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Living Room Session 4.16.19

okay okay well what did the fingers meanjust like scenario oh okay okay here butI will pull it up when he's got it up toyouyou[Music][Laughter]okay everybody a MC can you see us yetuh-uhchrysalis a MC can we see us yes can youhear me comment I can hear youwe're here okay hello everyone thank youfor your patience we really appreciateit we're trying to figure this thing outwe are in chrysalis and you are watchingright now we're in our online livingroom a session welcome to our livingroom come sit down get some tea enjoy sotoday we are talking about threepossible futures for a MC and we'regonna get your feedback on it we're andtalk about it a little bit more butfirst we need to like figure out wherewe came from to get to where we're goingso we're in chrysalis you know themetaphor when a caterpillar tries tobecome a butterfly it has to go intochrysalis and do all of the workinternally to become everything it needsto be so we are here with media projectswelcome everyone thanks for yourpatience and I'm nading the contentcoordinator for the Allied mediaconference okay so I like plan my summeraround AMC I'm like super excited aboutit every year I'm so pumped especiallysince I live like a couple blocks away Ican just like take naps during theconference very lucky but this summerit's not happening and I'm like but thenI also heard something else washappeningthat's even more hopeful and even moreintentional so I'm curious like whatwhat is happening right now why are wehere why are we doing this yeahso we're we're here as RV said in thischrysalis momentI think we're what led us to this placeis following last year's AMC which wasthe 20th annual allied media conferencewe were so overwhelmed by the power ofthat event the beauty of it and also thesheer magnitude of it and you know wewere just to be honest like prettydestroyed by it I would say and andreally asking ourselves like what wouldit take to make this the process oforganizing this thing the structure thedesign of it something that wassustainable for another 20 years becausewe really felt like just to continuegrowing at the rate of growth and thepace and the the the demand for growththat we'd been feeling would wouldn'twould really burn us out so we startedasking ourselves well maybe the AMCshould be like you know this or likethat next year and then had a reallyrevelatory moment working with theconsultant that we love and have workedwith for a long time where she was likeyou could just take a break and I thinkthat when we make that decision to takea break we made itthinking all kinds of things we werelike well will people still be with uswe asked ourselves a lot of questionsand I think the thing that is reallypowerful is just realizing that like wewanted to grow with intention and not becontrolled by growth which led us to theyear in chrysalis and the year andchrysalis started with us gatheringinformation and data above AMC in orderfor us to take a look at where we havebeen to know where we could go we neededto know sort of like the body of theconference right the goo the goo rightso what caterpillar really okay yeah sothat led us to the state of thecaterpillar okay okay pour it right sowe were like hungry we're The HungryCaterpillar we're like taking inthe information looking at all of thedata to create this report that kind ofserved as the foundation to understandbeing more about the conference askingourselves like what gifts does the AMCgive to the world and then alsounderstanding what things we couldexpand upon what things were challengingand how we could get better and in orderto do that working brought on 10 AMCyears with us to form the chrysaliscreative team yeah lots of differentbackgrounds to lots of differentbackgrounds right so we have a lot ofmedia based organizers who have come tothe AMC to do this work have beenanything from like a track coordinatorto a volunteer to bringing like justreally innovative content every year tothe conference and we thought hey theconference has always been aparticipatory design processlet's bring folks in to like help uswith this visioning so those two folksbecame the chrysalis creative team andin February we came together for aretreat just to reinvent to askourselves new questions and to reallyjust say what is which is leading us tothis momentof scenarios mmm so now we're in goo nowwe're now it's really gooey now it'sreally good yeah we like to say duringthe chrysalis retreat we were sayingwhat's do what's good what's really ifthe answer is everythingright yeah sure okay so wait if you'rereally interested about these threescenarios comment what's go okay so themain structure of this do we have threemajor scenarios coming from the retreatthat we talked about yeah and so keep inmind these scenarios are very earlyversions we're here to think about ournext most elegant form of AMC and whatthat looks like it's we're not going tohave all of the answers right yeah and Ithink that's the point of gatheringeveryone in our virtual living roomtoday it's just to gather what those bigquestions are to gather those ideas hearyour feedback on it so that when we goback intoas we continue to be Goo yeah we cancome away with our our next most elegantfor hmm so in terms of feedback we'regonna go through each scenario and thenwe're gonna be gathering your commentsand your questions and then I'm gonnaget a text message of some of yourquestions and then we're gonna do ourbest so we're gonna do that we're goingto talk about the scenario then we'regonna go through questions also if youhave other feedback that you'd like tobe more wordy with you can email AMC atallied media org AMC at allied media organd we'll get to you after so let's getto these scenarios scenario one what'sgo before we even get there okay just toback it up a little because we do needto frame the scenarios in a couple waysfirst and that is it you know when wedid this retreat Nadine was talkingabout with the chrysalis creative teamit was this like big blue sky what ifall the possibilities and we grounded itfirst though in asking like what'sreally essential about the AMC like whatare the the core parts that thougheverything feels up in the air we knowthat it will contain this type of youknow there will be an antenna and a wingand a I ball or whatever the differentparts of the butterfly so from that thethe pieces