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[Laughter][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Applause]it would be hard for me to be moreexcited right now I finally got thefunds all in place to go ahead andpurchase a bunch of stuff for the kidsroom well not a bunch but enough to makeit come together I think there's only afew things were missing today but I'mgonna go ahead and try to get as muchdone as possible on their room I gotthis adorable table and not everythingat Ross okay so it's all knockoff liketotally cheap I don't even think this ismetal well it is metal it's just likecheap metal hey we'll see if they breakthe glass how long it takes him to breakthe glassthis was $29 so I'm really really happywith him I got this faux fur which I'malso super happy about I got four yardsat $6 a yardit was initially $40 a yard and I got aton of knockoffs so I'm excited to makesome stuff out of that I got this plantthat has definitely seen better days I'mgonna have to cut off some of thosespindles this is a fantastic way to adda little bit of green ran to the roomand then I got this golden elephantbecause what kid's room doesn't need agolden elephant and when you have kidsyou want sturdy things that aren't gonnaget destroyed so I thought that was kindof cute to kind of help tie in the goldover there I got this great rock paintbecause we are going to use this on thisbed right here so this bed is the bedthat we got it's a little you knowdinged up we got it at a like HumanResources human Habitat for Humanity orsomething anyways and then here's Leon'sbed so I'm gonna go ahead and try tochalk paint this one if they don't matchperfectly I'm gonna go ahead and slapsome chalk paint over this one too justso they seem to go together we are gonnado a ton on this room today enjoy thecloset view Leeanne totally destroyedthis by the way I don't hang socks onhangers nor do my hangers usually looklike[Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]good morning you guys today I am soexcited to finally show you Leon andLucy's room if you guys have followed mefor any length of time then you knowthat this room has really been acatch-all for us for a long time it wasour little office for a little bit oftime it was kind of a studio or we wouldfilm like she would come up here andplay music it was the playroom where thekids would play some basically it justwas a junk collector because it didn'thave a title and so basically I feltlike this room needed a name I painted atitle and I do want to have both kidsmoved in here before our third babybecause that third baby's gonna move inthe closet or Lucy is currently sleepingthat said I don't think I'm going tomove Leon and Lucy in together rightaway but I decided to set up this roomso that when we move Leon and Lucy intogether it's already set up for both ofthem so right now Leon just sleeps inhere and Lucy will probably be about 18months when she moves in here this roomisn't a hundred percent together yet Istill don't know what art I'm gonna doon the walls and I will show you guyskind of my ideas for that but I'm goingto show you guys what I have so farbecause I just couldn't wait and I dowant your help actually so it is 9:00 inthe morning the sun's kind of messing upmy feature wall but here you guys seeLeon and Lucy's little bedroom it lookslike a little hotel suite I feel like Iabsolutely love this feature wall in theback and I especially love it when theSun isn't coming right through thosewindows because it is easier to justfocus on the patterns I got these decalsoff of Etsy I will link them down belowand they actually look so good you guyssee that I thought they would lookreally sticky and cheesy but they lookincredible they look like they're a partof the wall and like they were paintedonand they're super easy to get off if youknow what you're doing but Leon hasn'tpeeled them off which is a really goodthing obviously the first thing we weregifted this toddler bed but this oneover here we ended up finding at theHabitat for Humanity for twenty at fivebucksand it was brown and was really ugly andbeat-up but I went ahead and justpainted this grey with grey chalk paintI paint everything with chalk paint nowbecause when it gets dinged up like Iknow it will it'll just look even betterand then the Grays didn't matchcompletely so I ended up painting thisone the exact same grey I was veryspecific as to what I wanted for thekids bedding I knew that I wanted it tobe small I didn't want it to beoversized and constantly falling offbecause you can't tuck anything down andbetween the rails and the bed it neededto just fit the width of the bed and mykids do not sleep with any blankets thatare not extremely soft that is kind oftheir comfort thing for the night so Iended up buying the SPO for at JoannsI just folded them in half it was theperfect width I didn't have to sew thisedge obviously and then I just sewedboth ends in and made these nice furryfluffy blanket comforters for the kiddosLeon adores his I wanted to