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all right seriously what the heck ishappening hey guys I started the vlogalready and I made sure it was filmingand I watched it recording and itfreakin was not recording like the clipis not there so bizarre I was going topour a glass of milk because I'm havinga couple of cookies and some milk I'mtaking a break right now I was justexplaining to what I've been doing todayand everything like that but my xboxturned off while I was pouring milk andthen my Google mini just started playingreally loud random music like not evenlike telling me it was okay playing thisor whatever it was just like startedplaying which I was listening to apodcast before not music and then itstarted to stop recording recording whatis wrong with the technology and myliving your mom said really weird holdon now I'm like double checking to makesure this is actually recording everytwo seconds so I'm just sitting down for15 minutes so I'm gonna watch a vlog I'mgonna eat some cookies and milk today isthe longest day of the month for Codyand then he's home and we have one moreno that's not sure we have two more daysof him working and then he's got a dayoff and we'll get to see him for a dayand then hopefully we'll have a littlebit more of normal schedule we'llactually be seeing him when he should beoff so I'm really excited for that todaywe haven't gotten up special I haven'treally filmed I've just been likecleaning the kitchen and doing a littlebit in the house and stuff I'm justtrying to get done for the upcomingweekend we have game night tomorrow wehave some company coming company comingover tomorrow it's just a little bit ofa busy day I don't know if we're gonnaget to home school quad because there'sa cold front moving inthat's like minus 25 and colder I don'tknow but I just wanted to say hello andstart the vlog and it's gonna be alittle bit more of an evening fogtonight but that's okay so hello how youdoingand then you put it in here when youthink it's all fitting up okay touch andgo chop your fingers up all the way downto the board[Music]well do you think there's enough but becareful don't get too eager maybe get upon your kneesso like catch together we're gonna mixit this to be like oh honey why do youdofor dinner we're doing easy-easyveggie wraps yesdecorate your own that's what it's thatmight be too much lettuce pug lived witha young couple and a little blue houseon a corner in a tiny town during theday while the couple was away at workpug let's stretch out the grass stretchout on the grass to chew on his favoritesqueaky toy followed by an afternoon napon the front porch just outside the tinytown piggy lived to the family of threein a big red farmhouse surrounded byhuge pasture dude wankers thug me pinkylived with her family of three in a bigred farmhouse surrounded by a hugepasture in his family was a boy who lefther fed her and played with her butwhile the boy was away at schoolpinky didn't have anyone to play withshe spent her days snoozing on the porchdreaming of finding a friend to shareadventures with until eventually the boywould return from school and the two ofthem could play again he felt like hehad been walking forever when he spotteda patch of wild flowers and butterfliesfrolicking above them it looked like funso con gran to join them shouting willyou be my family but as he approachedall the butterflies scattered hug washeartbroken but he decided to keep goingoh well he said to himself without wingsI suppose I wouldn't be able to keep upwith themthis guy's home whoo we're so excited sowhat we've been doing it's just chattingI'm filming another video tonight and Idon't really know what I have for a vlogthis is supposed to be like a whole vlogand I hope I have it I hope I haveenough I really don't know what thiswall looks like so if it's absolute I'msorry but Cody go home I ate and we justsat on her bed and talked for like howwe're gonna have because we haven't seeneach other a week and I'm just uploadingit's ten o'clock I'm about to go hop inthe bath and go read a book because Ineed a break I need a break um I'm aboutto upload the vlog for tonight I'msupposed to go up at like 9:00 but againI'm just try try doing my bestum so yeah I just wanted to give you abit of an update what is happening okayuploading to YouTube sweet when I getback down I will upload it that's what'shappening it's just a really weirdwhirlwind we were supposed to go to thestore tonight the coats we're gonna gopick up game night snack photos lunchbreak anyway I need to go get in thebath I'll talk to you guys after aminute okay everybody I don't know whatthis vlog looks like or looked like andI apologize for that if you even seethis maybe it's so crap that I don'teven post it I don't know um I wassupposed to film a morning routine videoI was like fine if a morning routinevideo and I was supposed to do that thismorning but I forgot so I was like okaywhat can I do because it's the weekendand then that would be weird and thatwould delay one of your team fought fora long time I was like why don't I do anight routine tonight so I've beenfilming that all night which I'm sureyou've seen clips like if I added someclips because I know I filmed way toomuch for it cuz our night routine is along like my night routine goes fromlike 6:00 p.m. to like midnight or 1o'clock in the morning so long I ask myroutineSowers um so if you saw like just if Iwas able to make it into nice littlemontages or whatever of like footage Ididn't I'm not going to use for themorning routine that is what that it'sfrom like little behind-the-scenesmoments so that will be going up onSaturday night so look out for that howare you guys liking these night videosthese nighttime uploadsI'm liking them I think I feel like thisis the first week if you've noticed I'vegot a video up like every single daywhile so little parenting whilestickiness is in the house which is likea freaking record for me my house isstill a little bit disheveled I feellike it just haven't that time to get toa lot of stuff like I haven't put awaythat pile of laundry right there thatneeds to be hung up there are the sheetsthat I need to put on this bed before Iget into it still dishes that werewashed earlier I still I have to do thedinner dishes tomorrow and we havepeople coming over try my best andthat's gonna be good enough because mybest is good enough and hey this area'sstill staying pretty clean though um I'mkeeping I'm maintaining it's just likelaundry he's not quite put all the wayaway which is fine whatever I don't carenobody cares right who cares I think Icare and that's what I'm saying that somuch I care a little bit um anyway Ijust wanted to say can I eat because Ineed to change the sheets and I have tofreaking film myself changing sheets howdo I do this to myself is so stupidYouTube's weird man anyway I'm gonnalike eat a cookie wait for Cody to comehelp me change these sheets and finishthis nighttime routine vlog and then gothe hell the bed come I was a busy dayand as you can see I've got some choresto finish before I have people over inmy houseso that's what I'm gonna do I love youguys thank you guys for hanging out withme are we so awesome I'm so kind saysome youtubers comments and I'm like ohlike I get the occasional person who'slike ooh boo brain blowing and a thumbsdown every one of her videos for like aweek in a row and then they get boredand then they go away it happens everyonce in a while I'm probably it'sprobably somebody I know but that beingsaid you guys are so nice they don'thave issues with people being mean orrude or bullies I don't have time forthat and I love that everybody justappreciates that I'm just really happyyou guys they're so nice and you guyslike hanging out with me for some reasonso anyway I'm really tiredand I gotta go to bed and I'm gonna bereally tired in the morning it's clearlynot enough sleep if this is how I feelwhatever it's 11:50 you I love you guysI'll see you tomorrow it'll be like somany times did I make it awkward sorryokaysee you guys smile[Music]

Turns out filming two things in one night makes for an odd vlog haha, also what’s with my living room tech? Egads! perhaps its a visit from your friendly neighborhood YouTube ghost! Enjoy!
(1.31.19) Thursday
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