that we boil down is thissort of set of commitments that inacross any scenario these these aregoing to be the AMC is going to continueto do these thingsone advancing amps mission which somefolks may have seen that mission got alittle you know an upgrade recently wesqueezed some lemon on it it wasn't atotal reinvention but we refreshed itand that is our mission to cultivatemedia for liberation the other thingthat AMC will continue to do isprioritize deep care and accessibilitywill provide entry points for a newpeople especially Detroiters so you knowwe're balancing this tension betweengrowth and intimacy but we know that wecan't just close the doors that that'snot a solution to the challenges ofgrowth there will be remain entryfor new people who are constantly cominginto this work of media for liberationwe're going to ensure that the AMCcontinues to strengthen connectivityacross networks the AMC is a network ofnetworks and that's what one of the mostbeautiful things about it will continueto Center marginalized communities andleadership of marginalized communitieswe will take celebrations seriously veryseriously you know not just likecontinuing to party and throw down inall the ways but you know expanding theways that we celebrate to be moreintergenerational more you knowinclusive of all the different ways thatwe find joy and we're committing for theAMC to be evolving year after year orcycle after cycle cycle throughcontinued reflection and evaluation soeven once the chrysalis year is done thereflecting doesn't stop there we'rebuilding it into the future and thenlast but not least we're you know we weknow the AMC is gonna remain this placewhere we get to attempt to model theworld in which we want to live for sureand even like to follow that up I thinkthat like before we get into scenariosit feels really important to talk aboutsome main components that are a part ofeach scenario because through thefeedback that we get we take veryseriously right so that we know thatlike our network in our community isreally calling for us to think aboutthings or take things to the next levelso in a lot of these scenarios or eachscenario there's going to be an expandedvirtual component right so an expandedvirtual component looks like how do wegather folks online right what contentcan we offer online and how do we hostevents that are also like virtual onlinepresence there's a little bit of areorganization with the programmaticfocus of the conference where wedefinitely explore media for liberationbut also an additional piece ofvisionary organizing and we explore weexplain like visionary organizing to bean exploration of like tools methodstheories for the practical and visionarythat we need for our movements to thriveso that feels really important to saythere's also a little bit of a shiftthat people will hear and that's theconference moving to a biannual focus inDetroit okay and then also each scenarioa common component in each scenario isan expanded AMC at night so we'rethinking a lot about like what does itlook like to expand the programming forAMC at night and how do we really leaninto AMC at night being that point ofconnection for so many people folks youknow also every scenario please keep inmind there will definitely be a healingjustice space a kit like kids citricprogramming and opportunities to engagein hands-on meeting yes clapping handsemoji I'm so ready but also you with thechrysalis team these scenarios will bein this is not the only touch point thisonline moment right now that we'rehaving the chrysalis team is alsoinvolved in this right yeah yeah theChristmas creative team is also hostingsmall intimate gatherings called livingroom sessions as well yeah so much maybean actual physical living some actuallywill be an actual living rooms and somewill be taking place virtually and we'llbe releasing more information about justthe types of living room conversationsthat are going to be happening yeah Iremember meeting a person over therefocus was on like languagedecentralization some was on disabilitydoing this yeah and that's gonna be socool to see to bring in that communityand figure out how that fits and I thinkit's just really important for us tounderstand the feedback that we'regetting from different angles right froma range of media based organizers andfrom a range of just folks that areengaged in like multiple communitiestotally all right we're ready to go tothe scenarios sure okay here's the teawe're gonna go through the scenarios andthen we are ready for your comments youcould comment them during and I will begetting text messages of your coursewe will handle them scenario by scenarioso scenario one what's go scenario onecan best be framed as a biannualconference with the addition of an AMCfellowship that's the summary of itright but if we get a little bit deeperinto it the AMC will convene 3,000people by annually in Detroitour major content areas for this kind ofconference would be network gatheringsmedia creation for liberation and avisionary organizing and of course aimsat night still happens the this is aslightly smaller AMC and the reason whywe sort of put a number on it was tothink about accessibility and space andwhat does what that looks like so withthe content areas we are estimating thatwe would take 25 network gatherings andinstead of network gatherings atactually happening on one day they wouldbe expanded to two days so you will geta two-day mini conference to dive deepinto the work that you need to do withyour networks which feels reallyimportant that's really beautifulbecause the critical connections is whatreally makes MC magical is the peoplethat you meet absolutely I know I wasthe other yes we've always said that theconference is about like criticalconnections not critical mass so likehow do how do we hone in on that and Ithink a two-day network gathering givesus the opportunity to do that yeahalso in sort of like the two kind ofcontent umbrellas of a media creationfor liberation and visionary organizingwe would take a total of 10 tracks thatwill be proposed those 10 tracks wouldhave like we would have like 20 sessionswithin those tracks and there will stillbe a general track and the general trackwould then hold a big content so plenarythese trainings daytime events the ideatoo is that AMC fellows which I'll getinto a little bit later would contributeto the content of the conference okalso virtual component