be veryspecific with the thrill pillows Iobviously didn't want a ton of pillowsbecause my kids are not going to behelping me put them on their beds so Ijust turned these pretty goldpillowcases into decorative pillows Igot this fabric for really cheap atJoanne's and I think I ended up sewingthem each a pillowcase from about $2 tojust cover the regular pillows Lucydoesn't sleep with a pillow right nowbut Leon does and so instead of having apillow and then a couple decorativepillowsthis is perfect and adds a different fungeometric pattern I knew I wanted thisroom to be all about shapes and patternswith a geometric twist and so I also gotthis really fun fabric at Joanne's againmarked way down this was nice upholsteryfabric or home decor fabric but I justlove the pattern I like how it broughtthe black down from the wall and kind ofgrounded it out here I feel like andthen I decided to make it a circle justbecause we have so many differentpatterns and shapes going I thought thatwould be kind of fun and then I justmade these cardboard buttons I coveredthem with ribbon and sewed them on tothe little circle pillows I love thegold sparkles I just feel like it addsanother texture in this room along withthis fluffy fur and again I just lovethe different patterns of the pillowsfor the decor again I wanted to keep itreally simple so the kids focus onsleeping in here and not plain so Ididn't get a ton of stuff also this roomis really really tiny because these bedsare not twin beds they are those littlelittle tiny beds and a twin bed I don'tthink could fit all the way across whilestill having a walkway I got this plantalso at Ross which is probably going tobe a disposable plant it's fake I got itfor four dollars and I feel like Leonhas already done a little bit of damageon it but I like how it shoots straightup it gives this room a little bit ofheight and it's really really durablewhen it breaks it's only four dollarsand I could totally replace it as youcan see I need to teach Leon to notcolor on the walls this was his firstlittle experiment with drawing on thewalls and hopefully it's gonna be hislast but I'm sure it probably won't be[Music]over here on the wall opposing theirbeds I just hung up well actually Elijahhung up his instruments here I do lovehow the instruments add to the room andI'm still keeping our planning weeklycalendar over there it goes with thecolors of the room and I do really liketo have that up eventually I might turnthat into a mirror or some form of artor I'm not completely sure but at thispoint I just love how simple this wallis yeah it's still decorated and it tiesin quite nicely to the rest of the roomI have been throwing around ideas forart above the kids beds and I'm gonnashow you a couple of those ideas now Ireally need your adviceone option is putting these littleposters above their bed actually justdrew this out to see how it would lookto see if I would like it and I kind ofliked the concept and theory but thenwhen I put it above the bed I don't knowif I could just kind of show you guyswhile I'm filming but then when itactually came to putting it above thebed I didn't know if it looked too likestraight up and down obviously againthese would be printed it wouldn't be myhandwriting and then Lucy's would beslightly more feminine but what do youguys think is that like too much up anddown up and down having matching bigposters above the bed another idea isinstead of putting their names andframes putting a big engineering printsof their faces that are black and whitein the frames I thought that could lookcute but then I thought it might alsolook creepy having like big heads abovetheir beds part of me loves this featurewall exactly how it is because the bedsare so stinking short I feel like itmakes the room look really tall and Ialmost don't want to cover the wall butwhat are your guys thoughts I don't wantit to look like we just moved in or likethe room is empty obviously so then thequestion is if I'm not going to domatching posters straight above theirbeds because it's two straight lines andI'm not gonna leave itlike then should I do something big andoverarching here I just really don'tknow you guys so give me some advice Iam very very open and then tell then wewill just enjoy this adorable littleroom as always thank you so so much forwatching give this video a thumbs uphopefully it gave you a little bit ofinspiration or you guys just enjoyedfinally seeing this room in my housecoming together again it's not perfectlydone but I do just really like how it'sslowly coming together and how I've beenable to do it on a very very cheapbudget so Koslow let me know what shouldI do with this wall what kind of artshould I put on it or should I put onart at all and I will see you guys soonbye[Music]

I hope you guys enjoy seeing how far this room has come, and I look forward to reading your comments about what I should do with the back wall! Thank you for your love, support, and help! 🙂




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