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Kids Story Room Ep 14 Shaggles and Petrookio – Ep 6

[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]hello and welcome back to the kids storyroom and to episode 6 of the tale ofshaggles and Petruchio let's see whathappens when our friends get down to thesea here we go[Music]shaggles was excited that they might beable to save julephe walked alongside the creek as Palalaglue Glee and flu gear slowly swam julepdownstream Petruchio who had stuck hishead out of the mud in all the carrionwas scuttling along behind muttering tohimself I hate to see it's too salty butwhere my friends go so goes me I'll comealong singing my song I just hope itdoesn't take very long to find a fix forthe fish that sick and to make him feelheaps better real quickcuz I like these fish how they splashand they splish and I want them to behappy and that's my wish the sea wasabout three kilometers away from wherethe fish lived in the riverPalala flew gear and glue glee wereswimming and pushing julep as fast astheir little fins would flap Shagalstruggled to keep up with them when hewas in the water so he would catch up byjumping out and doing land sprintsPetruchio was taking the easy option andhanging on to shackles tail but shackleswere so busy trying to keep up with thefish he didn't even notice shacklesoccasionally thought he could hear hisname being called from far away but thevoice grew more and more distant thefurther down the river they went itmight be my master calling thoughtshackles he must be wondering where I ambecause I didn't go home last nightthen the thought left his mind and hisattention went back to poor julep andgetting him safely to the sea they hadbeen on the move for about 20 minuteswhen shaggles put his head up and took agreat sniff of the air we're nearlythereshaggles called out I can smell the saltoh good good good good good goodbob'll up the fish and began to swimfaster yeah squeaked Petruchio and letgo of shackles tail I'm gonna crawl fromhere first be the salt I get in mynipples and I'm gone he muttered tohimself as they got closer to the mouthof the river the water was getting muddyER and Maria thissays isn't it strange I think I think itis I remember always being at beingclear water here yes clear water yes itwas Bob lopped blue Glee but before hehad finished Bob floppinghe suddenly swam into something hard andwas knocked out flew gear and Palalawho were right behind him had no time toslow down and they too swam into whatseemed to be the bank of the creek andwere knocked unconscious to julep was sosick he looked as though he wasunconscious and so now the four fish layfloating on top of the water not one ofthem awake shaggles who had been runningin the river a little way behind thembarked in surprise to suddenly find hisfriends all floating on the surfacewhat's happened asked shaggles- no one in particular petruchio who hadbeen crawling along behind quite happilybecause he hadn't found the water to seesalty heard him look up what oh it's youPetruchio I didn't think you were comingbecause you don't like saltwater saidchuckles I don't well how can you comedown this far then it's not salty statedPetruchio of course it's salty retortedshackles then tasting the water he saidyou're right it's not salty look uprepeated Petruchio sheckles pulled hishead out of the creek shook the waterout of his eyes and looked up a blast ofsalty sea breeze blew straight into hisface and he sneezedthey definitely reached the scene he wasstaring straight out into a big whitephony splash of rolling surf so what hadgone wrong why had the fish suddenly hitthe bankShagal slowly shifted his gaze from thesea down to the ground between his wetpaws in the creek and the whispering seawas a wide bar of white sand the beachthought shackles excitedly he loved thebeach the beach he held in suddenrealization what was the beach doingbetween the river and the sea finally itdawned on him the fish had swumheadfirst into a sand bank the river hadstopped flowing out to the sea hismaster must have taken so much water outthat the river couldn't make thedistance anymore that was why it hadbeen getting muddy and why it wasn't toosalty for petruchio sea now saidpetruchio who had been watching shagglesclosely yes Petruchio this is terriblewhat can we do only one thing to dosqueak Petruchio which is ask shacklesget diggin of course where would I bewithout you Petruchio you're the bestfriend a dog could have shacklesfrantically began to dig a channel fromthe edge of the creek backwards towardthe sea Petruchio was chuffed to havebeen called shaggles best friend and hethought to himself stuff the salt andscuffled to the edge of the river tohelp shackles dig his claws made goodscoops and together they were makingprogress the four fish was stillfloating lifeless at the edge of thecreek as shaggles and petruchio's littlechannel filled up with water Petruchioreached out and guided the fish into itwith his claws so that when they finallydug enough sand out the fish would getto the sea first as they were digging inconcentrated silence shaggles could hearhis name being called again herecognized the voice now it was hismaster searching for him that shacklesdidn't have time to stop and look up hejust kept on diggingbaggles shaggles called the voice louderand louder until the man finally arrivedat the edge of the dunes and spottedshackles digging by the creek there youare shaggles I've been lookingeverywhere for you since last night Ithought you were lost c'mon boy let's gohome come shaggles he called againexpecting shaggles to run to his side ashe normally wouldwhat are you doing shaggles the manasked walking up to his dog he realizedsomething must be wrong for shackles notto listen to him so he stood beside himand took a close look at what shackleswas doing what he saw was his dog and tohis great surprise eh ya be digging atrack in the sand into the track wasflowing water from the creek and in thewater floated for seemingly dead fishthe track they were dealing was headingtoward the sea they were trying to getthe river to flow out to the sea well Inever mattered the man what's beenhappening here this river flowed out tothe sea last week when I came down andnow it's not flowing and these fish aredead and shaggles and eh yeah BIA tryingto dig the creek out how strange they'renot dead squeaked petruchio he can'tunderstand you Petruchio said shackleshumans don't speak animal languages ahsaid Petruchio well I'll show himthey're not dead and he slid into thewater where the fish were floating andgave all four of them a sharp nip on thenose one by one they opened their eyesand began flapping their fins even julepgave a faint flutter the man raised hiseyebrows in surprise that's odd Ithought they were dead but little yabbyhe seems to be trying to tell mesomething he squatted down beside thefish to have a closer look the fish allturned one woeful eye up to look at himbefore restlesslyflapping their fins and trying to pushtheir way through the channel what'sgoing on who's that monster where are myhouse drooler where's the sea whereshackles but Rukia that hurt where iseverythingthe fish Bob blobbed we're nearly thereshag was called to them we just have todig a little further the river stoppedflowing to the sea because too muchwater went up that pipe hold on andshackle started to dig faster than everall the man heard was shaggles barkingat the fish and now he was diggingfaster I get itshouted the man the fish is sick theyneed to get to the sea the river has toflow out to the seathe man knelt down next to shaggles andstarted digging with him shaggles was sohappy that his master had recognized theurgency that he could have licked himbut there wasn't time[Music]and that's the end of episode six I wasthinking we would have eight episodesbut I think we'll put the rest of thestory all into Episode seven so it mightbe a little longer but you'll get therest of the storyall in one see you then bye[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]


The Tale of Shaggles and Petrookio – Ep 6
Written and narrated by Anna Steen.
The Tale of Shaggles and Petrookio is a story about the friendship between a dog and a yabby, set on a farm by the sea.
This story will be posted over 8 11 minute episodes.
Recommended for ages 3 – 8.
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