we will offerplenary keynotes selected sessions andalso have some online only content ohwow yeah so I think that could be reallycool a little bit about this media basedorganizing fellowship yeswhat we're sort of dreaming up is thatwe will host a fellowship that will hostup to five groups and support them indeveloping their media based organizingpractice sharpening their skills theirvisions projects and Android campaignsand then the fellows would return in theconference year and produce content forthe conference so we would gather thesethese fellows in the year that theconference is not happening do thoselike in-depth trainings build thosecritical connections and then they wouldthen propose content for the conferenceso that would kind of just feed intoitself yeah yeah yeahAMC at night I talked about an expandedAMC at night and we're dreaming a couplethings so when we say an expanded AMC atnight and we think and we're thinkingabout like more points of connectionmore content we're thinking that theseevents could look like more musicalengagement yeah but also films intimatecommunity gatherings virtual parties yesreally cool something we've beendreaming up for many years yeah so likea virtual party hologram would beamazing craft talks that could takeplace in the city and also just liketours so maybe if you do go to its wereduring daytime content but then alsothere are some tours that are offered atnight it's kind of like an AMC festivalyeah yes what I love about they expandedAMC at night assessors it seems likethere's even more for everybody yeahbecause some people don't like to likego out and like dance or whatever somepeople like more intimate gatherings andthis gives a lot of space for that yeahmm-hmm what are you all thinking aboutscenario one so far get your thoughts inI'm gonna get a text message of some ofyour questions and we'll go through itafter we finish scenario one explanationyeah that's pretty much scenario oneokay you know just a recap it's abiannual gathering slightly smaller okaythat's accommodate just like this coolaccessible space yeah in the off year wegather a group of five fellows and yetwe deepen the work of media basedorganizing in that fellowship and thenwe return to the conference no with thatcontent cool let's check some questionswe're gonna get some questions in just alittle bit if you're just like into itjust comment like yes an area what Iguess more to say about that it seemslike you know that scenario really givesus the opportunity to be almost likekind of what we've been doing in thisperiod where like we have this chrysalisteam that's like a smaller subset likereflective of the many different partsof the AMC community and we're buildingwith them in this in-depth way over thecourse of this year and so being able todo that with ya with just the mediamakers media based organizers across thevast AMC terrain and then also kind oflike it also for me feels a little bitlike an expanded version of the way thetrack coordinating process hasfunctioned right so in the past thatusually is a six month really intenseperiod where coordinators are likedeveloping content for the AMC and sothis is also like that but more spaciouslike a whole year I think the thing thatI'm really interested in with scenarioone and it being a biannual conferenceand also looking at expanding AMC atnight is that we have the opportunity todeepen relationships and the organizingcycle of the conference yeah so I thinkit allows us to be more in tune to likedifferent work that's happening likespecifically in Detroit and then alsojust like around around the countryso I think that like it gives us somebreathing room in terms of like theorganizing cycle and I think it might bea little bit more sustainable for folksthat have to organize it yeah yeahbecause in the past it's been just kindof it's been really intense hasn't itit's been especially last year it justgot to a point where it was really hardto manage it and like it affected theaccessibility for people within thecontract and I know people might hearlike we're gonna limit the number to Xwhatever number to say we're gonna limitat it at alland feel some kind of way about that andI think it is and it's gonna remain achallenge for us that even if we'resaying in this next you know again thisis just scenario one but if there's asin you know scenario in which we capthe numbers that it's not to say thatthat number might not grow and expandover time as we gain access to morevenues you know in the perimeter ofWayne State and think about ways that wecan hold more people while stillproviding that access safety beingresponsibly you know keeping people soyou mentioned Wayne State is thatsomething that would be set in thisscenario or is that still somethingthat's in goo it's pretty it's I supposeit's up in here but I think we as wethink through like Cobo Hall theMarriott those are all nightmaresituation yeah in terms of potentiallocations yeah for sureI just think that like one of the thingsthat we're also being conscious of islike how do we honor where we are how dowe honor Detroit right and how do wealso prioritize and also likeacknowledge and I don't know let AMCyears experience like this this cityright so how do we like acknowledge thetrue culture of like Detroit how do weremain conscious of the space and alsoinfrastructure that's here and so wedon't want we don't want to create apressure valve situation yeahso I think that like expanding out likeoffering conference content outside ofthis sort of like nucleus that we're inright now it's possible it's just aboutwhat that looks like and making thoseconnections within our community okay sowe have some comments love thefellowship idea to deepen the workthat's happening really awesome love thefellowship idea we have a question hereI'd love to hear you all talk about therationale behind the fellowship slashthe goals of the fellowship componentfor sure so I think that like the thingthat feels really important is just likegoing back to the fact that this is anearly kind of like conversion so look atall of these scenarios that's like askeleton right so I think that if weexplore the concept of having an AMCfellowship we will then go deeper onwhat the goals of that fellowship wouldlook like literally like how many peopleare in groups could we adequately holdwhat those trainings look like but Ithink right now it's just a little tooearly to have that