wantthe hearts to be left on where the ringthe alarm is so I'll just remove thatwith acetone right now[Music][Applause]youso a little bit later in this video Iwill be doing one more thing to this nownow I'm taking that a same heart designand the index finger I am going to bestamping the full nail with that thisstamp actually won't cover the length ofthis nail so I'm gonna stamp it andwhatever I didn't cover I'm going to betaking some acetone and just neaten itup first and then I'm gonna restart thebottom with the same design just tofinish it off so now on the pinky you'llsee me adding some resin because I'mgoing to be adding some glass crystalsthat are pretty close in color to ringthe alarm so I'll just let you guyswatch me apply those[Music]you[Music][Music][Music]so now I'm taking madam glams perfectwhite it is absolutely the nicest weightI've ever used and I'm actually justgoing to add lines across where I hatethe stamp the ring the alarm just tofinish off this nail so I'll do thebottom and the top and then I'll use mycleanup brush to make sure those linesare nice and straight if they're not andthen I'll cure for 30 seconds[Music][Applause]youso now that the nail design is done I'mtaking madam glams now wiped up code andcovering up all the nails I'll cure thatfor 60 seconds well everybody I hope youenjoyed seeing the new green heartscollection again I'll have those couponcodes down in the description so ifyou're wanting to get a discount on thisgreen hearts collection it's reallyworth checking out in buying welleverybody thanks for watching I hope youliked my Valentine's design please likeand subscribe and I'll see you next timebye[Music]

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Thank you to Madam Glam for letting me share with you their just launched (Feb 6th) collection Green💚Hearts. This collection has 11 gels with a glittery formula and they are absolutely stunning!!! There is 11 shades in the collection and in this video I will be showing you all of them!
💚Madam Glam gels are now 9 FREE and Cruelty-Free and Vegan! This collection is all about animal protection.💚
As I said in this video Madam Glam has a new way to checkout on their new website: you can either decide to “become a VIP member” (and enjoy 50% off their gels) or “pay as you go” and pay the regular price with no discount.
I just wanted to avoid any potential confusion, in case you enter the shop and see a bigger discount there (VIP discount). My coupon for 30% or 40%( February 14th and 15th for ONLY the Green 💚collection) is special and unique to my followers. It will allow my fans to bypass the VIP formula, and buy as much products as they want at 30% or 40%(after Feb 14th)off the regular price, with no special conditions (no minimum amount in cart, etc) and no obligation to subscribe to our VIP membership.
Please use the link below for my discount code to work. Thank you!

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Valid February 14th and 15th 40% off code for ONLY the Green 💚collection ArdelleVday40

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