New Stunning Tiles Design for Bathroom floor and wall (contrasting and stylish ideas)

There are several types of tiles used for residential and commercial applications. Tiling provides one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly flooring choices. Tiles are made from natural clay and often other (recycled) materials. Tile manufacture does not necessitate the use of heavy chemicals or other harmful substances, unlike other flooring types. There are no trees to be cut down as with hardwood floors, and the best part is that tiles are durable and have a long lifespan.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is the most common tiling used in the US in offices, stores and homes. Ceramic tile comes in two forms: glazed and unglazed. Unglazed tile (see below) is referred to as quarry tile. Ceramic tiles are made from clay and then heated. The glaze, which creates the color of the tile, is added after firing. The glazing process allows for the creation of infinite color combinations.

Quarry tile

Quarry tile is unglazed ceramic tile. Inexpensive, durable and natural, quarry tile is also less prone to chips and scratches. The color selection is not as vast as with other tile types, but there are several shades of red, orange, brown, gray and more.

In residential applications, quarry is used for kitchens and pathways because it has a naturally coarse surface, making it less slippery than some other surfaces when wet. Use freeze-resistant grades for outdoor tiling to prevent any weather-related problems in colder climates. 

Like almost all types of tile, quarry is porous, which means that it can become stained. Those who choose to install quarry in a kitchen generally apply a glaze-like seal or wax finish to help prevent stains and other damage. Clean unglazed or unsealed quarry with only a small amount of water. Too much moisture can damage the tile and lead to mold growth in the grout

Beautiful bathroom floor and wall tiles design contrasting and stylish ideas.

Modern living room Floor Tiles Designs.

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