fleshed out yeah andas I mentioned to expand the organizingskills of the fellows yeah and like thefact is that the AMC in the way that thetrack practice based network gatheringkind of coordination process has beenstructured for the past like seven yearsthat has been a leadership developmentprocess for a lot of people who mightyou know coordinating an AMC track mighthave been their first kind of foray intoorganizing on a larger national scaleand then they go on to launch a wholenetwork or a campaign or whatever fromthat experience so I think it's alsolike growing out of our sense that thework of kind of envisioning and curatingand convening content of the AMC is thisleadership skill building experience fora lot of people and how to deepen thatdo it more intentionally foster morerelationship through kind of cohortmodels in side of something like afellowship yeah another question I gotherehow how would you make it smaller solike there's a huge demand of peoplewanting to participate in person at AMCwhat what do you think that we can againthese scenarios are just very firstdraft so like is that a question we cananswer right now we're like what aresome thoughts that go through like howcould we make it how do we scale it downyeah I think yeah I think that questionis a part of the game yeahright now it's just and we don't want topresent anything or say anything that'sgonna be like not true yeah yeah or likeovercome it in these ways I think thatlike when we put a number on somethingwe're just like envisioning like theseare the folks that we that we would kindof be like capitan or this is the numberthat what kind of you know how thatcapping what happened yeah but we wouldbe we know we need to be balancingcertain challenges in that so one ofthem being that probably the like 95% ofeveryone who does walk up registrationat the conference is are people who livein Detroit so if we were to cap it so weneed to whatever in our and whatever theapproaches strike this balance wherefirst come first serve doesn't excludethose people who typically do walk-upregistration or who don't you knownecessarily like have all the fundstogether to register until like the lastweek um we we know that like even aswe're like we you know 3,000 feels likea responsible number we need to cap itat that it we're gonna have to figureout ways around those those challengesand so yes is hard to say because yeahwe definitely want to strike thatbalance yeah I think that's what I findvalue in this whole chrysalis process isbeing able to say we don't know yeah andthe bravery and the courage to say we'regonna figure it out in publicyeah I think that's really vulnerableand wonderful for an organization andit's definitely brought me to put tolike go through my own chrysalis in mylifeand I think that's really inspiring yeahall right we have one more question hereand then we'll move onbesides more amazing dancing what arethe goals for expanding the AMC at nightso I think the goals for expanding AMCat night is just to offer a range ofcontent and for it not to just be likethis one specific thing that folks cando in a lot of our feedback people wantthe opportunity to do other other thingsat night other thing like go to a partyor dance some folks actually would liketo see it though right or some folkswould like to see more sober spaces morekids centric spaces so expanding AMC atnight allows us to tap into order toreally really understand all of thepeople that are coming to the conferenceand how can we like create ways tocelebrate that our I don't know just arange of experience how can we create arange of experiences for folks yeahand knowing that it's also for a lot ofpeople their entry point into thedaytime content people are like oh I'vebeen going to the parties for years butI never went to a single workshop seeingthat as an exciting opportunity toexpand you know if we are limiting thenumber of people who can be in the daytime workshop content providing moreopportunities for people to just beexposed and find that entry point intothe conference yeah Wow scenario onescenario scenario one we got more okaywait scenario one is basically so all ofthese okay scenario one is every otheryear and in those years where it's nothappening in Detroit there are there's afellowship program sure so that'sscenario one again you can comment atany moment you'd like if you have anymore comments that you'd like to writean email out you can email to AMC atallied media org and again we're goingto go through these scenarios we havethree we just went through the first oneand we're gonna go through two more andwe're gonna get some feedback from youalltalk about it again these scenarios arevery first draft we don't have theanswers for everything we're justpresenting these potential shapes forAMC in the futureoh let's breathe out scenario one okayscenario two okay what's good what'sgood what scenario to tell you what dowith scenarios okay okay so scenario twocould be summed up by the biannualconference in Detroit plus regionalgatherings in the off year so what wouldthat really look like a lot of what wedescribed about the AMC in Detroit forscenario one applies here the differenceis that it might be slightly smaller andin the off years we would be kind ofopening up a call to our wider networkplaces where there's like a lot of AMCmomentum already places where you havelike bus loads and car loads of peoplecoming to Detroit from already to beable to host a kind of mini AMC in thejune between when the detroit conferencewould be happening it would you knowit's something that's been kind ofpercolating for a number of years ofpeople saying oh I wish you know likeall these folks and whatever Toronto orChicago or Atlanta like I you know Iconnect with them so deeply in d'etreand then you know we go home and I justwant more and more of that so it wouldbe a way to to kind of build upon thatmomentum it would also leverage a lot ofthe tools that we've been creating overthe years inside of the AMC of weatherlike the how we organize the AMC zinethe presenter guidelinesjust kind of this would push us tocreate more and more of thatdocumentation for how you do it yourselfin your own place and we would becommitted to providing those kind oftools as well as some financial supportnot sure exactly how you know that wouldlook putting budgetary numbers to allthese scenarios it's like a next phaseyes but also you know training