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MIXED COLORS // The Sims 4: Room Build

hi everyone its Matthew Sims and welcomeback to my channel for a Sims 4 roombuild and what I believe I'm going tocall the Sims 4mixed colors room something along thoselines but I had a very fun time filmingthis and making this room for you alland it will be up on the gallery so yesit'll be up on the gallery my originidea is both a simmer and that is alsomy gallery ID so you can go there andget it but I'm very excited because thisroom was just so much fun honestly andyeah this is fun really like I reallyimagined this for like a little girlmostly yeah there's like a bunch of pinkso yeah this is like a mix of girls roombut it's very cute and I hope you likeit and if you want to put it in yourgame go ahead be my guest because thiswas so fun also this is the first buildthat will feature screen shots at theend which is very very very excitingbecause I see people do like screenshots or create a sin and screenshots ofroom and house bills and things and I'venever done that so I tried today andwe're gonna see how this goes but if youdid enjoy this video please subscribeand turn on the notification ball tonever miss when I upload a video so Iwill see you all next Saturday byeeverybody enjoy the rest of the video[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]you[Music]it kind of feels like this hey would youstay with me to the sample girl be getgive you the so mehey if your ball honey you can stickaround I don't know what it is about youbut uh-huh you

I did a mix match color build, enjoy!
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