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Learn How to Incorporate Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Interior Design – Introduction

[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]hi I'm Erica Fogelman and I am soexcited to welcome you to my specializedcourse on eco-friendly and sustainableinterior design truly a class for the21st centurynever has eco-friendly sustainabledesign also commonly referred to asgreen designbeen more popular or more important thanit is todaynearly everyone I know whether it's afriend a family member a client or afellow designer they all want to makebetter choices for their homes and bybetter I am referring to choices thatare more energy efficient moresustainable for our environment orsimply safer for the health ofthemselves and for their family membersbut they also don't want to break thebank when they do this many people whohave looked into more eco-friendlyoptions for their homes particularly inpast years have been dismayed at howmuch more expensive these green choicesare but thankfully that has reallystarted to changeincreased demand coupled with improvedtechnology and manufacturing processesand practices means that we are startingto see prices really come down in manyareas of green design and I and othersexpect this positive trend to onlycontinue additionally because greendesign is so in right now lots of reallycool designers are jumping on the greenbandwagon designing pieces that are bothgorgeous and eco-friendly today'smarketplace of green and sustainableitems is really quite fantastic you haveeverything from eco-friendly paints andwoods to organic fabrics and materialsin beautiful colors and finishes so donot feel that you have to sacrificestyle in order to be green because youdefinitely do not now it may take a bitmore workyour part to source the most sustainableitem that you can't afford but for methe effort is completely worth it sothere is no time like the present toeducate yourself on how you can create amore eco-friendly sustainable homeregardless of your motivations to thatend I have created this course which ischock full of detailed informationrelated to all areas of this rapidlygrowing field we will cover everythingfrom how you can make easy green choicesfor your home in the areas of energywater and lighting to more detailedconversations on how you can improveyour indoor air quality by selectingeco-friendly sustainable furnishings andfinishes now if you're a professionalinterior designer you and I will spendsome time chatting about why you shouldreally become educated in this area ifyou have not already done so and I willalso share with you some of the bestways that you can further educate andmore importantly differentiate yourselfthrough some fantastic accreditation andcertifications available to interiordesign professionals today as aninterior design professional myself Iknow how valuable these accreditationand certifications can be and my goaltoday is to inspire you to look intothem yourself and decide whether or notthis makes sense for your own businessso speaking of businesses for those ofyou who have not taken any of my othercourses I want you to know that interiordesign is both my profession and mypassion through my own interior designbusiness I am so fortunate to be able towork with clients to help them createtheir dream homes and through onlineteaching I'm able to share my passionfor interior design and my knowledgewith you so thank you very much forjoining me in this course and in myother courses as well if you areso all that said just a couple of wordsof caution regarding this particularcourse first because I'm going to besharing lots of great ideas with you onhow you can have a more eco-friendlysustainable home I am sure that many ofyou will want to immediately startimplementing these ideas some of whichare quite affordable but some of whichare quite expensive so please knowthough that you do not in any way haveto scrap your entire home and start fromscratch after all not only would that beincredibly expensive but ironically itwould not be very green it's going to beso much better for you to think aboutthis as a phased approach as you areready to make changes to your home thatthen will be the ideal time to make themore eco-friendly sustainable choicesfor your home also as I mentioned greendesign is really hot right now and hasbeen rapidly evolving over the lastseveral years and I don't see thisslowing down anytime soon my point isthat newer and better products andtechnologies will continue to arrive onthe marketplace so in some cases it maybenefit you to wait on making yourselection if you can of course as I'mconfident that materials and productswill only continue to get better andbetter from both a sustainability andfrom a cost standpoint second throughoutthis class I'm going to be sharing quitea bit of information with you about theconcern and the safety of variousproducts and materials commonly usedtoday in all areas of interior designplease know that I am NOT a scientistbut rather than I research thisinformation to the best of my abilitiesthat said it's really important for youto do your own research and make up yourown mind about how you feel about theseproducts being in your home or whenwe're specifying them for your clientsadditionally as I share informationthroughout thisbased on my own research it may becomeeasy to feel overwhelmed by the claimsof toxicity related to the manychemicals and products use in our homestoday my goal is not to create anxietyplease know that but simply to educateyou enough to create a starting pointfor you to do your own research shouldyou desire to know more about theseparticular topics ok that said let's goahead and dive right into the excitingand rapidly evolving world ofeco-friendly sustainable interior design[Music]

In this introduction video, learn why you should consider incorporating eco-friendly, sustainable interior design into your home. Get the full course and downloadable materials for over 90% off!

Full Course Description:

Do you want to save money on your utilities and improve your indoor air quality?

Are you interested in making changes to your home to make it more eco-friendly and sustainable?

Are you a design professional who wants to learn how to incorporate this hot design movement into your own business?

If you answered with a resounding “yes!” to any of these questions, then this will be a great course for you!  Eco-friendly, sustainable design is a rapidly evolving area of interior design with so many choices available today.  For the average consumer, it can be incredibly overwhelming.  My goal with this course, is to break it all down for you so that you can create your own eco-friendly dream home at your own pace.  

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

Use 3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Green Interior Design into Your Home Today

Understand why Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Design is More Important than Ever

Explain the Difference Between the Terms, “Eco-Friendly” and “Sustainable”

Articulate the Main Principles of Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Interior Design   

Implement Affordable and Higher End Upgrades to improve Your Energy Efficiency

Implement Easy Ways to improve Your Water Efficiency

Maximize your Natural and Artificial Lighting in an Eco-Friendly Way

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Understand the Green Finishes and Furnishings Available for Your Home and Where to Source Them

If You’re a Professional, You Will Learn About Green Professional Certifications and Green Trade-Only Vendors

In this course, you will have an opportunity to apply the information in a very practical way through two exercises:  By creating a list of current and future upgrades that you can make to your home, and by creating your own eco-friendly, sustainable interior design plan.  I’ve also included a bonus lecture that will show you other easy ways to “green” your home and your life.

This is a great course for all levels of individuals who are interested in learning more about green interior design, and more importantly, how they can easily incorporate these principles into their own homes.  It’s also an ideal course for design professionals who want to learn how to incorporate green design into their own business.

Please join me as I help you to navigate the rapidly evolving world of eco-friendly, sustainable interior design!

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