bringingfolks together from those locations thatwould be hosting these regional AMC's inDetroit for the kind of like in-depthtraining and skill sharing that we havebeen doing for the coordinators of thetracks and practice spaces and networkgatherings in the thinking aroundscenario two currently we don't think wecould support more than three of thesemini AMC's in in at least the firstiteration of this wanting to berealistic or reasonable with you knowour capacity to really provide thesupport needed to help make these reallystrong and we would also be looking forkind of an anchoring host organizationin whichever place was was a you knowasking to bring the AMC or create an AMCthere am I missing anything fromscenario - no leave it it's interestingwith these like that almostindependently organized like I thinkit's really awesome because they canbring resources to their communityspecifically and they can really know Ithink that's really awesome I think alsothe sort of gift with like regionalAMC's these like other like smallerAMC's is that there's an emphasis onlike hyper local media based organizingthat's happening and how do you amplifythat work and also celebrate those mediabased organizers and I think havingregional AMC's allowsamplification of like local work that'shappening I'm curious what's differencebetween the Detroit conference inscenario 2 and the Detroit conference inscenario one is there much of adifference not a whole lot I mean Ithink the common components that Nadinelaid out in the beginning would be truein that you know the Detroit conferencewould continue to you know have anexpanded virtual component expanded AMCat night the kind of twin themes ofmedia for liberation and visionaryorganizing that would remain the samebut primarily the difference is whathappens in the off year I see okay so Ithink correct me if I'm wrong about likescenario two but I think it's scenariotwo we propose that there are no networkgatherings and 250 sessions right butthat might be goo it's all good it's allgood Sabu so again taking the networkgatherings out of that scenario okay andhaving a smaller number of workshops mmmsome thoughts to ponder just hit thoughtjust the thought so um let's see let'ssee we're looking here okay no okay wellif you're into scenario to just commentyes scenario two we're waiting for yourI wish like a good zoom into my faceright Wowscenario two is also like it's just it'sjust a different shape of AMC it's apossibility of what could be and I thinkthe thing that's really exciting is tolike get feedback from folks andunderstand what they're excited aboutyeah so that we can go back and you knowcontinue to massage and build yeah yeahall right we got a question here Samwhat kind of support would the core AMCteam be providing veris the local organizer so what like whatis what is a MC from here coming toprovide the local locally organized a MCyeah I mean I think there's a coupledifferent versions of what this thisscenario could look like actually sothere's one scenario in which it's areally small number of places that wesupport in hosting the mini a MCS and inthat scenario maybe there's a lot ofsupport right so like more funding morehands-on like training and while stillrelying on pretty solid organizationalinfrastructure in that place and a hostorganization that's like we want this wewant to lead it we've got the bones andall this stuff and and our staff wouldthen be providing kind of like someadornment to the solid foundation inthat place there's another scenario inwhich we you know we'd be if we wantedto say really like throw open the doorslike come one come all whoever wants topropose to host a thing then that mightbe a much more far removed like what wecan provide is tools and promotion foryour thing we're gonna ask you tosubscribe to these shared principles ormethods or whatever like write some waysto ensure alignment but really just kindof have it be an open invitation andthen that scenario you might have youknow say you might have like 20 peoplewho say I want to do a mini AMC in mytown or my city or my place but some ofthose gatherings might be like 50 peopleright or 25 people or 3,000 peoplewhatever you know it would be more basedon the kind of capacity and momentum ineach of those places more so than on ouryou know resources right yeah so we'rethinking if this scenario were to playout it'd be kind of like a a team ofpeople from an area would be like heyAMC we want to do this and that reallydepends on the scale of how much we canhelp and what that would look like innature and then also like the regionalthe potential for the regionalgatherings to contribute to contentfor the larger gathering in Detroitfeels really important so then we'recreating we're already this network butwhat we're doing is creating this hubfor like an exchange to happen in acrossregions across cities across projectsand I think that what you get is justlike content that's like really roundedout that's really representative of likedifferent places yeah folks can cometogether and deepen their skills andlearn a lot more anyway any otherfeedback we got all rightthat's scenario two which is what's likethe sum up of scenario two Detroitplus lots of other places okay Detroitplus lots of other places we have threescenarios we have biannual Detroitfellowship and then the second one isDetroit biannual Detroit plus otherplaces yeah all rightscenario two breathing tadaokay scenario three this is a side noteokay but what I love about the breathingyes that if anyone has listened to levarBurton's podcast okay yes before everystory he says let's take a deep breaththat's good all right that's good likethat once the scenario 3 so scenario 3can be best described as like Detroitand a new place okay so you'll kind ofhear to two things right there will be adistinction between like AMC Detroit andAMC in a new place okay but in thisscenario the AMC team will cultivate athree year sort of like in gay plan ofengagement with one new place okayand the Detroit conference would conveneparticipants to still explore mediacreation for liberation and likevisionary organizing we'll have like Ithink there's a smaller number ofsessions that like maybe like 150 or sowith 50% of that content being Detroitbased and again this is just the Detroitconference with like 10 day long networkyeah thanks the new place really likethe idea is to like deepen relationshipswith like grassroots organizations andorganizers in the selected host cityso instead of having this model wherewe're sort of rotating between adifferent city every time in this modelwe're just like making a commitment towork with this organization or theseorganizers okay I'm producing what willend up being three AMC's and basicallyit will be up to those to that new placeright so if that new place is saying yeswe are absolutely capping registrationfor some reason right that's best on theorganizers of that place and what wewill be doing is training completelysupporting the organizers of thisconference which is still named C andyeah that's that's pretty much the basemmm scenario 3 and students feel likeall of the other things stand right yeahin terms of like contentsee at night all of those things arestill part of it yeah and our thinkingis that it would be a place that hassome sort of like sibling typerelationship to Detroit yeah like sharedkind of context and I mean in our dreamscenario it would be a warm weatherplace yeahand that it would be you know in we'veconceived of it as not not necessarilybiannual so much is like every 18 monthsbut allow for that so you might haveDetroit and June other place in winterof not that coming winterbut like 18 months later in that warmplace then back in Detroit another 18months after that back in the otherplace 18 months from there yep socommitting to whatever that other placewould be for three of those cycles yeahmmm okay so in that sort of like time oflike years of engagement you get threeAMC's that happen in Detroit three AMC'sthat happen in another place like on an18-month cycle Wow so the AMC every 18months okay I mean we're looking forfeedback in the comments we will beanswering some questions that you allhave let's see so one of the things I'mthinking about is it feels like there'sa default that if you're makingsomething the end is you just get biggerand bigger and bigger and that's likethe default and I'm noticing a lot ofthese scenarios have thoughtfullylike-minded the space that they faillike it doesn't that default doesn'thave to be just make registration as bigas possible just expand this I'm curiouslike what was the thought process topotentially scale down a little bit Igotta say we have there were versions ofscenarios in which we were like not sureyou know like there was a version thatwe were calling the mothership that waslike 10,000 people that would happenlike every four years and I guess it'sto say it's not you know none of thesescenarios are for closing thepossibility that in the future we wouldcontinue to grow to have more you knowcapacity for more but I think it's thethe resistor reluctance to just kind ofrunning full speed towards the likemaximal vision is I think onelimitations on the physical landscapewe're working with here in de jurebecause for us to say well the next movewould be Cobo Hall which is where theDetroit International Auto Show happenswhich is also incidentally moving toJune from winter which presents its ownset of challenges oh okay but you knowit's like there's we can't really fathomof the AMC inside of that physical placeyeah there's the Renaissance Centerwhich is also not not ever really goingto be able to provide a home to the tothe AMC so it's you know what we havewhen we don't limit you know or kind ofset some sort of boundaries parameterson the numbers of people and continue tohold the conference inside of WayneState's you know context is that we havethese like you know massivelyoverflowing sessions and people who areyou know have you know slower mobilitygetting there and not being able to getin or like fire hazards for people youknow it's just all the those concernsand so that really informed a lot of itbut also just this I think growing senseof people who for whom the AMC has beenthis very transformational experienceyear after year that something was beinglost in the kind of like yeah yeah thewave of growth and I think that like youknow if we're if the AMC becomes thisreally big thing then we then have toask ourselves how do we create intimacysteelwhat like what ways do we still allowfor critical connections to be made andlike us like jimmy was saying how do wehonor the space that we're like actuallyin so I wouldn't necessarily say thatlike in some futureit's off the table but I think that wewould have to ask ourselves a lot ofquestions about the about howintentional we can be with people youknow yeah and also what does it takestaffing wise to be able to host abigger conference yeah I think we youknow also there's just I increasinglythis question of safety safety you knowon on all these different levels likethe emotional safety the physical safetythe like yeah I think there's becausethe AMC has been designed in such a waywhere there are the expectations of thekind of safety the kind of ways in whichpeople will be held are so high thatthey're like the implications of how youcontinue to provide that kind of safetyand larger scales is really differentthan say you know like I think people goto who go to South by Southwest have oneexpectation for what they're going toexperience then it's like not the sameas what you know people bring in termsof needing that kind of space yeah todayI'm seeing so we have some comments hereI really like scenario three so how dowe how are we gonna summarize scenariothree scenario 3 is the AMC happensevery 18 months okay but it happens inDetroit and in a new place and in a newplace so in summary scenario one is byannual conference in Detroit with an AMCfellowship okay what scenario twobiannual conference of Detroit plus miniAMC regional gatherings in the off yearokayand then scenario three yes AMC happensevery eighteen monthsit happens in Detroit and in a new placeall mating back and forth mm-hmmso this person says I really likescenario three for both number two andthree I wonder what your concerns areabout shifting geography away fromDetroit if any I mean lots of concernshonestly when it comes to like thegeneral track record of conferencesdescending upon places it's been youknow it's been a 12-year struggle toreally attempt to route the AMC and makeit like relevant and useful to Detroitand have an owned by Detroit and allthese things and it's like yeah so thethe prospect of having it happen inanother place is daunting in that regardof like how to build that that how donot replicate the problem of conferencesthat move from place to place and bereally in deep relationship with theplace which i think is like the uniquething with scenario three is what doesit look like to have it in another placebut also understand the deeprelationship building that needs tohappen yeah I think the thing that makesAMC in Detroit so just like so greatright is that there are local organizershere that are also doing work right andthat comes from years of relationshipbuilding yeahthat's years of like built like buildingwith folks that's years of peopleattending the conference those years ofpeople giving feedback and also offeringthe solution yeah and I think that likein order to be really intentional withgoing to a new placeit requires that deep relationshipbuilding and I think that's the sort ofthing that scenario three offers so I'mgetting some questions about Networkgatherings I'm so let's go through thenetwork gatherings what it is first andthen like how network gatherings willhappen it within each scenario so forthose that don't know what a networkgathering is howyou explained a network gathering yeahso that work gathering is just like aclosed space where networks have theopportunity to do like really deep justlike deep work together so that deepwork together could be like planningstrategizing oftentimes launching newprojects or it could look like folksfrom a shared identity coming togetherand like having sort of like a miniconference throughout the day okayusually network at work in our pastshape Network gatherings happened on thefirst day of the conference and theywere just day-long gathering okay mm-hmmso so for example like I'm Philippine Xthere would be like a for an examplethere'd be like a Philippine X networkgathering I would meet other people thatidentify with that and then we wouldjust talk about things yeah but withsome shared focus also around mediabased organizing okay so it would belike Philippine X drag queens usingmedia for liberation okay we are alwaysproposed by books Ames okay so likewe're not the powers that be that saysthere's a network gathering on this andthis and this okayNetwork gatherings are proposed mmm okayso let's talk about network gatheringsin terms of the different scenarios andagain the scenarios are still firstdraft things can be very different fromnow but let's talk about networkgatherings in context of scenario onescenario one network gatherings we sortof said there will be like this on thisnumber of 25 25 Network gatherings andinstead of them being a day-longmini conference they are two days hmmokay yeahand then we have scenario two inscenario twothere are no network gatherings I don'tknow that I'm not totally sure why butyesin Scenario 3 there are like 10 networkgatherings but this is specific to theDetroit Conference because the sort ofnew place will be able to set their ownyeah sort of like terms for content butthere will be like 10 day longnetwork at 10 10 10 days no 10 networkgatherings okay long okay I was likewhat okay okay clarify guys that's 10network gatherings tin that weregatherings okay and which will only be aday long god so remember a scenario 1the network gatherings are two days longokay because one of the questions whereI think you reference a 10 day Networkgathering for sorry oh no no that's 10Network single daybang are one one day okay and to clarifyscenario three someone's asking thetimeframe for scenario 3 so it's Detroitplus one other place every 18 monthsevery 18 so picture like Detroit June 2022 January 20 22 - okay then the nextone comes back around to Detroit in June20 23 and then it would come back to theother place in 2025 there you go yep mmmwe got a question about so what is thethinking behind changing the number ofnetwork gatherings like do they bringmore people or they make it easier tolimit numbers like what's the thoughtprocess with that I think the thing thatwe're proposing like I said with any ofthese numbers it's just like what is thething that's different than what it isthan what it's beenand I think with the each of the numberswe're thinking about smaller conferenceversus like a largeyour conference so in Scenario 3 theDetroit conference is smaller so it'ssort of like smaller smaller amounts ofcontent yeah for those folks all rightso we have another question here I'lljust read it verbatim would love to hearmore at some point about how theemotional support offering that wasprovided during the last conference fitsinto the different scenariosabsolutely so in the earlier framing ofbefore we got into the scenarios one ofthe things that we mentioned was thateach of these scenariosthey're like components that areessentials that you each of thesescenarios so as you kind of listen tothese scenarios these like componentsare should be assumed I guess and one ofthose things is that healing justice isstill a like a space that we have atthis conference we didn't name it butsafety team as well right these kind ofcore components that have defined theexperience for people would wouldcontinue hmm and in fact so safety teamis an interesting example of kind offunction that grew inside of the AMC tomeet a really specific need hasblossomed into a year-round initiativehere in Detroit Detroit safety teamthat's supporting you know emotionalsafety transformative justice work forlots of different spaces yeah so if youhave any other comments definitelycontinue to comment below if you'd liketo email us your comment you can emailus at AMC at allied media org that's AMCat allied media dot org so I'm curiouswith these three scenarios we'rewrapping up here with these threescenarios how do we like how is it gonnaget chosen like what what does thatprocess gonna look like from here wereally want folks feedback on you knoweven not just like taking them whole intheir entirety but saying I like thisabout this one I like this about theother one you know letting us know whichpieces resonate we're gonna be relying alot on the chrysalis creative teamthere's another entity which we didn'tmention that's in this process which iscalled the wise counsel whoo yes andit's it's not-it's like the Christmascare creative team is people with a mixof longevity in terms of theirexperience at the AMC but it's more it'sprimarily newer people the wives councilis a sort of like parallel entity that'salso helping us think through thesedifferent scenarios and comprised ofpeople who've been involved for 10 ormore years lending that perspectivealongside this kind of newer energy butyeah we'll be stirring all of theseperspectives and a cauldron and making adecision yeah we'll be taking everyone'slike big questions that they haveeveryone's like ideas that they have allof the feedback that we gather throughthese listening sessions that arehappening across the living-room seriesyeah we'll really be taking all of thatfeedback going back into a retreathopefully next month right and we'll belooking at all of those all of thedifferent pieces that we received yeahand then coming away saying okay we arecertain that this is where we startbuilding from mm-hmm you mentioned theliving room sessions just for those whoare just joining in can you tell us sothis is a living room session yes onlineso there are other living room sessionshappening all around what tell me moreabout that yeah so the living roomsessions are an opportunity for us toengage and engage our community and tolisten in regards to like what folksmeet from the conference to get theirfeedback on these scenarios and forthere to be an opportunities for likeAMC years to build together in like aintimate setting I'm talking about theAMC those sessions are being hosted bychrysalis creative team members so thereare a few that are happening or not afew next 10 there are 10 all around thenation all over the place rightand we hope to release more informationjust with the descriptions of what'shappening who's being convened hopefullylike maybe next week yeah I have aclarifying question about scenario twoand three from the comments in betweenscenario two and three in Detroit wouldit be smaller than scenario oneyeah yes okay so two and three can wewhat iswhat is two again what's thesummary yeahbiannual conference in Detroit plusregional mini AMC's in the off year okayand scenario three is is the AMC happensevery 18 months and rotates betweenDetroit and a new place and so betweenscenario one and two and three it's whatdid what was the answer again yeah sothe numbers are different right yeah isthe question about it being is itsmaller than scenario one yeah questionyeah so in Scenario 3 I believe we saidit was like 1,500 for the DetroitConference hmm and like I said I want toreiterate that like the the new placewould be setting their own sort of likeTimesoh right with our support right yeahyeah whoo so with these scenarios likewith people looking at this right nowand then watching it back in the futurewhat kind of questions do you want themto think about and then even give usfeedback on yeah for sure like whatfeels challenging about the scenariosright it's like one thing that comes tomind what are like the gifts orresources that these scenarios offer toyour community specifically to yourmedia based organizing practicespecifically yeah I think just with thisquestion about the size particularly youknow like ideas that people have for howwe can continue to balance the intimacyandkind of experience that has made the MCso special with the the growing demandand desire for from more people toparticipate and I think ideas for likethis virtual component because I thinkfor us that's been a big source ofpossibility in terms of continuing toengage people not having to limit thenumbers but not having to rely on fossilfuels as much for flying human bodiesall over the place to be together andand yeah and not being limited by thephysical limitations of our builtenvironment here and also the virtualcomponent creating room for more deeperaccessibility no commitments a deeperaccessibility you know I think we'velike there's a way in which the kind ofthe virtual version is the the secondaryor kind of shadow version to the realthing that's happening in person but Ithink we really are excited to thinkwith with our community about howvirtual space can be unique and powerfulin and of itself and so that's why thisidea of online-only content like ways ofinteracting and skill sharing andrelationship building that can onlyhappen online because of the uniqueopportunities that instead of it justbeing like a second thought of a trulyunique experience which creates evenmore accessibility yes virtual realitylike you know building upon gamingcultures and like how so much ispossiblevirtually yeah with learning withrelationship building yeah all thethings that are at the heart of AMC thatwas like a real look into what's insidechrysalis and we're definitely still goowow we are becoming absolutely we arebecoming right in front of your eyes andso just to wrap everything up we'regonna go through this scenarios one moretime because it's a lot to take inyeah and then we'll say goodbye and soscenario one biennial conferencein Detroit with the possibility of anAMC fellowship okay scenario twobiannual conference in Detroit with manyAMC's taking place in other places inthe off year okay then the finalscenario scenario 3 is AMC in Detroitand a new place with the AMC happeningevery 18 months rotating between Detroitand that new spot hmm and then what'snext after this so there's the livingroom session the non virtual living roomsessions that are chrysalis creativeteam members are organizing around thecountry there's going to be a retreatwhere we all come back together digestthe feedback choose a path forward andlaunch the new shape of the butterflybody in July in July and hopefullyhearing from all of you all on like youknow the feedback that you have on thesescenarios emailing us at AMC at alliedmedia org with your ideas and yourthoughts and yeah yeah becoming thatbutterfly yes thank you for joining ustonight of course if you have anyquestions that weren't answered againyou can email us at AMC at allied mediaorg what's good what was really goodwhat's good and thank you for thatoh yeah thank you if we're still therethank you to km our communicationsdirector staffing the info line thankyou to Cass Corridor films for the livestreaming support thank you to Moe manWillis who's been instrumental behindthe scenes in this scenario crafting andthank you RV for being our digital hostas always next time until next timewhat school does but who has um

What shapes can we take for the Allied Media Conference? 
Allied Media Projects Executive Director Jenny and AMC Content Coordinator Nadine Marshall, in conversation with RV Mendoza, talk through new, potential scenarios and answer community questions. #AMCinChrysalis #AMC2020

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